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  1. Stevie D

    Oh the joy!

    Just found the flight sim page, oh the joy. Scouring all the info. Put in the patch mentioned for IL2 Cliffs of Dover from team fusion.
  2. Yes I did find the 10 worst of interesting, I didn't realise so many air crew died in accidents!
  3. Thanks, I didn't know that.
  4. Anyone been to this site before? Hushkit.net, if so just wondering what you think?
  5. Nice bit on interest thanks. Did they have the squadron markings wrong I thought I saw one letter then the roundel then 2 letters! I thought it should be 2 roundel 1.
  6. I agree, gives a more personal element to the few!
  7. Hi all, Iv'e just watched Angels One Five, for about the 10th time, it has some great footage of Battle of Britain era Hurricane's. Many close ups at dispersal takeoff and landing, also many WWII era aircraft recognition posters in the back ground in the dispersal huts. A really great film in my mind for the time. Hope you look it up and enjoy. Steve.
  8. I was travelling from Spain with my family about 7 or 8 years ago, I saw a guy in the departure lounge with a plexi glass canopy by his feet, I just went up to him and said Hurricane? he said yes, I can't remember the conversation but he was restoring a Hurricane and had just picked it up to take back to the UK. Strange interesting but true! My daughter asked how I new, considering my aviation interest and all the air shows we had been to how could I miss it. Made my day.
  9. How do I post a message in for sale forum to say PM sent?
  10. Hi Chris welcome M8, are you a blues fan? I listed to Houston blues radio all the time great music.
  11. Hi, Iv'e read this thread its a bit out of date, I can't get hold of Revell customer service. My airbrush just died on me. Any offers on best way to contact them. I have filled in an online form at Revell service /de But as yet no reply so I don't even know if the have received my email, their customer service seems a little flakey its like the don,t want you to contact them. I got my brush from wonderland models, thats what they told me to do!
  12. Once Iv'e worked out where on my computer Iv'e put the pics then I'll post some stuff!
  13. Please can site moderator let me know if I can contact them via PM thx Stevie D.
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