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  1. While waiting for the replacement parts to arrive from Japan, I managed to make some progression on the Pony... The bottomside of the wings. Gear and doors will not be added till after both the wings and the fuselage have been mated.... The top side of the wings: the left side will be left open as it is now, while the right side will be closed as it is now. Only the loading hatches will be added. The right side of the fuselage. Once again, this side will be closed up, but I cannot go further tille the replacement parts will be received. The left side of the fuselage... Ths side will also be left opened up.
  2. Thank you very much for the kind reply.
  3. What whas actually the color of the navigation lights? Zoukei-Mura states red and blue, while I do not know better than red and green?
  4. Alclad Lacquer Thinner and cleaner. Marketed by MIG
  5. Yeah. Although people tell me it is a great product, and it might be so, I never will use again. BTW it is ALCLAD. The shipping of the new parts takes 2 weeks, from Japan...
  6. Thanks... I was rather wee weed off when this happened. It happened just before bed time, so I had a rather bad nights rest!!!! And another €25,- poorer...
  7. Well , this took quite an unexpected turn. I botched up a paint job and tried to strip the paint with cleaner of the same manufacturer. This ate away the plastic Later I learned that the cleaner contains acetone I'll have to order new parts from Zoukei-Mura. Not sure if I manage to complete this project in time, therefore!
  8. Whát a difference, these turned barrels...
  9. Thanks fellows. I generally prefer large scale models, exactly because the level of details that can be added /seen.
  10. I really can recommend this kit. It is wise, though, to do some research for colors and in some places for details. Also there are a couple of ejection marks in awkward places. Thank you for the compliments. Much appreciated...
  11. Cheers... I used only 1 decal on the dashboard the rest is hand painted.
  12. Thank you for the compliments. Much appreciated...
  13. Finished the cockpit (though I repainted the bulkhead (lime), tank and radio rack (black) in the meanwhile). I added extra details to the battery, tank and radio, to make the area look more interesting.
  14. Last week I recieved to goodies I ordered from my LHS: weighted wheels, brass .50 cal barrels and seatbelts: I managed to attach the belts, thoug I think I shorten them, now that I look at the picture. Plus some thouch up to the paint
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