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  1. I thank thee for those kind words. I like the more obscure subjects...
  2. Cheers Bertie, I always try to include at least one story in my dioramas. And, if multiple stories are present, they must complement each other.
  3. Thank you very much for the kind words Stuart. I got advice from my uncle who used to be a teacher in building technology...
  4. What do you miss? An overview?
  5. Thank you very much Stef... The initial tank design philosophy of the French was rather awkward... Take a chassis (in this case a lengthened Holt tractor) , put a complete (!) fieldgun on it (minus the wheels) and buidl a casemate around id. This resulted in a very cumbersome tank, that had the tendency to bog itself down inmost craters or trenches. The Germans soon discovered this and widened their trenches on the French held part of the front enough to make it impossible for these tanks to cross them. Who needs anti tank devices with such a opponent! As for the camouflage, I really wonder what the thought was behind this,... It certainly breaks up the silouette, but it seems a bit overkill to me... Monet would have been jealous
  6. Not without pride, I announce another project finished. The diorama depicts a French St. Chaumont tank with part of the crew, resting next to a factory ruin, while a Belgian dog cart passes by. First I have to say that the roof of the factory is not to my satisfaction. But if I want to correct this, it will be rather destructive, so I leave it as is. Enjoy the pictures, and please watch the video for a nice surprise…
  7. It is always a pleasure to see that people are enjoying my doings and I want to to thank you for your kind words... The head came with the figure so the credits go to the sculptor. I just turned it to the right...
  8. Many thanks... I am glad you like my handy work... Thank you so much.
  9. Cheers... I have plenty ideas (and mostly the corresponding kits/figures) for the commin year at least... So there will be more comming in the future
  10. @CadmanThank you very much for the compliments... The spilling water was actually a sort of last minute addition that jumped into my mind. It also provided me with the challenge how to represent this in a convincing way. And the answer was a small piece of fishing line, repeatedly being dipped in CA glue in a stroking way....
  11. While approaching the last stretch of my large Karl diorama, I really needed to do a small project to keep the mojo flowing. Hence I pulled out this MiniArt tractor kit, and together with the MK35 farmer which was gathering dust in the stash, I came to the following story... A famer, transporting two filled buckets of water suddenly sees this big, powerful and somewhat shiny tractor... His jaw drops open while he thinks:"If only I had one of those!!!" Hence the title: Wunschdenken. I found this small (30x24 cm) project very enjoyable and I tried some techniques which turned out out remarkably well... Thanks for watching and enjoy the pictures...
  12. Of course I know you were joking... If I didn't, I probably would have reacted rather differently...
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