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  1. These two arrived today, sorry for poor pic quality, overhead room light has gone, seem to have had a drastic power surge? last night that seems to have destroyed some of my electrical goodies, inc parts of this PC after replacing fuses and checking mains trip box ETC, not the first time, need to get the sparkies in to give it all a health check ... scary! Anyway, delighted with these two new arrivals
  2. Sorry to hear that John, suffer from something very similar, Ankylosing Spondylitis, but seek out disabled seating where possible for my gigs now, check that out if you can, would hate to think you might miss shows because of your disability, most venues are very accommodating I've found, often need to apply early when shows are announced though as only a small ratio of suitable seating is kept for folk like us.
  3. I hope they do a GR.4 type too. Amazing they are detailing the engines so well, thats akin to a state of the art 1/32 scale model in early development!! Perhaps they have some sort of ground crew maintenance module planned too?
  4. Just a few pics I wish to share of one of my Australian Pink Floyd Shows, thats me at front in group pic, love my friends, really do. this was from Glasgow VIP meet, so looking fwd to seeing them later this year again, Roger Waters next year too, will be buying if I can Glasgow and Birmingham tickets, you cant let these once in a life time opportunity's slip by. Sorry deleted the pics, one of my friends not happy I displayed their face with out permission, my bad.
  5. Hi John, good comment, and yes, have seen several Pink Floyd tribute shows over the years and must have seen .... and I'm not joking ... The Australian Pink Floyd at least a dozen or more times over the years, was into this sincere tribute act from day one mostly, met them twice in the early days when they played wee club shows and its been a pleasure to see and attend their shows as it grew bigger and bigger and to now as an almost replica of what the Real Floyd shows were like, off to see them with friends again later this year in Glasgow ... good shout mate, The Australian Pink Floyd are the next best thing for sure EDIT: John, yes you are right, in their early days, David Gilmour invited the early version of The Australian Pink Floyd to play at his 50th birthday party and he jammed with them too. that must have been awesome, wish it were filmed. "The Australian Pink Floyd Show gave its first ever concert in Adelaide, Australia in 1988. Since then, they have performed in over 35 countries worldwide; played at David Gilmour's 50th birthday celebration and were even joined on stage by Rick Wright. TAPFS is the leading and biggest show of its kind in the world." "4 Dec 2018 — The Australian Pink Floyd Show are 'probably better than we were' ... by Pink Floyd's guitarist David Gilmour to play at his 50th Birthday" "The Australian Pink Floyd is the only Pink Floyd tribute act to play for a member of Pink Floyd for in 1996; they performed at David Gilmour's 50th birthday" https://www.aussiefloyd.com/history
  6. Hope you make Saucerful of Nicks secrets my friend, wont spoil it for you, but saw it in Scotland and it was awesome, sort of tied my various live Floyd shows together .. Enjoy
  7. Pleased to bits as a life long Pink Floyd fan ... hate to boast, but pretty much have seen it all Floydian wise, seen live Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Nick Masons saucerful of Secrets show that was surprisingly excellent and he still tours .. WTG Nick But the basic Nuts n Bolts of Pink Floyd were Waters and Gilmour, at least they were the two who went separate ways with separate shows and both were good, they really were, so hate the division Us and Them created between them. However .. and here in the now, was delighted to see Roger Waters is extending his successful "This is Not a Drill" show into Europe and UK for next year 2023. Glasgow, London and Manchester tickets go on general sale Friday 30th with pre access sales available me and mate will try first a day or two earlier legally. On tenterhooks just now hoping we get best tickets. Roger is going out with a bang I think, its got to be and it will be awesome.
  8. Looks likes its happening today 21st for sure now, very excited, hopefully a new Nvidia driver to match too, they must have been working together, right? Bring it on
  9. Welcome aboard Stringbag, there is something for everyone here. Lived in West Germany for three years of my life in my teens when my parents were there, loved it, still have a passion for Germany. Please make yourself at home, this a great modelling site and community.
  10. Tried it again just now on my flight sim PC and with a new (Update Tuesday) Windows 11 update that took ages to do, cleared all temp updates, cookies ETC and it works, not sure?, sorry its not working for you Mike.
  11. Works for me, not sure? Sorry.
  12. This Update 10 one has been delayed once or twice, glad it was delayed, crush the bugs (or as many as possible) then release is best policy ... looking fwd to it. May or may not need a new Nvidia driver given some of the DX12 fixes talked about, cant speak for AMD cards as I just don't know? No doubt there will be hotfixes for sim and drivers hot on the heels too though because that's when the proper beta testing starts Posted this clip here elsewhere already, but only in sims like this, you can try it for yourself at home.
  13. Hi Hans, love Thunderbirds, maybe one day I will build a model of one too, Thunderbird 2 was my favourite Welcome.
  14. Thats not long to wait, Cool Quick question, someone on this thread hinted kit will ship with a frosted front canopy part version and they were disappointed in that ??? Perhaps I picked him up wrong and its just a pre production front canopy he saw, because if an accurate option ... how on earth would the pilot see forwards?
  15. Now we are talking, very excited about this ... excellent news. One of my earliest most favourite military flight simulations (apart from Falcon series) was Tornado and its Desert Storm add on pack by Digital Integration, this was a DOS only product and came on a few floppy 3.5 disks, but WOW it was deep and the manual was a door stopper book, you just don't get that any more. But YES, very very excited about this, getting to fly a study level Tonka again, am a massive fan of this Aircraft, living beside RAF Lossiemouth and seeing them fly so many times near us was an absolute pleasure, just can not express enough how excited I am about this news ... super pleased, really am. https://stormbirds.blog/2022/09/16/eagle-dynamics-announces-tornado-plus-multi-crew-update/
  16. Supposed to be going to see Marillion on Monday at Glasgow, but by pure coincidence this long planed gig is the Queens funeral day, so out of respect the band pulled this show at last minute, only knew 48 hrs ago by Ticket master and the band are now playing the next day, on Tuesday at a different Glasgow venue. Very short notice stuff, it was inevitable tough, couldn't cancel my original booked hotel and wont be able to make it now from North Scotland, no hard feelings though, stuff happens. Still love early Marillion the most with Fish, shame they split and was really ready to embrace Marrilion without him at long last, maybe the next time guys.
  17. One 48

    Lt. Uhura dead.

    RIP Remember her well, the original Star Trek and its follow on films were the only ones I watched, she was a good actor and important member of the cast, glad she lived to a good old age.
  18. Happy 65th to you Jeff when it arrives sir, hope we both get our new Airfix 1/24 spits soon, for its price I think its a steal. Like you I also, through pocket money or other child means owned the early Airfix 1/24 Super kits, Spitfire, 109, Mustang, Harrier and so on and inc the Stuka, Hurricane and 190, all excellent fun builds, Airfix went into limbo around then and so did I ... my life really took off, but Airfix bounced back with the 1/24 Mosquito, Typhoon and Hellcat and I missed all three :{ So glad they are back again with this brand new state of the art Spitfire kit, it will bring back flash memory's of my early childhood Airfix 1/24 MK1 spitfire kit again I'm sure, but with much more detail too. Really looking fwd to its release.
  19. And in actual fact, just ordered or pre-ordered the Spit from E Models UK and the new 1/48 Bucc while I was at it. most expensive scale model purchase I've done in ages, but both new tooled Airfix kits, proud to be British just now, dont cha know You could pay near £150 for a new Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire, easy ... I reckon I have a steal here :) May take time for order to be fulfilled RE The Spitfire, but happy to wait. Thats my Christmas presents to my self sorted early.
  20. I just came on to ask exact same question, where is it already :) Saw a god pre-order, tempted to push buttons
  21. Glad to see new people interested, also and I honestly think Scale Model building and Flight Simulation go hand in hand, deffo think that way myself, often been in the situation buying a new Aircraft kit, or even seeing a Film ... Flight of the Intruder springs to mind (More of that in a bit) the two hobbys do overlap, no doubt about it. Looks like we have a glut of great new stuff coming down the pipe in Flight Simulation quite soon. Early X=Plane 12 is out now, some exciting new updates for FS2020 are around the corner, already mentioned IL2 Great Battles with Normandy module now full release and also multiple and I mean multiple DCS projects announced, number one for me being DCS Douglas’ A-1 Skyraider and I sincerely hope we get suitable era Korea and Vietnam maps too ... AI A-6 Intruder is being worked on, but I want a study level one that is flyable in DCS sometime soon and be able to go Down Town with it in all sorts of weather and doing dangerous carrier return traps, would want it as realistic as possible please ... we'll just have to see what the sim reality pans out like, but the future is promising. One Site I follow for FS news, more a Blog really ... but well respected one is this guys one, Stormbirds ... I use this for most of my FS update news ... https://stormbirds.blog/ Something for everyone really and that really is encouraging in these hard and crazy times.
  22. Battle of Normandy is the only one of the IL2 Great Battles Aircraft series I don't own so far and never bought early access, (not really interested in the tank one) I did have to do a big download earlier to accommodate fixes across the board that apparently includes Flying Circus 1 and 2 that is the genre I prefer if I'm honest ... and If I continue to be honest ... still needs a lot of TLC and promises made upheld to make it any where near successful as ROF was IMHO, hope so ... No RoF was not a perfect WW1 Flight Simulator either, but its still superior in many ways to Flying Circus already released Vols 1 and 2 as they stand just now at time of posting. With more WW1 Flying Circus volumes announced, hopefully they can look at this again more seriously now Normandy is final. The series still needs lots of promised of work in lots of areas, most folk bought these to support the bigger picture WW2 Il2 Great Battles series, LOL I bought the WW2 Il2 Great Battles series apart from Normandy in the vain hope that my and our funding would see some apportioned to the WW1 Flying Circus Great Battles series. Sorry folks, went off on a tangent there, but feel strongly they should be keeping their promises for WW1 Flying Circus series improvements, careers, maps and lots more bad bugs and I am sure they will before they go off announcing another WW2 new project ... but if they do ... so hope its the Pacific, that would be awesome So with that in mind and even though I'm making cut backs in all Hobby area's just now for obvious reasons, will go buy IL2 Great Battles Normandy final release, budget edition, just now while its still at early access price for a little bit, only difference between budget and premium is two aircraft I'd not fly but could be added later, keen to see this new Normandy map too that encompasses a lot of South England ... apparently.
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