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  1. I wanted to place an order for another. Rejected I wish I had reseved two.
  2. No, not exactly so. One of my friends an hour ago tried this. He placed a preorder without a reservation and he received an email from them saying that he is not on their reservation list so his preorder will be cancelled during the preorder period and his money will be reimbursed if someone does not cancel his reservation and make a kit available. So it appears the reservations had a real purpose and really being closely monitored.
  3. I received the email on Wednesday and just placed the preorder on their website, the Viggen page under 1:32 products.
  4. I was tired of saying "hey, it's not the splinter scheme, it's Fields abd Meadows"... Nice to know I'm not alone Paid for my copy now. I was hoping this would come out before the new year, but the time needed for delivery is understandable, considering they have 500 kits to produce. Anyway, a 1:32 Viggen is already a surprise and is definitely worth waiting.
  5. That is so cool! Saves us maybe the most boring part of the hobby and seems to give excellent results.
  6. It will go down a bit more in time and then this newly tooled Tonka may be considered as a good deal.
  7. Very true... Mostly... Except that calling it "new", which caused the fuss.
  8. I would rather prefer -and had expected- that something sensational would come out of this suspense.
  9. I am not sure if jets are all ruled out or not, so how about a B-57 Canberra?
  10. Very good that you did not smack it against the wall, as it turned out to be a really nice model. Not so many F11 Tigers of this quality seen around, so this is a real eyecatcher.
  11. I thought the same at first, that they could be in some way related to Jetmads. So I asked both companies and they replied they are absolutely independent and even do not know each other. Jetmads' reply also stated they had announced a year ago (upon the same question) that they were a totally new brand and not attached to any other company or people before. So it's a wrong rumour.
  12. Very good Viper and nice to see it in colors other that grey!
  13. A serious challenge, masterfully finished. Great work and thanks for sharing it.
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