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  1. It is always a pleasure to see that people are enjoying my doings and I want to to thank you for your kind words... The head came with the figure so the credits go to the sculptor. I just turned it to the right...
  2. Many thanks... I am glad you like my handy work... Thank you so much.
  3. Cheers... I have plenty ideas (and mostly the corresponding kits/figures) for the commin year at least... So there will be more comming in the future
  4. @CadmanThank you very much for the compliments... The spilling water was actually a sort of last minute addition that jumped into my mind. It also provided me with the challenge how to represent this in a convincing way. And the answer was a small piece of fishing line, repeatedly being dipped in CA glue in a stroking way....
  5. While approaching the last stretch of my large Karl diorama, I really needed to do a small project to keep the mojo flowing. Hence I pulled out this MiniArt tractor kit, and together with the MK35 farmer which was gathering dust in the stash, I came to the following story... A famer, transporting two filled buckets of water suddenly sees this big, powerful and somewhat shiny tractor... His jaw drops open while he thinks:"If only I had one of those!!!" Hence the title: Wunschdenken. I found this small (30x24 cm) project very enjoyable and I tried some techniques which turned out out remar
  6. Of course I know you were joking... If I didn't, I probably would have reacted rather differently...
  7. I take that as a compliment I wish my Photoshop skills were that good... But I didn't alter the photos in any way...
  8. A milestone has been reached. All rolling stock/vehicles are finished now, and I am very content with the result.
  9. Thanks Pete, I am curently busy with the weathering of the diesel... Pinwash (black) has been applied an so is the oil dot filter (burned umber). Now waiting for the filter to dry and I can go loose with pigments.. I am affraid that after finishng the loc, the updates will not be as spectacular. Rails, figs, accessories and eventually the base will be next...
  10. Determining the length of the tracks needed and putting the train together for the first time. Nice looking set, me thinks… I actually need twice that length, but then parallel. I made a miscalculation though: with the Sabre models kit, there is a piece of rails too, which I hoped to include with this MiniArt track. Allas, that is not the case: besides the fact that the sleepers have slightly different dimensions, the spacing is so different, that is is impossible not to note this. So I have to order another box of MiniArt track Some news on the decal
  11. Thank you for the kind words... I made some minor additions: I added a lamp made from a bead and a small piece of evergreen round to each light. I had to drill out the rear lights for this, otherwise the glazing would not fit... Also added grab handles to the top, and nuts and bolts to the running gear...
  12. @Pete in Lincs Thank you so much for the compliments. I always am grateful when people appreciate what I do. It means that I am on the right track. As for the decals, these kits are in scale 1:35, which is closer to scale 1. Thank you for the offer, anyway.
  13. Well, the shunter is ready for markings. Only then I can start the weathering... The BIG issue is finding the correct markings. I dislike Peddinghaus decals, as I have very bad experiences with the quality of those. Very thick carrier film, that is impossible to hide, no matter how much varnish you throw at it... CMK had a similar loc with markings, and they are trying to get them for me (kit is OOP). Fingers crossed...
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