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  1. If the chassis / floorpan is assembled into the body as per the instructions, that is at the rubber bumper ride height. For the lower chrome bumper ride height, the floorpan can be squeezed into place so that it clips higher up inside the body. It fits so well, that it seems deliberate, but there is no mention in the instructions of the releases that I have.
  2. They aren't all out on the workbench at once - whilst at least six are very nearly finished, probably the same number again are over half way through, but most have been temporarily put to one side or back in their boxes for various reasons. I find that working on more than one at a time means that, for example, if paint or glue is drying on one kit, I can still work on another, but it got a bit out of control! I'm only actively working on three right now, and the list is there to remind me not to start any other kits until I go back and complete (most of...) these ones!
  3. I've found that a sharpie can work really well for doing crisp edges (e.g. for the screenprint on the edge of windscreens etc on models of modern cars), but wonder if that might work here too? The techique I used was to outline with the sharpie, and then infill with paint.
  4. It really does look the part though - with kits like this, I've often thought that just the rolling chassis would be a very interesting display piece. In the meantime I guess I'll just have to settle for my Heller 1:24 6C1750.
  5. There most certainly is, especially when they are built up as nicely as this! Lovely work, and it's a great pity that this series haven't been reissued recently, as it would be fantastic to see more of them.
  6. And very well deserved! All the different materials and finishes look absolutely spot on - the wood parts in particular are especially realistic!
  7. That front suspension detail looks lovely - did you improve / modify it, or is it straight from the box?
  8. Very cool - especially liking the rebody, and looking forward to reading more on this!
  9. That's truly awesome! A great pity that the Starbug kit in particular isn't still available.
  10. Quite possibly for me too. If I do give in to temptation, I just need to keep it fiscally neutral so that I don't incur the wrath of Mrs H. I have more than enough unbuilt kits already and no idea where I would put it, but... As others have said, it will be very interesting to hear what other potential variants may be on the way - I don't know enough about Spitfires to comment on which variants could or could not be accuratly tooled from this basis, however it can only make excellent business sense for Airfix to accomodate that into their tooling design.
  11. That new tool MR2 looks very interesting - based on how the body is moulded, is there full engine detail? Good to see what looks like proper door card detail for the interior too, unlike their recent BMW 2002. Must resist - am supposed to be selling off models as I've far, far too many than I can ever build...
  12. Some of Monogram's vintage and classic car kits (e.g. the Cord 812, Deusenberg & Packard) are still very decent kits, despite being from the early '60s. The Mercedes 540K cabrio from that series was rereleased by Revell AG about ten years ago, but the rest have sadly not been seen for a long time. A pity, as that 'Museum Pieces' series are well detailed (must have been amazing when initially released!) and go together nicely. If Revell no longer has the tooling for the others, hopefully they were part of the batch that was sold to Atlantis, who are slowly working through and re-releasing lots of old Revell & Monogram kits.
  13. A few of their other figure sets are ideal for 'Allo 'Allo too - the French civilians set has an excellent policeman Officer Crabtree, and the tram crew & passsngers set has a decent Michelle of the Resistance. The 1:24 stuff is indeed great to see - I had noticed those '30s tractors previously when 1:35, but now they are available in 1:24, I may not be able to resist as it will go much better with my Heller Fergie. It will be very interesting to see what else they upscale to 1:24...
  14. Agreed - based on the teaser, I'm really hoping that it is indeed the '70s era Ark!!!! Even if (the now obselete scale of) 1:600 - but 1:350 would be much better like their other recent RN ships (a matching 1:350 Leander would be fantastic too but not holding my breath).
  15. Two Porsche 911 convertibles. One was a 1990(ish) 964, but the other was an '80s slant nose Turbo! Both were parked on the forecourt of a garage nextdoor to where I went this morning to get a pair of new tyres for Mrs H's car. However, seeing them with the hoods up also confirmed that the unused glazing part on the new Revell 911 Targa kit is indeed the rear window for a planned future convertible version.
  16. Paul H

    Airfix in Autocar

    Probably just their usual Chrismas special. Around this time of year, Autocar's main 'road test' is often something non-car related. One year, it was the RNLI's latest vessel, and I'm pretty sure that another time they reviewed a steam locomotive.
  17. I'm guessing that the rally kit is just the chrome bumper one with the additional rally bits, rather than missing anything that's usually in the chrome bumper kit? I'm still debating whether it's worth getting the rally one just for that clear sprue. I have no interest in building a rally car, but want a hardtop to complete the weather equipment options!
  18. Do you have a link to any of those? All the Austin ads / catalogue pages that I can find call it a 'Sports Model' and the only 7s described as two seater tourers are a completely different version, which is much more in line with the usage of that term at that time. (Apologies for being a bit autistic - Austin's use of the description tourer in this context is really bugging me!) For some reason, I thought that the Chummy kit was 1:24. I've several of their 1:43 Riley kits (one will be an Imp, another an MPH) & also several other prebuilt 1:43 Riley models but I really want some in 1:24. As and when I have time to CAD model some, I might have to make use of the 3D printer at work...
  19. Didn't realise about the mirroring - seems odd, unless required to make everything fit for LHD? Were the Ulster Reps actually listed under that description by Austin or just called that by the press at the time? It's a very strange use of the description tourer for that bodystyle - although not as bad as the current usage by some car companies... Isn't the SE Finecast one a Chummy? I must admit that would be tempting, as that's the only version of A7 that I've driven - on the banking at Brooklands... Now if only there was also a Riley 9 too.
  20. If stockpiling Aoshima MGBs, IMHO the one to get is the rubber bumper kit, as it has all the parts for the chrome bumper one, but also comes with Rostyle wheels (only the new release - not the older ones), and also the full range of weather equipment options (can't remember off the top of my head, but think it's the half tonneau cover part that is on the same sprue as the rubber bumpers). The C1 GT transkit that I bought a while back is probably going to be a V8 - I already have a roadster that is light blue and I suspect that one of the several others will be a rubber bumper roadster (I have quite a few of the Airfix boxings that I bought cheaply as they make excellent donors for AirTrax's Volvo kits.
  21. Depending on how much scratch building you are prepared to do, have you seen the Heller 1:24 BMW Dixi kit? I've often thought that it would be a good basis for converting back to its origins: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-700-bmw-dixi--994897 I have one somewhere in my stash, so could send some pics of the parts if that's of interest? (Btw, that's the first time I've seen an A7 Ulster described as a tourer!!)
  22. Whatever the origins of the model in the pic, it's neither the Heller or Revell 1:24 kits (the only other FHCs in that scale worth considering - the Monogram, ex Aurora monstrosity (1:25?) is simply not worth looking at). The visible details do not match (e.g. wipers, correct top edge to screen), and the most intriguing part is shown in the teaser pic rather than the video, which is that there appears to be a horizontal seam part way down the sill - other E Type kits have had the seam at the same level as the bottom edge of the door shut (e.g. Heller & Gunze 1:24) or not at all (Revell 1:24). The only other plastic FHC kits have been in 1:43 (AMT), 1:48 (Renwal),1:20 (Eidai),1:16 (Frog), 1:8 (both Revellogram & Bandai), although most have been reboxed by others. As far as I can find out, there hasn't been a 1:32 FHC, so if in that scale (which seems most likely given it's Airfix), then this looks like a new tooling. However, as others have said though, it does seem strange that we haven't had CAD etc teasers first... Perhaps given the subject matter, Airfix's view may be that it will be a guaranteed big seller, and so doesn't need the usual pre-launch hype?
  23. Yes, it's an E Type S1 FHC. Seems an odd choice given Revell's very recent release, but I suspect it will be 1:32 rather than 1:24, as that seems to be Airfix's preferred car scale, and also based on various details visible in the teaser pic and video, it looks like a new tool rather than a reboxing of Heller's one.
  24. Probably Riley - at least, the pre-badge engineered twin cam hemi engined ones... The 12/4, especially the Sprite series ones, are still capable of keeping up with modern traffic, which isn't bad for a 1930s 1500cc car. I'll have mine in Lynx and also Kestrel flavours. Old Volvos too - needs to be rwd only though, as the fwd ones have a poor turning circle but I will make a notable exception for the 850 T5 & T5R estates. I currently have a '67 Amazon estate which was my everyday car from 2002 until 5 years ago, and put nearly 100k miles on it - it was already on over 200k when I got it. It has the best heater of any car I have ever travelled in. A 1950s design, but drives a lot better than many '70s cars, due to the suspension (coils all round, double wishbones up front & five link at the rear). Capable of cruising above the top speed of my current 20 year old Peugeot commuting heap (but uses twice as much fuel as the Pug, which is part of the reason it is off the road). Due to the split tailgate arrangements, and very high payload for a passenger car, it is also an extremely useful and practical workhorse. It had been my father's for the previous eight years (bought purely as cheap wheels) before handed on to me, and about ten years ago, he wanted to get another as a station car due to being fed up with the behaviour of several modern cars, but by that stage, decent ones had become more money than he wanted to spend. Comfortable, capable, reliable & dependable, and on the few occasions when it misbehaved, easy to fix. I never intend to sell it. Very few if any modern cars appeal, due amongst other things to the overcomplexity and lack of proper feedback through the controls of all the ones I have driven and those which are fun to drive require a race track / private road for them to be enjoyed.
  25. Italeri haven't stopped tooling up new kits... I can't comment on their other areas, but these are recent new tool 1:12 cars that they have done: Lancia Delta Integrale currently on it's way to release. Alfa 8C 2300 Monza - new in 2019 (a roadster version followed shortly afterwards) Fiat 500 in 2017 & the Abarth 695SS derivative in 2018. Details here (dates above are from scalemates): https://www.italeri.com/en/category/8/61
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