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  1. It seems like you have a thing for orange! Your perseverance has paid off though, as that's a really nice looking Vampire!
  2. Wonderful job on this Buc! I'm still waiting for Airfix USA to wake up and ship mine, but this looks like a great model. I can't wait to get started.
  3. A really nicely done model in a lovely color scheme.
  4. I've got that same boxing of the 1/72 scale kit. I'll be interested in seeing how yours turns out!
  5. A lovely model! I think your NMF turned out really well.
  6. Really nice work on that Harrier. The paint job turned out very well.
  7. Really nice work! I love that color scheme, and you've painted it beautifully.
  8. Yes, I did see a couple kits on eBay from the UK, and IIRC they were selling for full retail, with a $10-12 shipping. Based on that, I decided to keep my Airfix USA order, as they were selling it for full retail, too, but with only a $4 shipping. Oh, well, its not like I don't have other kits to work in in the mean time!
  9. I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this question, so if the mods need to move or delete it please do. There has been a lot of discussion of the new Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer model on this forum and on the internet in general. I've seen unboxing reviews and even models for sale, although they all seem to be from the UK. I had pre-ordered the new kit direct from Airfix USA, figuring that would be the fastest way to get it once it was released, but the Airfix USA website still lists the kit status as "pre-order" with a vague "fall/winter" release date. Does Airfix USA typically release kits later than their UK counterpart? Was it a mistake to pre-order through Airfix USA or should I expect the USA release soon? Thanks!
  10. Aside from the question of weathering, I didn't realize until I saw that side by side photo of the Buccaneer and the Phantom in that blog, just how big a plane the Buccaneer was!
  11. That's a very cool posed photo of the model in action. Very dynamic!
  12. You are obviously a lover of the F-89! This is a lovely build of the F-89B and a handsome change from the more common "arctic red" paint jobs I see on most F-89s. Well done!
  13. Thanks! Like I said, I have no actual knowledge of how things were done on a carrier, so you explanations help a lot!
  14. Wow! I admire your dedication to applying decals! In any case, the finished model turned out beautifully.
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