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  1. these were known as F-14B (or F-14A+)due to the larger engines and and changes in the cockpit
  2. bit more work over the weekend, with main hull camouflage pastern complete, a few coats of tamiya clear lacquer were also added before the initial decals went on another clear coat to go on top of the decals before I start oil washing them both ready for the next stage
  3. L class being built at the bottom, looking forward to watching how that progresses, as I currently have HMS Legion on the 'slipway' in my model room too. NIce work, keep it up
  4. base level all done , then the deck could be painted Then onto the tedious job of masking the deck ready for the deck colors RoeBuck and now Oribi And then the first of three coats of white for RoeBuck, I'm selecting a late war color scheme, of royal blue, black and white . While Oribi will be in western approaches white, blue and green.
  5. Both now ready for an undercoat, with the initial railings done
  6. Cheers gents, it was a bit of a slog, and Theirs quite a bit I'd do differently if I did it again , but you live and learn
  7. Seeing all the great Models in the group build persuaded me to get involved, as I have never done a group build before, any advice would be appreciated. I decided to use the old sky wave 1/700 scale kit, that comes with 2 O& P class destroyers in . ( the kits an old one as I'm returning to the hobby after a while, and I had to start on the stash some time ). The plan was to do one of the models as HMS Oribi, almost straight from the box with the addition of a WEM etch set A bit of research later showed that the 'R' class was slightly longer than the proceeding O & P class ships, so one of the models was lengthened at the Bow. Otherwise the O,P,Q, and R classes were almost identical visually deck detail cleared, and etch railing going down Now back to the day job, hopefully I will have an update soon
  8. nice work, after a recent trip to Scapa, I have picked up a real interest in WW1 warships, I follow this with interest
  9. the final results of the build posted elsewhere on the site
  10. The model goes together nicely, with some good details, the basing still needs some work but otherwise I'm quite happy with this
  11. Overall the kits a pretty poor representation of the exocet & Sea Cat leander, thought I did enjoy making the model, Id advise anyone buying the kit to purchase some after market decals to go with it, enjoy
  12. so I final finished her, and got her based, more images of the model in the ready for inspection section
  13. thanks arnold, worth a shot raising santa clause lol no she needs a matt coat, and basing , all being well that will progress this weekend
  14. decals, and small details went on today along with , deck washes, some rust staining the small details show the sizing issues of the kit, with the skywave sea cats dwarfing the back, that said its a great improvement on the original ... Next up matt coat then radar, and whip ariels
  15. So I went looking for 1/700 scale RN decals and found these , thankfully someone dropped one in our garden ( the wife never believes me )
  16. with the paint done, a coat of Klear cote was put over the model ready for decals, however on adding the provided decals to water, this happened
  17. managed to get some paint on her during the christmas break, took a slight detour to build my son some tanks from his tanks skirmish game then back to cleo grey coat finished now to remove all the masking
  18. yes its not exactly the best job, but as a friend once said, if you enjoy masking your doing it wrong, plus from experiance this gives the best results.
  19. sat with the other projects on the bench ready for photetch ( yes phot etch is your friend!)
  20. the rest of the superstructure was then added before finishing up with something a bt smoother and more ready for paint than the original out of the box version
  21. The kit is the white ensign models 1/700 HMS Battleaxe, its a multimedia kit with white metal, phot etch, and resin. It also represents ( at this time) the only kits of this type of vessel. The type itself was known as the one they got right, with excellent sea keeping capability. the build itself starts with removing seam line, and hatches from the main super structure ( these are to be replaced with photetch later on). I then matched bits of the super structure and filled the holes and sink marks left from the manufacturing process. as you can see the parts didnt fit two well so lots of filler and wet sanding is needed to bring it all flush
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