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  1. You are rocking this build! Keep it up and keep posting. https://www.amazon.com/TESTORS-8869-Masking-Assortment-TESR8869/dp/B007KMW5NQ This is a link for Testors masking tape. It's a pack of 3 different widths. I'm sure you can find it locally. Makes turns and curves MUCH easier with a crisp clean edge. Use this on the line and then use larger width tape for the reminder. Every build is a learning experience. I've done something new or tried new techniques on all my builds. Your work is excellent! Keep it up.
  2. Martin - Another masterpiece. Who cares if it actually works, it's AWESOME!
  3. Nice build. Their advertising in the states included the phrase "The shape of things to come". I wanted one desperately. A rich kid at my high school had one. I secretly hated him. Very cool car and build.
  4. That's freaking tiny, wow!!! Best livery in racing. Very cool build.
  5. This might have been helpful... albeit on a MUCH smaller scale. I really appreciate you posting so much of the "how to" of your work. I think to myself, "Hmmm..., I can do that" (with lots of practice). I just never thought enough "outside the box" (get it???). Awesome work and thank you for posting! JCH
  6. I thought you were posting reference pics of the real bike. DAMN that's good! Amazing work! JCH P.S. I ordered some Uschi metal powder. Thanks!
  7. Ahhh, just a BIT of an improvement. Will be watching and looking forward to the final product. Be sure to include the "before" pics with the final reveal.
  8. Doh! IMO, no. Sand the orange peel down completely and polish. Hood (bonnet) looks great!
  9. Really nice build. I like the 6 x 9's on the rear deck. Great paint finish and excellent color choice.
  10. https://www.williamsgrove.com/ Unfortunately the season has been greatly curtailed. They are great fun to watch. Excellent build! Need more dirt! Great build and keep posting!
  11. Picture timestamps 3:31 AM... 3:34 AM... 4:13 AM... That burning way past midnight. Ridiculously fabulous work! Wow, just wow. Wow. Wow. Ahhh, wow!
  12. Will it fire up? I'll give you $400... ok $500. Geeze, not a penny over $600! Really cool build!
  13. Just now seeing your freaking beautiful car. I believe "stunning" has been at least twice. It should be more. An original Silver Arrow. Is it missing decals? Oh right, 1936. Just kidding. Awesome work!!!
  14. Persistence is a key to success! Obstacles are what make the journey rewarding. I'm am curious your opinion on the fit of the Revell model? Revell was almost the downfall of my modeling career in my younger days what with the vague fit and my lack of vision to correct their poor molding. Keep up the work and continue posting. JCH
  15. Definite improvement. Not a project I'd have chosen but I'm very much enjoying watching the build.
  16. 100% agree. As usual, your work is beyond compare. But you didn't include the "fingers in the frame shot" :(. Codger's funny.
  17. A quick update... cockpit activity. I'm pleased with the result of the seat-belt harness. I'm fighting the steering wheel at the moment. 5 REALLY small push buttons, ARGH! I thought the switches on the control box were finicky. I'll post when complete. If you are on the fence about anything from Top Studio, go for it! The resin, photo etch, and turned metals are a treat to assemble. Thanks for looking . P.S. As indicated previously, I did add a pane of acrylic sheet covering about 2/3 of the front of the paint station. It works perfectly. So much so I've been using the "paint" station for soldering. No more bathing in lead smoke!
  18. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail.
  19. Picking back up on this hobby after many years absence I came to the same conclusion. In my younger days I primarily built F1 cars so my first choice upon returning was F1. I too was surprised at the slim pickings of the Tamiya catalog. In the early '80s you could find mid to late 70's cars easily even in the 1/12 scale. That is not the case today. While MFH has some beautiful selections the vast majority, at least in the larger scale and higher detail, are classics. Such as... Being a eBay maven, are you a non-smoker? The condition of the tires? Yes, interested!
  20. Is having the full sized car a blessing or a curse? I don't think the folks at the McLaren factory would appreciate me popping the cowling for a look see and few measurements of the of say the oil lines. Don't get me wrong, your work is amazing, but my OCD nature would spiral into madness. Hmmm... Totally Mad... hmmm...
  21. Strong build... very clean. And a beautiful collection. Keep posting!
  22. Ahhh, YES more! That's just beautiful work. More, more, more!
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