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  1. Lovely job. Very precise and clean, I like it!
  2. This is an early J type Wal and the type I am building. I also want to try to imitate the dents and profile on the sides of the hull. Many pictures can be found on the site of the Nimh-beeldbank.defensie.
  3. Thanks for the info Roger. The Amodel kit is ok, but not that great. It also has its errors. If you have the choice, I would definitely choose the Amodel model and not the Huma version. But I still had this model in stock and I like a challenge. We will see. Some more progress. The nose is a bit further designed to the J version. It is all still roughly set up, but for now this is enough to get started with the interior.
  4. I have already partly adjusted the wing and fuselage. I will come back to the hull later. I made the wing from the top wing and made an underside for it myself. The underside of the wing in the kit is too thick and does not have the correct shape. I applied the Moa technique by pressing the ribs through on 0.25 mm thick evergreen plate with a ballpoint pen. I glued this plate onto a plate of 0.25 mm evergreen plate and reinforced it with various strips. All this glued together and the wing has the right shape. Now just widen a part so that the correct wingspan is reached.
  5. Hi guys, I hope you are all ok. The holiday has started and that in these strange times of Covid. Despite the warm weather I feel like starting a new project. I think it has become a somewhat unknown aircraft for you, but a familiar appearance for the Dutch model builder. It was the workhorse of the MLD in the Dutch East Indies and served for many years until the war in 1940. It became the Huma kit, but after studying the photos I soon found out that the model actually had to be completely adjusted and rebuild. Some more updates will follow soon.
  6. The saga continues. I have start to detail the roof of the hangardeck. Also the basic shape of the flightdeck is done. I have also ordered some more pe and vehicles: - Brengun PE tie downs for the hangardeck and flightdeck. About 1200 pieces so that should be enough - Fujimi flight deck crew with the MD-3 mule. The mule will be super detailed and corrected according the plans and photos I have found on the net. - Verlinden tow bars - Verlinden fire engine
  7. I have made a start with the compartments of the gallerydeck.
  8. Really something this. What a build! I was wondering what type and brand of led-lights are you using?
  9. This are the scale drawings 1:72. The pink lines marks the edges of my diorama. Here you see the gallerydeck over the flightdeck and a side view.
  10. Thanks guys, here are some pictures of the build. The hornet is just as an exemple. This will be an F-4j Phantom.
  11. Construction has started. I started making scale drawings 1:72. Reference point I had were the dimensions between main deck and flight deck. Based on the drawings of the USS Saratoga I was able to work out the whole. I chose to take the start of hangar no. 3, the cross-section thus ends up at the part where the planes land. I post some pictures soon.
  12. Hi guys, I hope you are all well and safe. This project is the old Hasagawa version of the Canadian Hornet, but it lacks a lot of detail and specific Canadian details, like the id light in the nose. I have made the intakes and cockpit from scratch and some part out of the Verlinden update set for the Hornet. The flaps and slats are positioned as the plane is on the ground. This and the scratched intakes take a lot of time to build. Still a long way to go, but the hardest parts are finished. Up to the wheelbays and landinggear. cheers Bas
  13. These are the planes I have in mind for this project. The to A7e’s will be used, the rest is still up to the size of the project.
  14. Before you think, how big will that be, no I don’t want to build the entire ship The plans are in the making to build an intersection of the main deck, gallery deck and flight deck. Specific the erea around elevator no. 4./hangar bay no. 3 and the jetshop.I have a few planes ready to be build, so all together it still will be enormous. The Ranger will be scratched and I am currently making all the scale drawings. I am using the plans from de USS Saratoga as a reference. When there is some more progress I will update this thread. It will be around period 1970-1972.
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