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  1. It says about the landing gear in the 4th point with the arrestor hooks, I can’t wait
  2. I’ll sit patiently waiting for a J Version, the markings looked cooler on those
  3. Looks like a must have for me, I really hope someone comes out with more marking options though as they’re all a bit meh.
  4. This looks really interesting, It’ll make the AMK version completely obsolete in 1 swoop if they do a D version with the extended flaps.
  5. I remember seeing this thread say originally OOB, how things change I’ll be watching with interest
  6. What’s everyone’s take on this? For the US to build and test a 6th generation fighter in a year is absolutely crazy. It’s speculation but I really think it’s going to be like a “super raptor” or something as it’s highly unlikely for a designer to be so sure an untested will fly without issues. Even with computer simulations it’s a long stretch to fly something in a year. source: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a36122339/air-force-secret-new-fighter-jet-concept-art/
  7. Looks like a really good kit, I don’t build 1/48 but this could change my mind.
  8. That looks amazing, especially with the MiG-29
  9. I build 1/72 and this is what I aspire to build one day, great job!
  10. Let’s hope for the F-13 since the parts breakdown allows for it
  11. I’ll be getting a royal class boxing if this is true
  12. I got loads of stuff which is either half finished or nearly there too. It can be a right pain actually finishing stuff but I much prefer leaving it and coming back later on. Really liking your vampire though it looks really good.
  13. They’re all designed so each and every angle of the aircraft deflects radio waves away from the source. The Raptor seems to do it the best as it apparently has the radar cross section of a bee, hence why a lot of the newer aircraft have borrowed design elements from it.
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