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  1. Control coffee (and tea and Red Bull) consumption. Do not run around the lake in the morning when you plan to need a steady hand later that day. Have your fill of sleep. Don't argue with your wife/gf/..., don't watch the news . Check all the other hints and tell us if anything was of any help.
  2. How good is your German? I came across an interview with the "inventor" of the Panzerhaubitze 2000 (one longish and a few more short addendums). He explains a bit abot the history (failed other attempts and German ministry of defence losing confidence and threatening to stop the money (talking about real money, not just peanuts)) he tells about key factors demanded by the people funding the project (MRSI mode (technically requiring the first 3 shots within 10 seconds), and the ability to leave the firing position really fast) and how it was achieved in the Panzerhaubitze 2000 and the calculations and thinking behind it - no use of an earth prone https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erdsporn (let's you hike faster and gives good access to the rear to load ammo fast) - storage of the ammo in the vehicle's center of gravity, so it may rely on the tracks and does not nead an Erdsporn to be a stable platform - gun loader not hydraulic but a pneumatic type of air gun shooting (not guiding or pushing) the ammo into the breach (hydraulics too slow (piston has to go back and forth and due to the oils viscosity rather slow), air piston way faster) and a few details like - the automated latching of the gun barrel, letting everybody get into the vehicle faster so they can leave before counter battery fire is incoming - spring compensator instead of ballance weight for the barrel, saving weight (half a ton) - the way of the "manual" operation when auto loading should fail and politics, Wegman had confidence in him (and a totally new start) and Krauss Maffei failed (hat do fail) because they intended to prolong producing their Leopard 1 parts for the vehicle, and possible problems encountered when in use in Ukraine (maybe not used to shoot a few rounds and hike, but to shoot many rounds overheating the loader leading to trouble) and a comparison to other "comparable" systems (naturally they are not comparable, his system is way ahead) closing with the advertisment for his book "38 bizarre cases of corruption in the Bundeswehr".
  3. Who would have noticed the missing control stick while admiring the ammo drums and the fuselage's internal rigging? (I'm already convinced just by the look of the roundels.) Who could possibly object seeing the complete trilogy?
  4. Yeah, that one passes inspection too. Just fascinating in every aspect (detail, paint, ...). I barely recovered from the other one just a few days ago
  5. Yes, it was the starter I was talking about. In case you have real life trouble with it the first time in your VW-owner's life, you will stare at the engine bay with an empty face. When checking "the book" ("Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst", popular German DIY help) it will tell you (roughly translated) "by the remote and hidden location of the starter you may already tell the starter will rarely be the cause of any trouble" (don't ask me how I know!). That engine is a stunner, I can smell the oil and my fingers itch to tweak the Solex's idle screw! In case you add the wire for the oil pressure switch, you may "abuse" (temporarily repurpose) the oil pressure warning lamp to get the distributor's static timing right without further tools (just unhook the wire from the Öldruckgeber (oil pressure sensor) and hook it up to to Klemme 1 of the Zündspule (ignition coil) just where the green wire arrives from the Verteiler (distributor), yes, dynamic adjustment is better, but in case it hits you in the wilderness and you had to clean the Unterbrecherkontakt (breaker point) to get the car going it will save your day). (hope the Keilriemen (v-belt) will not rub the Ansaugluftschlauch and hope you printed enough shims so you can adjust the v-belt's tension just right) Gorgeous engine.
  6. Good point. I have to admit I not know who came up with RLM 83 being this or that green and what was the source of this claim/statement/assumtion and I don't have any document or artifact to show in support. Still it went along (with all the experts) for quite some time (forming the habit) and in a way 81-82-83 the two greens and the Braunviolett match(ed) somehow - thought there seemd to be some confusion which one was to be considered what color. On the other hand there seem to be several artifacts and photographs showing mid-green (in genereal). dark-green (in general), and "this other olive brownish color" (in general) and not so many artifacts or pictures giving good clues for a dark blue upper surface camouflage color (be it vivid dark blue or dull blueish grey).
  7. To me 2013 is "just a few days ago" and after that I kinda missed the flood of supporting evidence like artifacts, documents (Luftwaffe, RAF, USAF, private, ...), pictures.
  8. Please consider this case of thread archeology as an invitation to all ladies and all gentle men to have a civilized talk on RLM 83 (and neighboring RLM 81 and RLM 82). Let me start with my personal view and bias: When I got into this, there were Humbrol Authentics (not including RLM 75 yet) and Hitchcock's "O-nine" Gallery. There was rumor about "late war greens" in contemporary magazines, and there was Revell and Airfix box art. And I admire anybody who can keep colors apart on a black and white photograph! Later more pictures became available and I am pretty sure there were three late war German "greens": - a lighter green - a very dark green - an olive brownish "green" we may call Braunviolett (nic box arts can be found) and there was some confusion what was 81, 82, or 83 and there were variations. And I have Ullmann's book "Oberflächenschutzverfahren und Anstriche der ..." in my book shelf. And "just a few days ago" documents or "information" surfaced, suggesting (to some of us "proving") RLM 83 might have been / "was" a dark blue. We all know habit is stronger than gravity, so bear with me: I am not convinced (yet) RLM 83 ist "blue", but I am open to input. And yes, I have read Ullmann's contributions and yes, I have seen those Norwegian German floats. And yes, I know I can be wrong. None of this can be settled by stomping the foot while writing or by shouting or doubting fellow BMer's wits. NONE. https://verde9.com/rlm-83-il-colore-misterioso-della-luftwaffe/#pll_switcher https://verde9.com/en/luftwaffe-camouflage-schemes-and-patterns/ https://verde9.com/en/ https://penelope.uchicago.edu/~grout/encyclopaedia_romana/luftwaffe/colors.html https://emmasplanes.com/index.php/paints/rlm-colors/ https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5974-ak-true-colors/page/2/ Before contributing check "Yes, I have seen these web sites and I promise to write like a gentle person" _____ or "No, bear with me, I have mental issues, I'll post anyway" ____
  9. My suggestion: Discussion regarding "RLM 83 = blue y/n?" and eyesight and mental fitness in a different thread, here let's talk about: 65/76? 02 present? 74/75/76? late war "bright green", "dark green", "braunviolett" "gee, to me it looks a lot like RAL 6014 in that color photograph" late war greenish 76 a light rather light neutral grey that might be 77 or a primer but looks different (brighter and more netral) than 75 (maybe later about wether it is 77 or primer or something completely different) unpainted natural metall? is that yellow marking 04 or 27? I do have a personal opinion about RLM 83 and I am willing to consider all kinds of evidence, but is does not help this thread to talk about it here, and it will even help less to confront each others here.
  10. Please Ladies and Gentlemen, let's keep "83=blue?" out of this as long as we are talking about FW 190 D (outside its role as a tropedo bomber or long range maritime patrol plane). It's a different and please let's talk about color (or if you prefer about "colour") and not about us and our relationships. On the other hand: Thanks-XXL for all the pictures of real life artifacts shown!
  11. You should put some well known object of well known size into the "garage" for at least one pic so more people can comprehend and apreciate! Otherwise it might be viwed as "just another regular man cave - wonder what his wife may say to the pin-ups"
  12. I read they did use large tarpaulins in JG 27 ...
  13. Nice, extremely nice. The intakes sure beat Revell's. I like the detail and I'm ready to take your next test ("What's gonna happen when the key is turned?").
  14. I like the weld seems on the exhaust pipe a lot and the carbon and the brake lines and the immaculate paint finish and all those details and - the rest is just a stunning quick out of the box build!
  15. I came across this interpretation of colors (doesn't look all bad to me):
  16. I already see you buying a 3D laser scanner, scanning the mechanic, reducing the 3D computer model in size, and 3D print or CNC mill a new smaller mechanic. We all are looking forward! (Those hands ARE big!)
  17. Wonder what leaves look like gigantic birch seeds will have an open eye in the streets during the omcoming weeks of fall.
  18. I like the subtle weathering. After all it is a plane (the plane of the top scoring officer in the unit), not a jeep in rasputiza.
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