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  1. The source I use for Xtracolours is, I believe, Kitlinx in Utah. They at least make an effort to reorder stock periodically.
  2. Wouldn't mind a stretched RAF variant. There's no easy way to get there with existing 1:72 kits without major surgery.
  3. And that is the biggest problem I have had with the project. I've figured out how to do (or ignore) most of the conversion requirements, but that canopy seems very different to my admittedly non-engineer eye. If only someone would make a prototype conversion with a new canopy. I mean, I'd even take a vac one - I guess it would have to be - even though I have a historic loathing of superglue.
  4. You know, I've never understood why non-modellers refer to us as "nutters".
  5. Ah well, it's not the stats, it's the fun you have while building them, right? At least that's what I tell myself...
  6. Don't want to be that guy, but is there a plastic part alternative for the cowl flaps? Yes, I know photoetch is more to scale but I'm no fan of the medium (well, of superglue to be honest). Not that it matters. I'm a fan of the Lysander and will definitely be picking one up once available.
  7. Two wondrous 1:72 experimentals collections! I've done a few myself (I'll try posting some photos as I get the display cases moved from the garage to the lower story). I shudder to think what you will face in terms of dust accumulation, however. The glass case in the second collection is very similar to one I just bought a couple months back. So far it has done a fine job of keeping things un-dusty. Display storage has been quite an issue for me. Well, with 500+ completed models since 1985 you might expect that....
  8. Detail inaccuracy is not a big point for me, but unbuildability certainly is. That MPM kit was just a mess as far as that goes.
  9. In 1:72 we are better served for fabric wing Hurricanes with no lower strake. My sticking point has always been the canopy. How are those of you considering a prototype planning to modify a production canopy to the earlier configuration? Sand off the canopy frames, polish, and then mask with the larger panels? I'm a wee bit skeptical I can pull that off without making it rather obvious, but I could be convinced. Any other possibilities?
  10. I'd certainly be up for a Battle. The MPM one just didn't cut it for me; overengineered and the fit was pretty bad.
  11. Indeed. And one of the groans would be coming from me...
  12. A Beverley would be great. One of those grail kits of mine. I mean, I'd rather it be done by Revell, but at this point I'll take what I can get. I've never even gotten close to the Magna version.
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