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  1. I've been busy with the painting of Karl... Making progress, but not worth posting (I think)... In the mean time, the construction of Sabre Models 0mmr flatcar wagon has reached new hights and can be considdered finished. Except for the air hoses,used for the braking system, of course. I will add these once the cars will be connected, probably from lead wire. The ones included are designed to hang limp, in which state they ar not really usefull. But so far, it is ready to receive paint.
  2. Thanks guys... I got many advices, some similar, some different... I have to sit and contemplate what is (for me) the best technique. The first thing to do, however, is to lay down some gloss varnish and apply decals, then seal them with matte varnish...
  3. Hi all, I recently sprayed my Mörser Karl in a 3 colour camouflage. Not bad for a very first attempt ever on spraying camo, I think. Up until now, I always painted single colour vehicles. After laying don a base colour on these, I misted a layer of a lighter colour on them (eg Gray or Blue Grey over a Dark Grey base) to give a forced high lights effect. Now for the 3 tone camo, this is not possible (soft edges). Does any one of you have an idea how to accomplish the wished effect?
  4. I understood that later. It was just the difference between quite and quiet that confused me a bit
  5. Many thanks for your encouraging words... Yeah, the original device was 11 meters long. The dio will be about 1,5 meters long.. Not sure how wide yet.
  6. The camouflage is on. Rather satisfied, considering the fact that I wasn't really looking forward to it. This was my first time ever in tackling camouflage... Now for the details and weathering. Comments welcome!
  7. All parts are in place, with a layer of brown primer and a base coat of dark yellow on. Waiting for the two camouflage colors. Actually not looking forward to this, as I have never done it before. .. In the meantime I started on the next kit: Sabre models 0mmr flatbed rail car. A nice build, without peculiarities. Only the instructions are a bit awkward in places. But nothing that is impossible to do. Just read carefully.
  8. Thanks for the compliment and it is my pleasure to show it to the world!
  9. A really great execution of true events translated to miniature... It reminds me of a episode of Tour of Duty!
  10. Yes it does... Nice reproduction...
  11. Missed that word The image does not show...
  12. Is it related to a game? I was not aware of this The fig certainly does look cool
  13. Sweet... The guy with cap and sunglasses. looks more like an US operator then Russian but that could be because op popular image?
  14. It is certainly a big chunk of heavy metal... The real thing was 11m long Scalpel and file diet
  15. The Karl itself is taking shape. Dry fitted the main components to get a size impression (note the partial figure for size comparison). Enough work remains to be done, specially around the plattforms and fitting of small parts on the front and rear panel... Speaking of which: I opted to have 2 of the ladders folded, yet wonder how the folded part was fastened to keep it upright, although the pictures I see seem to have no brackets whatsoever? A holding pin??? As always, comments are welcome
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