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  1. no, they're gone again I swear - there WERE pics
  2. sorry to complain. But this is a forum for plastic kits. Not wood or metal
  3. signing out and in didn't make the AT ST disappear another try
  4. and why does the Grunau baby show but the others not. I didn't do anything different...
  5. yeah, working on it. I had the problem before. Now the problem is to remember what I have done wrong or how to fix it
  6. Hi folks, i have not posted for ages as for various reasons I did not feel like it. However, I never quit building and want to show you some of the results from last year and this ... 1st off (not really my usual topic, bit I was always fascinated by carrier aviation) Hobby Boss TBF / Tamiya F4F (which was actually my very first 1/48 scale kit ages ago) (and YES!!! I know this is s Japanese flight deck - but I could not get my hands on the USN version and YES!!! I know this is sacrilege) Hobby Boss Luftwaffe Fw 189 Eduard Luftwaffe He 280 (what if markings) Special Hobby Luftwaffe Ar 231 Fly Luftwaffe Grunau Baby Planet Models BV P211 (only a repaint) Meng Luftwaffe Me 410 ... and a model with some history. I always loved the Rheintochter missile (especially after seeing it at the Smithsonian) mounted to a tank. But despite a few 1/35 and 1/72 kits, it has not yet come out in 1/48. I started to think about scratchbuilding it - but relized that that is beyond my capabilities. But going thru my stack I took the Hobby Boss KV 2 tank and the Brengung 16KhA and some other odds and ends and came up with this Luftwaffe 1946 mobile launched aerial target for AA missiles in development made from "non war esssential equipment" ... Whatever you can say about this combo - I had fun building it :) oh ja - and totally off topic - but one of the most fun vignettes I ever built - so please bear with me Bandai AT ST
  7. Hi, these are basically the same kits with different decals. Both build oob (with some changes to the decals) without real problems ... As always: thanks for looking!
  8. Beautiful - I admire all you guys who are able to build something like that from scratch
  9. they look beautiful - what's the scale?
  10. I always love a one tone paint job that does not look boring - great work
  11. Thanks everybody again for the kind words - really appreciate it. I guess it was lot of work, but the base work (sawing wood etc.) was done some time ago. The landscape was done bit by bit when I felt like it - or rather felt not like doing anything else. So it#s not like a giant pile right in front of you. And I tried to treat every segment like a vignette or something, i.e. giving a small area as much detail as I could and than proceed to the next area when I was ready to . If I would have done everything at once I would have given up
  12. @Toryu that's actually not a bad idea - I like how you think
  13. You guys make me blush. But I am glad you like it. It sometimes seems a bit silly to put all this effort and time in when no one looking at it here at home really appreciates all the work and the ideas. But I guess that is why we post! @JohnT As to the animal world: there is the owl and the mouse that you already found, altogether 5 dogs (including a puppy), two sheep, two goats, 1 snake, 1 pig, 1 piglet, three cows and two bulls for pulling planes in case of lack of fuel. There is also a butterfly on the Opel Blitz K├╝chenwagen (and obviously the dead animals, aka food, in the K├╝chenwagen). Oh ja, and two mules for which I have not found a good use yet. (the larger animals were from a 1/48 animal farms set and the little animals are actually HO scale - where they would have been of Jurassic sizes ) There is three smokers (lung cancer probably being not the most life threatening issue), and actually one does indeed look pretty much like Galland butterfly on the roof and meet Galland
  14. @Toryu I have no idea why some pics don't show... when I had this problem before, it was because the online folder (Google photos) where they are stored in, was not set for public viewing. This one definitely is, so .. no clue, sorry about that. As to the dust: Most of the sand, grass etc. is glued down (white glue solved in water sprayed on it). So theoretically you could vacuum... In real life I just brush the buildings and kits off with a soft make up style brush, the rest gets dusty
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