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  1. I really like all the V-bombers, so its always fun to see one go together. It seems like your work is really working out to make a great model out of this old kit.
  2. mdauben

    Best F-35A kits?

    That's really a shame. I was planning to buy the Academy kit purely on the basis that they provide the option for an open weapons bay and the Hasegawa kit does not. I'm probably still going to go with the Academy kit because the weapons bay is more important to me than the ram tape, but its too bad we have to give up one or the other.
  3. I was curious, would it be likely to see the F-35 carrying external ordnance (aka "beast mode") if the internal weapons bay was not already full?
  4. Thanks! You may have just changed my plans from doing a US Phantom to doing a British version instead. I love that dark paint scheme.
  5. That's a beautiful looking model, and I love the display base you built for it!
  6. Just opened my box last night for the first time, to tuck the PE I just recieved away before I lose it! The kit looks great and your finished model is fantastic! I can't wait to get started on my own.
  7. Thanks for the review! I just recieved my kit yesterday (after cancelling my Airfix USA preorder and buying one from overseas ).
  8. Hmm... If I had to pick, I really like that camo over black version!
  9. I believe a company named Kiwi Resin Models made or plans to make a kit to convert the 1/48 scale Italieri SR-71 into an A-12. Not sure if its currently available though (the only on line source I found lists it as not available).
  10. I admit I'm no expert on the Tornado. I've seen Revell kits marked as "IDS" and the cover art shows them with air to ground ordnance and "ADV" with air to air ordnance in the cover art. Do these represent actual different models, or is the mission ordnance the only difference?
  11. I've been thinking of adding a Tornado to my stash, and had a question. Doing a web search, the predominant recommendation seems to be the Revell model. In my searing though, the model that has caught my eye is the Testor/Italieri MRCA Tornado in German markings: I really like the paint job on this and the four Kormoran(?) missiles it is carrying. Revell does not seem to offer an "MRCA" version of the Hurricane, or a model that includes this weapons load out. So, how is the Testors kit? I have not been able to find much info on the model and I'm not sure how it co
  12. I'm late to the party, but the Meng F-102 is on my shopping list, so I'm enjoying that build immensely. I have no immediate plans for the Hasegawa F-16, but that's proving to be interesting, too.
  13. Beautiful job on that aircraft! That paint job is really eye catching. I have to admit, the Russians have some really colorful camo patterns on some of their aircraft, compared to the rather monotonous grey-on-grey the US currently uses.
  14. Thanks everyone for the input! I may just model my eventual F-8 from another carrier, then, unless maybe I can find a markings for aircraft from the USS Oriskany!
  15. I recently picked up a 1/72 Testors/Fujimi A-7E Corsair II. I'm planning on building it using the markings for VA-93 Blue Blazers NF303/160544 | USS Midway circa 1979(?). See cover photo below: Eventually, I'd like to build a 1/72 F-8 Crusader from the same carrier and time period and display them together. I'm wondering if anyone makes a F-8 kit with those markings, or if there are any aftermarket decal sets that match? If not, does anyone make decals for the two planes from the same carrier and time period (I'm not stuck on the Midway or the Blue Blazers, I'd jus
  16. I just got my copy of the new kit (after cancelling my "pre-order" from Airfix USA and ordered it from a US retailer) and now I'm tempted to back date the kit like you did. That color scheme is definitely more attractive than the kit version. Great work!
  17. mdauben


    Did they release it in any form except RAAF versions? That seems to be all I can find but I want to build one in USAF markings. Can I do that with just aftermarket decals or are their significant differences between the AUS and US models?
  18. Really nice build! Very well done paint job particularly with the subtle panned lines. I like the display base, too!
  19. Probably my favorite propeller military plane. Your assembly and paint job is super neat and clean. Excellent job!
  20. For whatever reason, I normally prefer actual combat planes to EW variants, but this is a really nice looking build! Nice job on the assembly and painting.
  21. Very nice job on this model! I've actually got this same kit in my stash. I was sent it by mistake by an online vendor, and when I contacted him, he said to just keep it and he sent me the correct kit. Now seeing your build I'm getting the bug to pull that model out and actually build it!
  22. Well, I broke down and contacted Airfix USA and their response was that two months after the UK release, they still don't have the model and they gave no indication of when they might expect it. Seems like an odd way to run a company.
  23. Oh, no! That NMF was looking so beautiful. I hope you can fix the problem.
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