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  1. Nice and clean parts. I think it will sell good and a nice build is possible, if one's not too obsessed with accuracy issues.
  2. I've tried a few. They do not easily come off from the supports when you pull, but it's much easier if you apply some lateral force. A trimmer or a very sharp blade would do better I think.
  3. With all the sad news regarding WNW, your model is a testimony as to why they will be missed if they really close down.
  4. That's a very good looking scheme and it is nice to see this nice looking plane some different from standard Russian bare metal
  5. Lovely model of a lovely aircraft. They do not build aircraft like these anymore
  6. Sad news indeed. Brands are not established easily and they should not fade away like this, after all the effort and money put in. However, I tend to think it is more related to governmental and fiscal issues rather than the pandemic. They are expensive, I had the courage to buy a few of them, but the quality definitely deserves the price. Still, I believe like others that they may reincarnate in some other form.
  7. Mine arrived on Wednesday. For almost two weeks after it left Turkey there was no tracking update and I was wondering. Then it appeared with the customs and was delivered after five days. I was not charged any extras by the customs for the package this time but it is not always the same. I liked the kit quite a lot, I am now convinced that creating very very tiny small parts with 3D printers is a reasonable thing. Some tiny parts unbelievably measure less than 0.5mm, some are even thinner. I was wondering why no PE parts were included but I see there's absolutely no need and printed parts
  8. Fantastic Mirage, as the real aircraft itself is.
  9. Great. A new Tornado in this scale is long overdue and it should be good improvement over Revell's Tornado, which lacks many details with many erroneous existing ones.
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