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  1. starting a diorama base for it and a eurofighter
  2. Thanks Yeah i think I will add a few ropes here and there I did try a few. One of the logs at the front I added some spare or buckles. I bought some thread so will go about trying it. It Have tested the travel of the gun and seems to be free to.move.. will have another play with it
  3. yup. Spent so long learning lots of new things as I went along. Never want it easy!
  4. Ok still kind of new to modelling having only made 2 planes! I started this a few years ago then took a big break from new hobby. Recently got back into it and finished this! First attempt at weathering. Maybe a bit too far. Have a diorama base I bought for it so will work on that now as well as my eurofighter Hope you like it!!
  5. The external PE looks good but out of stock everywhere. I have found an image of the fret with the intake covers. Might try tracing the shape and cut from plastic..
  6. Hi I don't have any spare parts laying around. Bought the internal PE set and will have a looa t external. Didn't want to spend too much. Might have a go at scratch building some covers..
  7. Actually these dont look too bad.. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/2010-06-11_Eurofighter_Luftwaffe_31+16_EDDB_02.jpg
  8. eeek had a look at what resin parts are like. I don't think I'll know what to do to make them. prob not hard for someone expereinced..
  9. I'll prob just make as is. I'm not that experienced/ I think I get carried away with what I want to do!
  10. About to start the Revell 1/48 single seat Bronze Tiger Eurofighter. I have been reading about the intakes and they are meant to be nightmares. Is it work buying the Heritage resin intakes. Seen them for £14 online (plus £6 postage!!!) or just go ahead with the current ones. I've also read opening up the vent in the side and using a straw to make the pipe. How much do I open it up? One last thing! I bought a scriber as ther eneeds to be a panel on the side. Does anyone have a diagram of this or shall I just look at photos cheers Adrian
  11. This is what this is. Got it for £20 at last years International Air Tattoo. Will make the other one silver I think but I have others to try first. At least I know what mistakes to correct. I will put the lower wing son the plane before upper wings. Made a mess underneath..
  12. just have a M5A1 tank to finish now. both started similar times. both taking ages! NEVER built a tank before either
  13. Didn't add enough nose weight so was tail sitting. Lucky i missed the rear wheel bay wall so could jam some blutac in there.. This dual pack doesn't have the metal weight old ones did..
  14. Eduard P-39. My second model aircraft Took ages to finish. learnt new things, made many many mistakes, tried to weather a bit, matte varnish (Mig Ammo) stains but I think I'm happy http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v37/adsalamon/20160611_114617_zps8wy0puhb.jpg
  15. ha yeah i noticed i made a mistake!
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