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  1. how to set wing dihedral and dont forget to leave out the exhaust on the end whilst fitting engine
  2. OK showing a P51 but but this is what I mean. The gap is put there so you can raise the wings to achieve the right dihedral
  3. I may be British but my grandfather was a Black American that flew one of these so he is my inspiration for the American build rather than British my friends
  4. Sorry as I said about the exhaust I should have said if you use tape across both wing tips you will get the right dihedral and rid of the gap. The kit is good so if you have set the wings that way they will be too flat, sorry again for not mentioning but did not think. Look up Brett Greens build and you will see what I mean
  5. Haha my friend you are right. Mm failed did Skywalker but you can let the force"awaken" and bring balance back to this painting saga lol. Hang in there bro
  6. Im wondering if you are going to do a diorama of Luke rasing it from the swamp as in the return of the Jedi is it
  7. This is looking to be a serious build my friend, great work so far and it's been a long time since I've been eager to see a finished piece of art
  8. what a beautiful plane and there is some real changes, I hope in the group build we can see lots of them
  9. I like your interior and I had the same problem with the front end. I had to use a candle light to warm and true up the left side.A little filler on the underside joint while I had the engine dry fitted to make sure and it wasn't perfect but they didn't make them perfectly is my excuse but your right the engine does pull it all together my friend
  10. I would love to be in on this. My favourite thing that can not so often now be seen in the skies is a P51 or a Mustang
  11. sorry about the tamiya tape, making a little progress. Really not feeling it with this build as I had such high expectations . It is a good kit but the way they have made the instructions is challenging lol and it is a kit that needs time and mods to make it a super model. That said I will finish her and I'm sure when more comes together I will feel it again. Cheers my friends Joel
  12. You can see that this man is about to fight for his life and the anger that he must summon upon to survive is captured at this moment in time. For me you have truly got it across in your painting. Great work my friend Joel
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