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  1. It does, I did not build for 10 years but then started again a couple of years ago. And my stash grew exponentially since then.
  2. Amazing thread, that black Hunter was ik fact the first model I ever got. Must be 50 years ago…
  3. Thank you for your kind words I do try to ad as many details as I can if I have the right documentation.
  4. Thank you! Yes that Valeyo paint gave me lots of troubles, I had to repaint parts several times and masking left traces in the paint every time. But I learned not to trust that paint for future projects…
  5. You are quite right, building resin models has its share of inherent problems. Thank you!
  6. Thank you but really the other Nimrod in 1/32 scale would not fit on my modelbench
  7. Thanks If you like it you should! Pretty unlikely that this would come out in plastic...
  8. Thank you I have never seen them fly unfortunately but over the years I always took walk around photographs when I had the opportunity, and al those together were used for the development of the kit by Lukasz of Lukgraph.
  9. Thanks I Made a WIP on Britmodeller but the last part was not detailed but you can find many details here: The walkaround photographs in the instruction sheet were taken by me, I shared my walkaround photographs for the development of this kit. Take care Glijn
  10. Thank you for your kind words Chris Glad people liked the little details I shared. If you have questions do not hesitate. Glijn
  11. Thank you ! Yes I always try to get a kit as close to reality as I can
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