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  1. Hopefully it means we will see more Mclarens from Tamiya like the Senna GTR and P1.
  2. I’m happy with that skyline as the the tamiya one is starting to show it’s age, hopefully it also means they’ll do a nismo R-tune version of the R34 or something.
  3. My first aircraft kit was Revell’s 72nd F-16 with the Denmark Air Force anniversary markings with the spitfire on top. I didn’t paint the main kit apart from the cockpit black as I didn’t have any paints. I remember absolutely destroying the decals too but I was happy with the plane at the time and a few years after it had a mayday into the bin!
  4. Mine’s the F-22 Raptor. I grew up watching Transformers (the Michael Bay explosion fest one). I thought Starscream’s jet mode was the coolest plane ever, I’d never seen anything like it. After seeing the film I was obsessed with the plane, I had to have it on my shelf. At the time I was building model cars only and the only kit available at the time was the italeri one. I now have 5 kits of the raptor and a squadron print of the 525th squadron from Alaska on my wall. Guess you could say I’m a Raptor nut.
  5. Web99

    Airfix 2021...

    It was a really crude kit sadly, be nice to see airfix give the venom some love and make a detailed version of it. They seem to be taking an interest in requested subjects like the buccaneer and a new tool Vulcan. So it could just be a matter of time.
  6. Web99

    Airfix 2021...

    I’d love to see a series of vampires and venoms in 72 scale. Single seater venoms haven’t been in plastic for 65 years...
  7. My guess would be Hasegawa feels like they can’t compete in the aircraft market anymore. With new companies showing up in China and Eastern Europe it is a logical decision to focus only on the Japanese market since hasegawa isn’t a household name like Tamiya. It’s a shame to not see them tackle the world market but with foreign hobby shops price gouging their kits and them over charging for mediocre decals it’s no wonder they don’t sell too well these days everywhere else.
  8. Hello, I loved your kit of the De Havilland vampire and I was wondering if you were ever going to consider making the Venom in 1/72 scale. No plastic kit has been made for it in around 60 years and I think it’s a shame because it’s a stunning aircraft which was also very important to Swiss Air Force. Hope you guys take my suggestion on board, cheers.
  9. Thank you! I think that’s down to revell, they paint nice but they’re not properly colour matched. I’ve moved on to Hataka and Vallejo paints since as both have closer colour matches to real subjects and both have a larger colour range.
  10. I’ve recently finished this kit and overall it went together pretty well. Only problem I found was the seam lines on the underside were a pain to remove as the center of the fuselage has a slight indent making sanding it a bit trickier.
  11. I’ll be watching this one closely! I got to say the Raptor is probably my favourite aircraft by far. The cockpit is looking great too.
  12. Hi guys, kinda new to britmodeller and I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s my last finished build of a Spitfire in 1/72. It’s a really nice kit and only took me about a weekend to complete. The kit was brush painted with revell aqua and was weathered with an Ammo by mig aircraft wash. The display base is made by Coastal kits.
  13. It’s about time someone made it, it’s been almost 10 years since it’s been in service!
  14. Some of the prices of dragon kits were ridiculous even worse than hasegawa in some cases. Even today they’ll charge £20+ For a 1/72 fw190 which doesn’t have a lot of plastic in it. So even though I love the raptor I’d dread to think how much it would cost.
  15. My first build in over 2 years! This kit was mainly a test bed revell aqua colours and I am really impressed with them, they’re great for hand painting. Kit went together okay but there was some parts like the wings which don’t fit well together and needed putty. Overall it was a pretty enjoyable and quick build.
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