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  1. I love this! Looks great. What was your technique/do you have a wip thread? I plan to do something the same. I have a 1:32 Revell vw beetle kit primed up and ready to go once I've practiced the effect a bit.
  2. Right mate. Gotcha. It's becoming a little clearer. A little. Thanks Niall. Much appreciated.
  3. Dont be confused. This is definitely the Santa Maria kit. I just didn't like the look colour scheme etc of the finished example. So went with my own And as you can see I've went to town with Citadel Earthshade wash. I'm pretty happy with it so far though. Here's how it's looking and where I'm at for anyone interested.. https://imgur.com/a/Gj6h9Wu https://imgur.com/a/Zvirx4S https://imgur.com/a/X6YP2YM https://imgur.com/a/cgyUcW2 (Apologies. Not sure how to embed images properly yet) Quite a convinient backdrop right? It's my do
  4. Thanks. That would be great to see. Afaik I have to connect the two parts of hull. Couple of bits at each side for the rigging to attach to. Then the masts. I'll upload some photos of where I'm at later tonight hopefully. Will explain things better than a screenshot of a pdf to be fair. This is my first kit if you hadn't guessed already which explains the noobness somewhat haha. Thanks again!
  5. Hi there. As per the title I'm about half way through the Santa Maria and going to need some help and advice to see me over the finish line I think. Whilst i learn better visually rather than reading directions.... ... These instructions are a bit cack are they not lol. They don't give much away do they, apart from "Use fine thread" in 15 different languages for 3 pages. Not really sure what goes exactly where, from the pics. First bit I'm not sure of is this part.... The dreaded thread. https://imgur.com/a/2SCWi5H Do I feed thread through the holes an
  6. Fantastic Paul. Sorted. Off to Wonderlandmodels for a nosey! And I'll tread carefully in Hobbyctaft, thanks
  7. Afternoon Paul. Thanks for clearing that up! I'd like to keep it to a varnish I'd apply by brush for now. I have an order coming from element games and thinking If I can see something on there I can add it to my delivery. As I am a cheapskate and don't want to pay two delivery chargess if I can avoid it lol. If I can nip your head a bit more... Would this be ok do you know? https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery-by-manufacturer/the-army-painter/army-painter-warpaints/warpaint-anti-shine-matt-varnish Thanks again buddy.
  8. Hi. Little advice please. I have a VW Beetle 1:72 kit I want to rust up etc and practice on before moving on to armour. I want to try my hand at this technique below. But at 6:23 in the video he says to use an certain lacquer. (I'm not too clued up on glossung/varnish etc etc yet) Would "Vallejo Matt 70.520" be what I'm looking for? Or this?.. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264371529572 Thanks for any advice!
  9. Crikey! That is insane. Thanks for sharing.
  10. wwut!!?? That is incredible. Well done sir.
  11. Very nice. Hope to achieve something like that one day! How did you do the bridge/brick texture?
  12. Excellent. Looking good thanks! Ideal. Moulded brick walls etc look great. Decisions. Decisions!
  13. I'm looking to build a few things for a 1:35 diorama. Pipes, a shack, fencing a kids swing and see-saw! I've seen a few things on ebay (evergreen etc) but is there any sites anyone knows of that does all different shapes and sizes at a good price? Or even an assorted pack would be great. Or am I better sticking with ebay since its only a small amount I'm after for now? Thanks.
  14. Thanks man. Yeah get what you mean. He must have said 'yeah?' about 100 hundred times. YouTube comments are always worth a laugh... "Someone's gotta do a video edit with just him inhaling. nice vid BTW." Lol. Poor guy. But yeah he's clued up. Good info. Thanks for that. Seems quite a bit of work Laying them out. Then trapping in glass. Drying times etc. The AK stuff makes it sound so simple. Just plop it in a jar. Got to bed. Wake up. Open jar. Done and done. Also yeah. Even in my very early days of the hobby I can see they a
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