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  1. Maybe here is something for your taste? https://www.mcldirect.com/en/106_miliscale-noy-miniatures
  2. I fully agree with the choice of precision stuff... Great results can be gained
  3. In the meanwhile, I corrected the rear fenders.... Stupid instructions!!!!
  4. I did some construction work on the Ammo Panzer IV last weekend. Officially, you get the choice between the PE fenders or the plastic. IMHO you actually have no choice...
  5. Yet again one of my updates. Building is still not very speedy. To much going on to go ahead at full steam But things are not at a stand still. Some progress has been made on the G10. Talking about a detailed model... But somehow things in the drawing do not really work as they should. Heck, even the images on their website of a build model doesn't look like what is depicted on the instructions! My work (made brackets for the pulling rod myself from Evergreen): Theirs (look at the pulling rod: The BR-86 is coming along slowly too: Last but not le
  6. Great layout...!!! It is just that the vehicles (specially the tires) are a bit too clean in my taste... By a good dusting with pigments, the vehicles will integrate much more with the scenery...
  7. You're welcome... I must admit that some of these pics are also new to me??? I also just found out that the barrel is incorrect and that a German firm issued a aluminum replacement. I actually considder buying that one to enhance the kit further. Lucky for me, I left the barrel separate!!!
  8. I feel humbled by your compliments According to the info I found, the mount offered a 360 degrees travers. That would mean they dragged around the rear piece??? . As for transport, It disassembled into six loads for transport. The loads were cradle, barrel, top carriage, bottom carriage, front platform and turntable and the rear platform. Each piece on its trailer was towed by a 18 t (18 long tons; 20 short tons) Sd.Kfz. 9 half-track. A seventh half-track towed the gantry crane required to assemble the weapon. The gantry crane (powered by a generator on its towing vehicle) would be e
  9. And the beat goes on: Next up, the open wagon from MiniArt. Nearly ready, the locks on the doors need to be added and the couplers... Then the painting...
  10. Thank you very much for the compliments... The carrier wil be in action, driving off the wagon. I am there fore looking into a suitable tank crew, where the driver will be with his head sticking out of the hatch, and the commander(?) will be guiding him. I was thinking about using these guys: By the way, I saw I missed a picture of the aforementioned mounting brackets for the ammo box:
  11. Thank you very much. I figured that a vehicle that just travelled more than 600km by rail during the summer would be rather dusty.. It must have been quite an operation to get these monsters in action. Not only the operating crew, but every thing around it too: from ammo and fuel to transport, both by rail and by road (for longer road hauls, they were broken down in to 4 loads, transported by Culemeyer trailers and assembled by their own 35 tonne Friess crane). I guess several hunderd men must in total must be in action for 1 gun.
  12. *Alert* For those who thought I was completely dormant the last weeks, here come a lot of pics! The flatcar is finished (left the air hoses off on purpose). Awaiting it's load. Building was rather well, except for the wheels and bumpers, whis are made of another type of plastic, and responded not so good to glue. And the instructions are a bit cryptic in some places. The biggest challenge however was the painting of the planking. I think the result is rather ok. Not only that, but Karl itself is also ready. This piece de resistance only misses its tracks. Th
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