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  1. she is going to look good in 1/32 I think. Thanks for the tips and encouragement my friends. I'm learning and trying. Thanks again
  2. Had to build this practice model ready for the group build, I will be making it in 1/32 for the group build
  3. Why would any alien cleverer than us not visit us to find out if they were. They could not know until they visited us could they
  4. The only thing that can top this is if, and it's a big if lol you could do a diorama in a formation
  5. Lovely build my friend, if you airbrush don't forget you can decant from the cans and get much better feeling for how much paint and how it's going to react or look as you are spraying
  6. It's not a problem with the needle size or the paints. I think it's what you are thinning it with and no matter what you use to clean especially windex will leave alot of unwanted stuff in your airbrush as windex forms a layer to help keep things clean. Start at the beginning and clean the airbrush in light soapy water then rinse in clean, spray with no thinning and if it goes gooey in the airbrush it's the paints or what's in the airbrush still. Mix the paint with your normal thinner in an old paint jar and see if it goes gooey then it's the thinner, if it's not gooey in the jar but still is
  7. I would never use cheap windex with my ammo paint. It's nasty stuff and as paint company's change their formula how can you tell how it will react especially if you mix in your airbrush cup
  8. I take it you are shaking the bottle well and using a bit of thinners(water or an acrylic thinner like mr hobby 110 at about 80 paint 10 thinner) you do remove the needle and cap, nozzle when you do a clean down of the airbrush and don't leave anything in there ie cleaning fluid that will react with acrylics
  9. I was in need of a reason to build a car of some sort so this is it count me in please Dennis
  10. By the way I've not started the model but was just giving it a once over as I can't let it sit in the box with out taking a peek lol
  11. as a toolmaker I would be ashamed of myself if a tool went out producing a mould like this. I can only put it down to the company that is running the tools not maintaining the tool properly during a run as I can't see tamiya letting a tool out that has such short ejector pins
  12. how to set wing dihedral and dont forget to leave out the exhaust on the end whilst fitting engine
  13. OK showing a P51 but but this is what I mean. The gap is put there so you can raise the wings to achieve the right dihedral
  14. I may be British but my grandfather was a Black American that flew one of these so he is my inspiration for the American build rather than British my friends
  15. Sorry as I said about the exhaust I should have said if you use tape across both wing tips you will get the right dihedral and rid of the gap. The kit is good so if you have set the wings that way they will be too flat, sorry again for not mentioning but did not think. Look up Brett Greens build and you will see what I mean
  16. Haha my friend you are right. Mm failed did Skywalker but you can let the force"awaken" and bring balance back to this painting saga lol. Hang in there bro
  17. Im wondering if you are going to do a diorama of Luke rasing it from the swamp as in the return of the Jedi is it
  18. This is looking to be a serious build my friend, great work so far and it's been a long time since I've been eager to see a finished piece of art
  19. what a beautiful plane and there is some real changes, I hope in the group build we can see lots of them
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