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  1. Oldie goodie song here, its one of my all time favourites. Killer just absolute killer guitar solo too
  2. Very good cover of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters here
  3. Magic stuff, very underrated musician.
  4. Thanks mate, but its not the same model, its a different model, my one has different wood, especially in neck area, this is spec and link of mine. I know they look similar Roasted Player Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde Roasted Maple Neck/Fingerboard with Custom Shop Pickups and link I bought from is ... https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/200824361412025--fender-guitarguitar-exclusive-roasted-player-telecaster-butter Thanks again, but here is an explanation of the extras on my Tele, is it worth the extra cost over a more basic one? who knows, time will tell, but am happy with this purchase, thanks.
  5. No scale model this time folks, sorry, my stash is full to the brim like most of us here but still awaiting some new releases Its another new Guitar, posted last time here my dilemma before about an EVH or a Tele, went for the EVH and love it, saved up my pennys again though and now have a very nice Fender Telecaster to add to my Guitar collection ... where does it end? Its probably not the apex of Fender Telecasters, see them go for £3 grand or more, this one cost me just over £800, but for my budget, am in the Tele club now. Still not plugged it in, but tuned it up and even without peeling off the pick up and elsewhere cellophane protection, can feel and hear that distinctive Tele sound already. Colour was my choice from the start and years of wanting one, it had to be Butterscotch for me ... I'm chuffed to bits already with this guitar
  6. Messed up my Whitesnake Foreigner Europe post by not posting Ytube links that actually worked, had set them to totally private, sorted now, please have another look, it was a very, very good show indeed Need to scroll up to see my original post and working videos I guess
  7. Made it to Glasgow on Thursday 12 05 22 OVO Hydro, almost never happened for lots of reasons LOL but got there in the end, this was for Whitesnake Foreigner Europe triple bill, even this was long postponed because of Covid and is yet another of my post Covid (I hope)_ catch up shows. What can I say? its a stunning line up, isn't it? Had seen Whitesnake several times over the years, but never Europe or Foreigner. I do think David's voice is not quite all it was and between you and me, his body language suggests other health issues too, He looks good in this song, but also, this was only the second night of the tour, first was in Dublin ,,, at the end of the day and in the Still Of the Night, he's 70 + and I cut him tremendous amounts of slack, hope the planned tour goes on as planned and all the fans get to see him one last time ... it is Whitesnakes final tour. Sorry if i sounded a wee bit negative there, just genuine fan concern is all. Anyway, on with the post, it really was a very good triple show, posting a vid from Glasgow from each band, please enjoy ... oh and please watch out for the Foreigner clip, about half way through when singer asks for the candles to be turned on and the Glasgow crowd start singing ... magical stuff Be Safe, Be Happy...& Don't Let Anyone Make You Afraid... Sorry, had put links up as totaly private first time, all should be able to see now ... learning as i go along LOL
  8. Saw thin Lizzy Live, 1984 ... Inverness ice Ring I think? Twas Scott Gorham on guitar and Snowy White dual guitar era, it was a great show. Next week, off to see Whitesnake with Foreigner and Europe ( The Final Count Down) about 4 days away really, very excited indeed will post pics and vid after the show.
  9. Ahh yes, and thanks, not wishing to detract from this topic, but I think I'll wait until the Academy kit is out and compare, am in no hurry, used to own the Tamiya one but its one of their really early kits, not representative of what they can do these days IMHO.
  10. Currently listening to Whitesnake and Foreigner again and that's purely because I'm going down to see them both live in 11 days at Glasgow Hydro ... woo hoo, Europe will be there too, so a pretty good triple bill. Its Whitesnake's final tour, just had to be there, will post some pics and a vid after that show. But that's not the reason for this post, but it is kinda related, this is a stunning new video from Guitar maestro Steve Vai. Steve Vai as some of you will know used to play for Whitesnake and I saw him do that a couple of times, also seen him live solo once too, if I get the chance to see him live again I'm going to jump at it. Considering how long he has been playing, this is amazing (so is the guitar LOL) he is still very innovative and inventive, incredible really this far into his career ... enjoy
  11. If they did a B I might be interested, look fwd to reviews of this kit though. Trumpeter can be a bit hit or miss and I cant imagine them (or anyone really) getting near one to measure it up ... and indeed none of us can get near one to verify, its going to have to be a case of ... if it looks rights its near enough None the less, its a welcome addition for 1/32 scale modellers I'm sure.
  12. I have the 1/1 scale Halycon vinyl Alien Facehugger kit, always meant to get the other Alien kits in this series from Halycon.
  13. I meant to add, right after posting this I did get one (Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito) on Ebay for £156 delivered from Japan, realise I'll probably get stung by customs, nothing seems to slip through that net any-more the way it used to, ah well, lesson learned, be careful what you sell or trade Think I'll try for a Tamiya 1/32 F-16 Thunderbirds from Japan now, seen them available there recently, its really odd they are not for sale in UK any-more ?? Thanks to those who wished me luck in getting my Mosquito again
  14. Isn't there an all new tool A-10 by some one else due a release soon? I need a good 1/48 A-10.
  15. Heh, with movies like this I just wear my blockbuster "popcorn and large coke" head and forget about aviation realism As Scale Modellers we strive for ultra realism and can be quite un-forgiving, same with Flight Simmer enthusiasts too, both groups can be quite hard to please at the movies, LOL. If its as good as all the previews of the early screening says, it will be a fun ride all the same though, kinda looking fwd to it now
  16. Should be worth a watch, was a bit indifferent about original film, but know its a cult classic, we do not get many films of this genre so will definitely go to support my local cinema on the 25th May and if its as good as they say will buy the Blu Ray when it comes out. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/top-gun-maverick-release-date-tom-cruise-b2068196.html
  17. Good topic, very good topic indeed that has bought forward some interesting answers. A more modern kit, but for all intents and purposes is out of production, as rare as hens teeth to find new in UK or second-hand is Tamiya's 1/32 F-16 Thunderbird, these are much sought after ... mostly a 1/48 builder here (hence my forum name) but do try to make space for Tamiya's de luxe 1/32 Aircraft series and like to have at least one of each in the stash, hey my Tamiya 1/32 F-15 Strike Eagle is almost 80% finished, really need to get this one finished soon, its looking good if I say so myself, another 2 weeks work would do it. The other most desirable one on my want list is just another Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito, actually owned one already when they were released and paid top dollar/pound £125 ish, maybe less? cant remember But, they sell for much more now, sometimes well over £200, also seem to be harder to find now too, sold one on here last year in buy and sell for £140 I think ... thought I'd made a profit in my stash thinning exercise, bit wow, wish I'd held on to it now? We all make bad decisions in life and selling my Mosquito was one of mine I honestly think this kit in particular is going to be harder to find in future, it probably was not as successful as Tamiya hoped it would be sales wise, hence no glass nose version too ... just my theory, honestly I dont know? I think I'll go bite the bullet and see if I can find a new one to buy right now ... wish me luck
  18. Heh, remember the first time I first saw another Galaxy, and that was with my own eyes, just a smudge, was camping out in the wilderness, perfect night, Biker stuff and we we were all gobsmacked with the unspoilt sky and zero light pollution I'd mentioned i could see something smudgy, it was Andromeda galaxy apparently a friend said to me and we knew he was semi keen on the star stuff and would have been right ... oh to be young and have keen eyesight and everything like that again Really keen on the Celestron NexStar 8SE, big bucks for me, am 62 now, so can justify it ... Oh I dunno LOL Pretty good pro and con review here, sort of a follow on years later review ... I do have patience for this ... but ...
  19. Bit of a different topic I suppose, but we do come from all walks of life us Scale Modellers, don't we Actually bought some tickets to go see Professor Brian Cox's show in Glasgow in October, its a rearranged from covid last year one and surprisingly its nearly sold out already, have enjoyed his TV shows, he's a good presenter and love him or hate him, he knows what he is talking about. Loved Carl Sagan's original Cosmos series, my Late dad got me into that, would listen and watch with him, but was too young to really grasp the whole concept Carl was trying to explain, the Cosmic calender especially, but I can now and oh wow. I think Brian Cox is a sort of modern Carl Sagan, both are and were well respected and good presenters, its a show I'm looking fwd to very much, going to see this one with two friends later this year and really looking fwd to it, just wondered what you all thought of such stuff? Other question and this is more aimed at back garden suburban astronomers who own good telescopes, my finger really is on the trigger for a new Telescope here, have owned a couple in my life and I really describe myself as a lazy astronomer, know where most landmarks in the night sky are ETC, but looking for a more powerful light gathering tube this time 8" and a Go to one as well, fully realise Astronomy is a patience needing hobby, waiting for clear skys, being fully awake and late at night time alertness ETC, it takes some dedication, fully aware of all that Last scope was 6" One I'm really looking to buy is a Celestron NexStar 8SE, have read reviews, heavy on its Go To battery's, very heavy apparently but there are ways around that, but happy to wait a little in case any other keen astronomers here offer other advice, thanks. This is Scope I'm close to buying. https://www.celestron.com/products/nexstar-8se-computerized-telescope
  20. Looking good so far, still a lot of work to be done but keeping my eye on this for sure.
  21. Was down in Glasgow on Wednesday 13th, meeting a new lady friend I'd know online for a while, she's nice and i like her, so fingers crossed Good first date though, we're both of similar music persuasions and show we went to see was awesome. I hope it works out, we'll see Ghost @ Glasgow Hydro 13 04 22
  22. Hi Arthur, love your NSR, from Scotland too, east of Inverness, this a good modelling site, welcome.
  23. Off to see the Rock band Ghost, Next week Glasgow Hydro 13 04 22, my first show in a long time really. Not first time I've seen them though, first was supporting Metallica 2019 London Twickenham and then I saw how good they were, then took the opportunity to go see them late in 2019 doing their own tour, it was awesome. And then 2 + years of covid happened as we all know and lock downs too, but we are seeing a sort of return to normality again now, not gonna get political about it, but yeah its good to be going out again and seeing live shows. Ghost on Wednesday ... good seats at Glasgow with a girlfriend, what could be better Not gonna post any vids of band just now, but I will from my live show once I return home Thursday, got a new concert cam for this show and future years shows, hope it all works out OK. What I will post is this short clip of James Hetfield from Metallica who has helped this band from the beginning, his thoughts on them are mine too, basically.
  24. Just thought I'd chime in with what I've bought to replace my broken Sony concert cam ... I called it Its a new Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II and I know there is a Mark III now, but both were expensive and for a week or so juggled my expenditure. Compared for weeks but nobody does seem to do cam reviews that are allowed into UK Concert halls. So I've settled with the Canon, got a big live Rock show in Glasgow on Wednesday to see Ghost, love this band, gave it a test at home, its easier to use in dark than the Sony to find the important buttons, the screen is more articulate too, no viewfinder, but never used mine on the Sony. One thing the Sony had was good Concert cam audio and sound when played back at home, way better than even my Samsung G20 + and its not bad compared to my older phones. Hope this Canon purchase fulfils my years Concert recordings, honestly got a lot of shows going on this year. My Sony Camera, dropped it like 10 feet at least from a small balcony area, it was rescued but is immobile with lens stuck out, even changing battery's, its severely broke and written off and my fault. I'm taking that on the chin
  25. One 48

    RIP Dot Cotton

    I know its not her real name, its June Brown. so RIP June Brown. She reminded me of a real chain smoking Auntie I had who just looked and behaved like her. Never did follow EE much, back in the old days a little bit perhaps, but her character I do remember, Her and her rotten son Nick Cotton, LOL, remember coming home to Mum and Dads after a ride on my bike in my teens, and family were were all glued to the telly and East Enders and I stood watching to see what all the fuss was about? Nick Cotton said to Dot Cotton, shut your mouth Ma and gimme a fiver, so next day I said to my mum, shut your mouth Mum and gimme a Fiver ... you can guess what happened my ears still sore yet ! Silly things we remember eh She lived to a grand old age though, RIP.
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