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    Lasted posted here on this topic in May this year when I heard Ebays new rules, they seemed grim to me and others at the same time, so what's the general consensus now in later November folks, is it safe to sell kits there again? get paid immediately before sending or wait, really cant imagine me doing that any-more again? I'd like to go back to Ebay selling again for kits, buying was never a problem, but just don't know what to do just now for selling? Britmodeller itself is excellent for buying and selling, had 99.9% percent success rate here and happy to do this again, but if something wont shift, perhaps might need to use Ebay again? Just looking for feedback on how those Ebay changes have panned out and if anyone's changed their mind about selling there again. Cheers
  2. Upgraded my VR Flight sim capability today, dabbled on and off with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality, some sims look better than others, DCS looks awesome, but with the higher resolution HP Reverb G2, its a big jump in resolution and losing screen door effect and even motion sickness some folk get and all important refresh rate too, still far from perfect IMHO ... but we're getting there. DCS Apache landing soon, this is going to be immense
  3. I'll have one those please, if they are going down the WW2 quality route as WnW did with WW1, then I hope next one is a 109 E, would buy several so I would.
  4. Really getting to grips with my Virpil collective now, its adjusting to normal throttle use is a bit tricky still though. Really looking forward to DCS: AH-64D Apache module.
  5. That would be awesome.
  6. Now I can get serious with DCS Hind, Huey and forthcoming Apache. Quality bit of kit for sure, Had ordered Virpils sort of universal desk chair mount but never needed it, found a better mounting solution with my existing Monstertech HOTAS chair mounts with some spares I had already. Its getting a bit of getting used to, pulling up to lift rather than pushing forward on my TM Warthog throttle, but I'll get there. Have a long mount curved central style helicopter cyclic style stick that can be clamped or UN-clamped in seconds for this whirly bird stuff Some pics on my model bench after unpacking and then on my sim chair.
  7. Thought I'd share this here, the level of detail is astonishing already, as scale modellers, primarily, we all strive for detail, best kit of the Mossie has to be Tamiya's big 1/32 bird, surely? But apart from getting to fly one for real that must be nigh on impossible now, hard core study sim modules such as this and especially in VR or with Track IR must be the next best thing? Its not out yet (soon) have pre-ordered for a discount, it will grow and mature as always with these modules even after release, but wow, super excited about this one ... I hope the Rolls Royce Merlin engine sounds are replicated well all over its range/RPM. Here is a wee cold and dark start up procedure, seems complicated, but that's how it was in real life, pretty sure there will be a one button click start option too, but where is the fun in that?
  8. I'll be doing mine canopy closed and doubt much cockpit detail will be seen, is the real detail unclassified now? probably is, but in this scale and canopy closed doubt much will be visible, but do hope its sufficient OOB for most of us, if not am sure there will be AM that 99.9% of aircraft kits seem to need
  9. I still want one and will have one, shape and outline wise, it looks good to me, if all I have to do is use a little filler between upper wing and engine nacelle then for me and speaking for myself only, that's a non issue. Bring it on.
  10. I wish them all success in whatever they are working on just now and in the future too.
  11. Looks great work, but without being cheeky, what was wrong with Tamiya's in box front screen please? I just got my kit on Friday and thought it might be my first totally OOB build in years according to reviews
  12. I hope it works out for you, some used to slip through the net, but since Brexit .. if anything ... the extra charges are dearer than before I've found and nothing seems to slip through any more, but at the very least you have 2 fantastic kits arriving and shouldn't be any more than if they were bought in UK.
  13. Finally caved in and bought one, £83 delivered, cheapest I could find, but dont mind, quality demands a premium and everything I've read about this kit leads me to think its the best yet in injection moulded plastic, fidelity, engineering and fit wise that leads to big smiles on faces for today's modern world builder with limited time Thats me I'm talking about by the way Has there been any word on the after market stencil data sheet being released yet? Is it worth it does anyone think, or a stencil data sheet too far in this scale? Am probably going to end up with two or three of these ... tell me please, used to own Hasegawa's Showtime 100 kit, could that be made from these Tamiya kits? are there after market decal sheets available for that Phantom?
  14. It really does look a fantastic kit, doesn't it, possibly Tamiya's best engineered kit ever?, possibly the kit of the year too but we wont really know that for 6 months or so, but I'd bet on it. Having said that, saw one on Ebay UK for sale from Germany this morning and with PnP its about £100 ... gulp, but then again, what price on perfection? Will because of Brexit mean I might have to pay more on import somehow? I still don't really know? For sure an item I bought from USA recently hit me with tremendous extra charges before it could be delivered, very high value item though, £800 ish. I think I'll wait and leave it for a Christmas pressie to myself, someone always buys one to many in the rush and maybe I can score one cheaper that way on Ebay or here? Really do have far too much to build just now and reluctantly putting Airfix's new 1/72 Vulcan on hold too, spent far to much recently and need to slow down. Looking fwd to the builds here very much
  15. When is this getting released then? thought we might have seen some for sale in Far East by now at least, but not seen anything.
  16. Same, I'll get one later this year hopefully. A sign of the times I suppose? Its been the same for me buying high end computer parts, at least we are not getting crazy price scalpers in this hobby, just limited availability at launch sometimes, seems mostly Airfix? not been following the trend too closely though ... wonder if this will extend to Tamiya's Phantom launch too?
  17. If so, please combine. What it is ... When the Wind Blows Haven't seen this in years, but got memory jogged about it again recently. Am of that age that lived through Cold War tension, Dad was in RAF, living in West Germany (RAF Wildenrath with early GR1 Harriers) as a kid and hearing sirens howl only to learn later it was a taccy val, (tactical evaluation) war games ... an exercise basically, but nobody new for sure ... you got used to it for sure and blase about it too ... it was like, damn, there is Dad scrambling out to the waiting trucks and me as a teen being angry about being woken up at 2AM ... it just seemed like a big game, there was no real radio or news feed back then over there ... internet LOL all we new was there some nasty Russkies and we were the good guys ... that's probably not so far from the truth these days ... or is it? we are all fed propaganda ... no offence to any Russian Modellers here of course or anyone at all for that matter. I honestly don't know who the bad guys are anymore ... but I digress, for sure don't mind modelling any nationality. Later in life I got to build up a bigger picture of how close we came to WW3 and a nuclear Armageddon, Cuban missile crisis too, scary scary stuff, still is, we should never forget. And this leads me on to When The Wind Blows ... brilliant soundtrack with Roger Waters, David Bowie and more ... its the hopelessness and innocence of the elderly couple out in the country that makes it all so sad, they had made it that far in life together in pure blissful innocence only for the nuclear horror to happen ... and they were quite unprepared for it. I hope it never happens. This film is so simplistic in its cartoon style way and yet very very powerful and moving. Official Trailer here but please look out for the full feature.
  18. One 48

    Covid Jab

    Had both my Pfizer jabs for some now, never had side effects from either, not even a sore arm and was jabbed on seperate arms ... bit disappointed I have not become magnetic and I'll leave that bit cryptic as it could get political and the world is crazy enough already, but if you follow news you will know what I'm alluding to Regarding the 15 min wait before release after vaccine, had to do that too both times, but I'm sure its just good medical practise, they advise and have done long before Covid for that and other jabs.
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    Ten days or so have passed since Ebay asked us to give them our bank details ... or open a new bank account just for them because of the split with Paypal ... has anyone reconsidered? They have told me I can no longer list ETC and for Scale modelling really do not mind, can do that here and its been fine, still lots of other stuff I need to shift though and in fairness ... Ebay was handy for that, they took a fair slice ... but hey ho, better that than sitting here gathering dust. I guess what I'm asking is ... has anyone of the many of us who said no more Ebay selling actually buckled and gave them bank details? I assume its still OK to buy there with my account? I wish they had just left it alone, it was far from perfect but manageable. Its a real shame, had been on there a long time, great 100% positive feedback ... sigh ! I wonder if this has hurt them and us here who are saying we will no longer sell there are a minority? really cant see them taking Paypal back now though ?? I don't mind Paypal at all really, never had a problem with them. I'll be 62 next month as well and old dogs don't like new tricks
  20. Its a nice picture though .......
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