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  1. Mine arrived today. Just wonderful packaging, not any smallest and tiniest part had a damage, one has to see it in flesh to truly appreciate the care given. Great surface details and magnificent casting too. A very detailed instructions booklet and great looking decals. I was hesitant to buy when this first came out but now I do not have the slightest regret. I hope it will build into an equally impressive model. I thought even for a moment to place another order but just decided to keep the funds for the upcoming Skyrocket. Really looking forward the X-3 too.
  2. How would aftermarket guys survive otherwise ??
  3. How do they come off, if you ever tried yet? Easy?
  4. Let me ask the other way: If your figures are correct (that is 10-15k for a 32nd scale) and no company as far as I know would bother less than a 100% profit margin, that means ICM would recoup the tooling investment just with a thousand kits? I don't think so. If you would have the investment return that quick, nobody would bother short-run moulds for 2-3k copies. And on the other hand nobody would undergo investment costs of a steel mould for just 5k copies. In general, I can say that for any plastic injection product to be viable and profitable, you would wish to produce at least a few ten thousands, which is what I think ICM must be doing as well. Wingnuts would not be closing down if you would get your tooling money back with just a few thousand kits.
  5. Unfortunately you are more than very very wrong but I sincerely wish you were right and I was wrong. It is true tooling costs are remarkably down thanks to 5 axis CAMs and tools mostly being produced in China. It is also true we -happily- have a proliferation of new kits and brands, but not only because moulds are cheaper than before but also the market is quite high and modeling is popular as never before, with small companies having the ability to produce short run kits. If your figure regarding the 32nd scale to be 10-15 thousand relates to short run moulds, that is ok or about ok, but if we are talking about Tamiya level P20 steel moulds polished to highest grade that are designed to produce hundreds of thousands of copies, well, the costs are just like I said and not a penny less. Sorry to let you down, but for 10-15k you would not even afford outer shells of a new 32nd scale Tamiya tool and let me tell you this is not a guess but information based on some industrial experience.
  6. Modern tooling sets for a detailed large scale model kit costs over about 200k USD, at least. I'm pretty sure it is even double for a project like the Lancaster. A manufacturer will have to sell about 25-30k copies just to have such an investment return. I doubt Wingnut product line would ever achieve these numbers in a short time so the business might be already bleeding out and given the public reaction against the group they are a part of, maybe someone has considered it a best time for a stop-loss.
  7. On top of my buying list. Price seems reasonable given the dimensions. Am I becoming a resin guy ??
  8. Impressive. I'm really looking forward to see it in flesh.
  9. I wonder how the 3D printed tiny parts arrived, it is a major concern for me. Too many delicate parts on the Facebook photos, definitely would not do good to have some of them broken. And how is the surface detail, casting quality etc? Would you hint? Got really excited when I saw your box as mine is also on its way.
  10. "...to arrive to the release of our new fantastic kit." Well, that's a very humble statement indeed... We've seen so many "fantastic" kits... Wait until you bring it out and see how it's brutally killed by rivet counters
  11. Man, you really been an early bird
  12. I have the order number 10168 and it has been shipped on Thursday. I do not have any new email updates probably because my order has been shipped, but received an email before the start of shipments saying orders up to 10200 would be shipped in 16 March week, with 10200 and up would be in 23 March week. Hey Speedy, what is your order number?
  13. Great model of a great aircraft with great photos! Thank you for sharing.
  14. Wonderful Viggen model. One of the most beautiful cold war jets and imho its splinter scheme is by far the best scheme on any aircraft, both by colours and geometry. I wish there was ever a 1:32 scale! By the way, yours is an AJ37 and these have three actuators under the wings, while the interceptor JA37 has four.
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