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  1. Ok so my brush painting skills are a bit rusty and i've somehow become incredibly shaky. Using Vallejo model air paints metallics set I brush painted the control systems in the back, the fuel lines and the attachments and swivel points. I'm quite happy with how they've turned out I've missed the lines on a few bits so more practice should sort me out. Very happy with the colours, seems Vallejo have really worked hard to get them spot on, I'd definitely recommend them. Any input and criticism is appreciated Thanks Tige
  2. Thanks for the great words everyone. The first coat of paint went on nicely, such a difference using an airbrush and it's going to take some getting used to. Yes, the doors are going to remain open. I've got some metallic paints so that I can paint the details on the inside. (Depending how this goes, the doors may get shut !) Very happy with the airbrush. I'm using Vallejo model air paints which are lovely to use. I'd highly recommend them. I chose the British standard brown colour for the bowser as I was going for a colour scheme that would fi
  3. Hi everyone, made some more progress this week. Building the main chassis of the vehicle was fairly straightforward but some parts needed a little extra work than others. The moulding of the kit is surprisingly good despite its age! Next was putting the actual tank and all control systems for it. The instructions were very vague (and having not built a model for a while, I need my hand holding! haha) Off to the spray booth now to figure out how to use an airbrush, wish me luck! I'll update in a few days with
  4. Hi everyone, After a long break from the hobby i've started back up. Purchased an airbrush and had a long spending spree on eBay. To start myself off easily I thought i'd begin with the Airfix RAF Refuelling Set. I bought an old set on eBay and thought i'd attempt to salvage it (or ruin it knowing me!) As you can see it's quite an old kit so i'm expecting to come across a few broken or missing parts Quick brush paint of the cabs interior and glue it together. Decided to leave the doors open so that i can use it for more varied display
  5. Just won this kit on ebay along with others so i'll be following with keen interest!
  6. Hi are these still available? I'm quite late but finally managed to get my hands on a kit!
  7. I'd never even considered them but they look like they could fit well given a some hours of painting and chopping around involved. Thanks for sharing Reedoak, more pricey but have specifics to pumas that would fit well. Definitely things to add to an evergrowing list for the project!
  8. Hi all. After many hours trawling modelling sites and the forum i've got my self at a dead end. I have a 1/32 SA330 Puma planned for a diorama to be done in RAF specs. My issue is I can't seem to find any figures that would fit as modern RAF ground crew, i've got lots of bookmarked pages on items to go with them but no actual people. Does anyone know anywhere that does them? Just generic engineers preferably able to be added to further down the line, but at the moment just normal modern day ground crew? Seems that in the grand scale of things they've been forgotten a
  9. I'll be following along as well! Love the bomber command builds Bill
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