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  1. I haven't tried.... The real pain was the fact that, although I thought I had everything closed up well, there was a leakage, so the water trickled away very slowly... Hopefully it is closed now.
  2. Thanks. I am actually almost ready. Everything is in place, and the first water is poured. Due to the drying time, it will take some days before it is completed though.
  3. After a couple of months hard work, I can call this beautifull kit finished. Maybe somegroundworks will be added in the future, together with a pilot figure, but the plane is done. Allas, something went wrong, because of which the front part of the canopy has become claudy.Since there is nothing to be done about that, I have no choice as to leave it like this. I hope you like it nevertheles...
  4. After a sidestep both because I was waiting for some stuff from China, and because I had started another kit while doing so, I finally got back to this dio. Secretly I started on the base, using high density foam, Crycell Ice, the crystalls from China and something which I thought looks nice on the land side. This is what it looks like so far: The Renault FT as it will be in position. Things like snow, reeds, tree, etc are to follow: Once everything is in place, the tank will be fixed and the water will be poured:
  5. Yes I did read that... And I most certainly will continue and finish it. Just managing expectations.
  6. Since I don't, or hardly, build during the week (due to studies, besides my daytime job), I am not able to finish any of my entries
  7. Masking, masking and more masking... Yet, all this masking served one purpose only! Behold the Pony in it's base colours. While not 100% perfect, I am still rather satisfied....
  8. Today, I mated the fuselage to the wings. That wasn't as easy as I would have thought, since the outside shell makes it hard to get a positive connection. I actually had to do it twice, shaving off the connection pins. Looks ok to me now.
  9. While waiting for the replacement parts to arrive from Japan, I managed to make some progression on the Pony... The bottomside of the wings. Gear and doors will not be added till after both the wings and the fuselage have been mated.... The top side of the wings: the left side will be left open as it is now, while the right side will be closed as it is now. Only the loading hatches will be added. The right side of the fuselage. Once again, this side will be closed up, but I cannot go further tille the replacement parts will be received. The left side of the fuselage... Ths side will also be left opened up.
  10. Thank you very much for the kind reply.
  11. What whas actually the color of the navigation lights? Zoukei-Mura states red and blue, while I do not know better than red and green?
  12. Alclad Lacquer Thinner and cleaner. Marketed by MIG
  13. Yeah. Although people tell me it is a great product, and it might be so, I never will use again. BTW it is ALCLAD. The shipping of the new parts takes 2 weeks, from Japan...
  14. Thanks... I was rather wee weed off when this happened. It happened just before bed time, so I had a rather bad nights rest!!!! And another €25,- poorer...
  15. Well , this took quite an unexpected turn. I botched up a paint job and tried to strip the paint with cleaner of the same manufacturer. This ate away the plastic Later I learned that the cleaner contains acetone I'll have to order new parts from Zoukei-Mura. Not sure if I manage to complete this project in time, therefore!
  16. Whát a difference, these turned barrels...
  17. Thanks fellows. I generally prefer large scale models, exactly because the level of details that can be added /seen.
  18. I really can recommend this kit. It is wise, though, to do some research for colors and in some places for details. Also there are a couple of ejection marks in awkward places. Thank you for the compliments. Much appreciated...
  19. Cheers... I used only 1 decal on the dashboard the rest is hand painted.
  20. Thank you for the compliments. Much appreciated...
  21. Finished the cockpit (though I repainted the bulkhead (lime), tank and radio rack (black) in the meanwhile). I added extra details to the battery, tank and radio, to make the area look more interesting.
  22. Last week I recieved to goodies I ordered from my LHS: weighted wheels, brass .50 cal barrels and seatbelts: I managed to attach the belts, thoug I think I shorten them, now that I look at the picture. Plus some thouch up to the paint
  23. Thanks for your reply. I intent to use Vallejo's 71010 Interior Green Matt. A pity that the machine in question is a C variant while I am building a D version here Still, I see what I can use from it.
  24. Ah, that does explain something But then again, isn't Green Zinc Chromate the same as interrior green? Plus, every structural part is stated as being lime green. With this kit: surely possible
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