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  1. Cool, let me know what you think Ron G
  2. As far as I know the Mk21is very different from the Mk X. This is the problem that Model Monkey is having trying to figure out all the differences in all the marks. I have the 1/48 scale Revell Beaufighter that I have been using as a guide, plus as many books and photos that I can glean off of the internet. Ron G
  3. Hey Micko No, its Large Scale Modeller forum. It's much more friendly than LSP. I did Cad work for a living for 15 or so years, and was a draftsman for 20 years before that. I ran Unigraphics, its called UG nx now. Very expensive and somewhat difficult to learn. Ron G
  4. Hey Micko I'm doing one of these old Revell Bristol Beaufighter kits over on LSM forum. I work there because I can post photos directly from my phone as I'm working on my online build. Please, go check it out. I'm Crankycraftsman over there, and its under works in progress. I am trying, lets say, to convert it into a MkX Canadian coastal command plane. I have the Model Monkey cockpit and his 12.5° diehdral tail planes, (2) Vector Hercules resin engines, wheels from a Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito (there a perfect match) and alot of scratch building. I'm in the process of creating th
  5. It sure would be nice if they were to bring them up to the standard of the new Hellcat and Typhoon kits.
  6. Hey Tokyo Raider You should check out my build of the old (1974) 1/32 Revell Bristol Beaufighter that I'm converting to a mk X Canadian torpedo carrying bird over on the LSM site. I did it there because I can post pictures directly from my phone (no photo sharing site needed). It might give you some insight. Ron G
  7. Remember, the Beaufighters cowl was inacuality made out of metal not copper. The color came from heat staining. The cowl with its "townend" ring was actually part of the exhaust system. And yes it was on later models painted black, mostly to reduce the hot red glow for night fighters and such. The black would chip and discolor. So using a steel metal color as a base add various orange and blues, lightly over it. Then tone it down with a bit of black/brown. That should work, I think. At least that's what I'm doing on my 1/32 Revell Beaufighter converted to a mk X. Ron G
  8. Hey all As I'm not very familiar with this aircraft, could someone please let me know what type of seatbelts were used in a mk. X in the coastal command. I need to order some for a build I'm doing on a 1/32 Revell Beaufighter from HGW and need to know which ones to get. Thanks Ron G
  9. Hey Tim Just remember Vallejo is a pure water based acrylic paint. You need to use there thinner or distilled water. What ever you do dont use ISP, or lacquer based thinners like tamiya, or you will end up with a gooey mess (ask me how I know). You can use ISP for cleaning, but soap and water will usually work just fine. Ron G
  10. Hey sapperastro Vallejo has a set of acrylic water base paints for US Navy WW2 aircraft. #71157 US Navy & USMC Colors WWII 1940-1945
  11. Hey Peter The brake line should go to the brake drum on the wheel, not stay attached to the leg, you need to cut it from the leg, because he only put it there so he could cast it, also the cylinder of the oleo should be a chrome silver color, other then that looks great. Ron G
  12. Hey 487 squadron If you want to use Acrylic paints Vallejo has the colors you need in there model air line. AV71080 - rust/ or roundel red. AV71091 - signal blue/ or roundel blue. AV71033 - trainer yellow for the band on the fuselage roundels. These are the colors I'm using on my 1/24 Mosquito that I will be painting with Makater masks. I have color matched these to the RAF museum book with the paint chips on the back. Ron G
  13. Hey Peter Master actually has two new sers out for the 1/24 scale Hellcat #AM-24-018 for the F6F-3 and #AM-24-019 for the F6F-5. They won't be for sale for a week or so though. There not even showing up on there site yet. Ron G
  14. Sounds good Peter, can't wait till mine get here. Ron G
  15. Cool, hope everything works out for you. Ron G
  16. Hey Peter You can use the 1/24 scale Master Model's brass/aluminum barrels for the P-47. I have them, you just need to mount the tips a little different then how they were on the P-47. I can't post a picture here, sorry. Let me try to explain. The P-47's tips are recessed in the aluminum piece and the Hellcats were not, if you get the Master barrels you will see what I mean. You will need a piece of Alum./Bass tube for the inner gun, as those are recessed into the wing. Ron G
  17. Hey Peter Just got a Gmail from Aerocraft that said he shipped me my stuff, so yours may be in the mail too. Ron G
  18. Yes, but bronze green was almost glossy.
  19. Very early P-47's had bronze green interiors, but since bronze green had a shiny finish they determined that it was not suitable for cockpits and switched to dull dark green. The interior of the plane other then the cockpit was done in untinted zink chromate which was a yellow color the wheel wells were zink chromate yellow also, and the inside if the cowling was aluminum. Ron G
  20. Windex has ammonium in it, and that doesn't react well with Vallejo either.
  21. Hey all Sad news today. The Collings Foundation B-17G 909 has crashed in Connecticut. this happened October 2, 2019 at approximately 9:00 am. There were 7 people killed. There were three crew members on board with I believe 10 paying passengers, plus one person on the ground involved. They had just taken off when they experienced engine problems and turned around to land and check out what was wrong when they crashed into a building on the runway area by the de-icing facility. From the videos it's hard to believe how anyone could have survived. I hope they don't stop these flight
  22. DON'T use lacquer thinner or Windex with Vallejo paint you will end up with a gooey mess. Vallejo is a water based acrylic paint, not a lacquer based like Tamiya, Guenze and others. If you use lacquer thinner to clean up make sure you us water to flush out the remaining lacquer thinner before you use any Vallejo paint. Most Vallejo Model Air needs some Vallejo thinner and a drop or two of Vallejo flow improver and it will work fine, lets say to 20 drops of paint put 8 to 10 drops of thinner and 1 to 2 drops of flow improver. Ron G
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