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  1. When I was young we used to go on holiday to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). It was during the terrorist war. I recall seeing a few of these vehicles when we were there. In fact I had a few photos of them, but sadly they were all destroyed as a result of a leak we had one year. This is a 1/35 scale model. It's been a happy trip down memory lane.
  2. Woohoo! Brilliant! I shall put off the plans for scratchbuilding then (I'm not very good at it anyway). Thanks for pointing it out to me.
  3. Thanks for your replies guys, very helpful and greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, I am wanting to scratchbuild a Husky mine clearing vehicle. I have found numerous specs for it but am struggling with the tyre size. I know how to convert the format like 450/80 R20 for example. But all I can find for some vehicles (the Husky included) are of the format 16.00R20 or 18.00R25. I'm assuming that there must be a standard format to this and am hoping that one of you could help me be able to convert it to something that will be useful for making a scratchbuilt part. Thanks for taking the time to read. Gary
  5. Sorry for the lack of work in progress updates but I've finally finished this one. All that remains is to add some seatbelts and a windscreen wiper. But apart from that I'm calling it finished.
  6. I'm thinking that this is very subtle humour. It took me a while but eventually I got it. You're playing on the irony of someone browsing Britmodeller thinking that they don't have time to waste. :-) Anyway, back to the topic, lovely looking planes. Tobias, any chance you could post some pics when your kits arrive?
  7. A quick update. I've added some wiring to make the engine look busier and assorted support struts that are not in the kit but which appear in all my reference pics.
  8. This looks really amazing. Is it possible to post some pics of the entire diorama, from above for example so that we can get an idea of how it all hangs together?
  9. Hi, Here are some pics of my most recent completion, the Kinetic 1/35 scale RG-31. I've titled it 'Quiet day at the checkpoint'. Please do not hesitate to offer suggestions, after all, the only way I will improve is by listening to feedback. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  10. Wow! Lots of fiddly work but it's looking good so far.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. Apologies for the delay in posting the promised photos but family life got in the way. Anyway, here's the photos and an update. Here's the box shot: At first glance the kit looks good. I downloaded a number of reference photos and everything looks pretty good. This is a resin kit and the instructions are what I've come to expect from resin kits - you need to have some photos to cross reference against the plans and you need to do lots of dry fitting before applying the superglue. There are a number of areas that I noticed could do with improvement. BaxMod give you some etch metal parts which I felt needed replacement. I have never been keen with many of the parts that manufacturers give as etch metal as I feel they are too flat, etch is often used for steps etc. that in real life are made from piping of some thickness. I decided that the etch grating was too large and needed to be replaced with something finer. Also the bars that protect the headlights are better represented using plastic rod. Here's the grating in place: I also decided to replace the suspension with coiled wire: And finally here's a shot of in progress work on the passenger compartment and the chassis: Overall I am finding this kit is very easy to put together. There are a number of errors when compared against my reference photos but in defence of BaxMod, it does appear that the Buffel went through a number of modifications throughout its career. Thanks for reading.
  12. Christmas came early (or late I guess depending on your outlook) for me! I've recently taken an interest in MRAPs used in Afghanistan and Iraq. I've just completed the RG31 (once I've finished the base I shall post pics), and am in the process of building a Buffalo ... what a beautiful vehicle! While researching these vehicles the South African connection was a common thread to almost every MRAP out there. So, to try get a timeline of sorts of MRAPs I went to baxmod.co.za and ordered 4 of their kits, Buffel, Casspir, Ratel and Rhino. An impatient wait followed but finally last week they arrived!!!! As I have limited resin kit experience I am going to start on what seems to be the easiest to build, the Buffel. I will post some 'in the box' pics tonight and once that's done I shall break out the superglue and start gluing pieces together.
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