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  1. @Bullbasket Thank you so much... The past trail of building and painting 10 vehicles, with the 11th on the bench has been an interesting and educational journey...
  2. @vaoinas Thank you do much... The patchy paint job has been achieved mainly by the combination of a black primer and translucency of the used Vallejo Air paint. I sprayed only one layer of red, hence the way the black shimmers through...
  3. Well, another step to the completion of the diorama is taken… I can say, not without pride, that I finished the BR-86. It was an interesting journey, again with a couple of firsts. Like weathering black and red… I made minor changes/additions to the basic kit: the floor of the cabin was altered in that I made a metal place around the furnace, bordered by a strip, and scribed planking on the rest. I also created small hooks for the couplers to hook up to when not in use. And brackets for the air hoses (made from copper wire, instead of the plastic ones) when in rest. And there is no glazin
  4. Thank you so much for the compliments gentlemen! They are very much appreciated :)
  5. Thank you All those hours visiting railway museums and riding in (steam)trains seem not to have been in vain
  6. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your compliments...
  7. Aaaand finished. This is the last wagon for this project. Not one for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Very detailed but with some flaws that need corrected or worked around. I made the couplers articulate and left the airhoses off, to facilitate coupling with other wagons. Hope you like it and as always comments are welcome...
  8. Yet another wagon ready to receive (some more) paint. And because Thunder Model, in all their wisdom decided to include only one PE grate (and I prefer the grates over the slatted ones, which are included) I decided, after some wise advice) to make the grates myself from Evergreen. Looks a bit different, but not easy to make. Comments are always welcome.
  9. Thank you so much. I always appreciate all feedback, but compliments are my favorites As for the floor, that is actually quite easy.... I start with a base of black primer. Next a layer of Vallejo Panzer Aces old wood. This doesn't need to be covering very well. Next a wash of dilluted burnt umber oil paint. Then a splattering/streaking (whatever you think is suitable) of dilluted black oil paint. In this case I used a barrel to create some circles to suggest some leakage of a barrel. Last but not least a good session with European dust pigments to ma
  10. Today I finished my sample of said wagon. A very nice build indeed.... I only made the couplers to articulate so I can connect the wagon to others...
  11. One more down, 3 to go! The MiniArt gondola is done! As always, I left of the air hoses till I will couple the truck to the others. Actulally this waggon has no brakes, so no hoses are included. Yet in order to have it included in the train, provisions to pass through the air for the brakes of the other freight cars need to be present. I did no go so far as to add piping to the underside, as not of it will be visible anyway (wait, did Í say that??? ) . The cargo will be oildrums. 8 are included in the kit, together with the personell loading/unloading (who can tell the difference?) but t
  12. Karls’ driver is also done. This Gefreiter needed quite some adjustments to the lower parts to fit. Figure is from MiniArt. I must say that the facial detail is rather good for a plastic fig… The fig in the office. Taking some distance. Not bad, eh?
  13. Yeah I think Zvezda did a good job here. The level of detail reminds me of the older Tamiya figs, which is not bad for a company that I would have shunned years ago...
  14. After painting and adding one rather bored looking Soldat/ Fahrer (this came with the Zvezda kit), I declare this Mercedes L-4500 finished. Number 6. 4 more vehicles to go (I think)…
  15. It's been a while since I did an update. In this time I have not been idle, and I am proud to say that I've finished another kit for this dio: The Ammo panzer for the Mörser Karl (Pz. Kpfw IV Ausf. F Fahrgestell) is done. Minus tracks and head for the driver. My hopes for the tracks are Masterclub, as they announced the correct tracks with open guide horns to be released soon. For the head I have to order a set with a Schiffchen somewhere. As I have seen a picture of this vehicle with a tarp over the shell gripping device (for want of a better word), I figured it would be a nice change,
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