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  1. City to City was a brilliant album, and as a double whammy, from same LP I think this song is even better ... RIP Gerry.
  2. This arrived recently from BlackMike Models, stunning looking aircraft in this scheme, always fancied a Mig 23 in 1/48, arrived fast too and well packed, Thanks Duncan, just hope I can do it justice in this scheme ... others are provided in box.
  3. Depends how old my part builds are, had a de clutter recently and threw a good few in the bin ... of course the next day after bins were emptied and regretted chucking a half built Hasegawa 1/48 two seater ... still not that bad an F-16 kit and rare as hens teeth now apparently!
  4. Hi Duncan, will you be stocking forthcoming Tamiya 1/48 Phantom when its released? Thanks.
  5. I'd imagine it could be noticeable, it all lies in the eye of the beholder though, if you are building for yourself and don't mind (I'm not fussy myself) then all good and well, if you intend to display to other enthusiasts or display at shows its probably going to get noticed ... but most of my home visiting friends (when not in lockdown) are non modellers and I can almost guarantee they would not notice if I chose to do that ... and I wouldn't be telling them either When I did Art at school, was thought perspective and how to paint or draw that way, everything seems smaller at distance
  6. Yup, best advise as recommended here, if in doubt, never click email links where it concerns money or bank details, even if they look legit, look on actual account it concerns if you have one! or call them via regular numbers you know, not numbers provided in emails ... hate these scammers with a passion, really feel for the elderly and vulnerable they catch Thanks all, your the best
  7. Thanks Pete, it dawned on me, check my actual Ebay for messages, so the upcoming change is legit, but the email I got, not sure about, wont use its link ... thanks all. We need to be ever more vigilant, there are some clever scams out there, doesn't hurt to ask I suppose. Cheers.
  8. It came from ... ebay@reply2.ebay.co.uk legit or not? EDIT: OK looking in my Ebay account and messages, seems it is legit, but wont be using that link just in case it is a phissing scam trying to cash in on a legit change, they can hide scams behind genuine looking emails now apparently? Did not mean to fear monger or anything, was/is a genuine concern, since it says change details by 31st May on my actual Ebay account message center, will leave it until nearer then to let some dust settle, first I've heard of it though and I do use Ebay to buy and sell frequently ... shrugs?
  9. Yes, thats what made me smell a rat, that and not remembering an original change email from Ebay ... I think I'll call them
  10. Thought I would ask here as a lot of us use Ebay for our modelling passion, buying or selling. Have an email here that asks me by URGENT REMINDER to update my details (that provides a hyperlink I've not clicked yet) by May 31, it basically says that payments will be going straight to my bank account and not Paypal as has been the case for many a year. This is setting alarm bells off in my head, we're all told not to share bank details online, but that's what this email that looks legit from Ebay seems to be asking? It says its an URGENT REMINDER (that also sets alarm bells going
  11. I hope its Tamiya, unusual for them to release two new tooled 1/48 kits in same year perhaps though? but if they dooo ... wooo hooo I'll have tooo
  12. DCS Hind PC Flight Sim module coming soon too, talk about perfect timing, always wanted a Hind scale model but Trumpeter 1/35 was not for me.
  13. Maybe one day it will see a release, some how? We can only live in hope.
  14. I got stung by the seller of these, one of many - many people that have been stung, deposit was taken, and a promise of fulfilment, no answers to email any-more, site is down last time I looked, shame, it seemed like a good product for flight and driving sims.
  15. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/5607490/smart-meters-can-switch-off-your-electricity-supply Have a look at British Gas T&Cs for smart meters. They explain in detail how then can remotely disconnect your supply. I guess all the other suppliers will be the same. I can't think of a single benefit for smart meters, but I can think of several disadvantages. I won't be getting one, and I'd advise everyone else to take the same stance. I understand we are all good energy paying people, but sometimes, even the best of us can hit hard hard times, smart meters will have no
  16. And as I guessed, now that BG have found out I am switching from BG to Octopus Energy ... faster than the speed of light, BG want to talk to me now ... took me 2.5 hrs and more to get no answer last week, calling to their overseas call centre I mentioned at start of thread, they want to call me if I let them, any-time and then another text to offer discounts to keep me ... had enough of BG though, 5 or 6 years was enough ... a rolling stone gathers no moss Heard good things about Octopus. Airgunner mate, understand your anxiety with smart meters, since you have one installed you wil
  17. Wow, it looks Phantastic (sorry I couldn't resist) want two of these, easily now, pity he never showed the inside of the intakes, sure they are fine though and no injection marks ... bet they fit immaculately well too. It just looks amazing, doesn't it, few of us were discussing the missiles earlier in the thread, but even if you don't use them, the detail in the missile bays are still there, that's a first I'm sure in 1/48. This kit looks far more detailed than my Tamiya 1/32 Phantom OOB, not joking. It looks awesome, cant wait, its been a trial in these dark times, this kit wi
  18. Met Steve Vai once where he was with Whitesnake and after a show in Edinburgh late 80's. Amazing guy, his first acting part I think, he just looked the part and was there and someone cast him, Ry Cooder did the boys licks, wow this is great fun still
  19. As an update, switched to Octopus Energy here in last hour, start date 8th April, they will deal with BG and I'll need to provide swap over meter reads I guess, have chosen monthly Direct Debit this time, probably the best way, but will still call in monthly meter reads too so that estimates don't accumulate and especially in wintertime, pretty sure I wont use their average in my small pad and will be in credit in coming warmer months especially, but like the no hassle easy going way of Octopus Energy and no lock in fee's. Avoiding Smart meter install for now, don't trust em, the non c
  20. Thanks, this should be in next issue of Tamiya magazine then I hope, this is one of the few modelling magazines I still buy on occasions so will look our for this.
  21. Its sad but true, occasionally I still get scam calls from overseas accents, either block them that is only a temporary measure, because they just usually find new numbers to pester you, or if I'm in the mood and have time, play along with them and waste their time only to surprise them that I know what they are doing ... they go crazy bat mad I have wasted their time in that accent, even though I was the potential victim! Not being racist, but we all know where these calls come from, this guy who reverse engineered a scam call centre abroad and even hacked their video is my hero ... LOL
  22. Nice one Mick, looking forward to UK Cinemas opening again and seeing Top Gun 2 and new Bond flick and eating some popcorn too, guess these flicks wont get shown until all Cinemas globally can show them at same time too though? Enjoy your cinema visit, envy you
  23. Dave, more knowledgeable folk than me here for UK energy stuff will chime in for you I'm sure, no worry about hijacking thread, this concerns a lot of us mate, if you cant get through to SSE by phone or online about your smart meter, take it to the next level, seems a lot of the energy company's first resort to Covid was to slash customer support and they cant keep up with limited work at home staff and online staff to deal with problems ... perhaps try one last email saying sort it or its OFGEM, that can scare some of them into action because they can be fined ... difficult times in Covid tho
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