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  1. If it builds up nice I’m all for it. Shape has got to be right though or it’s going to be a massive dud considering the competition already.
  2. RAF typhoon FGR4’s in service markings and stencil data in 1/48 and 1/72. It’s impossible to find either and it would be nice to have the option to make a grey typhoon instead of Tigermeet markings
  3. Really hope that blackjack typhoon comes with standard grey jet decals. There’s no RAF stencils anywhere anymore.
  4. It could be interesting seeing how it stacks up against the other kits on the market currently, I think the Hasegawa one is the one to beat. Be interesting to see how raised the panels are
  5. Academy Raptor has 182 apparently, so it could be a Hasegawa one with extra missiles or something or dare I say it a new tool.
  6. Looks like Hasegawa is going the way of Aoshima and focusing on new tool car kits, I’m not complaining because the quality of their R32 is brilliant
  7. I think I bid on the same auction and would of also built it in telic markings if I had the chance, it’s a great build so far though can’t wait to see the result!
  8. I don’t mind paying extra if it means we get quality stuff, which most of the time airfix do these days. Only issue I’ve found is a bit of a short shot on the new starter set hawk near one of the air intakes.
  9. It says about the landing gear in the 4th point with the arrestor hooks, I can’t wait
  10. I’ll sit patiently waiting for a J Version, the markings looked cooler on those
  11. Looks like a must have for me, I really hope someone comes out with more marking options though as they’re all a bit meh.
  12. This looks really interesting, It’ll make the AMK version completely obsolete in 1 swoop if they do a D version with the extended flaps.
  13. I remember seeing this thread say originally OOB, how things change I’ll be watching with interest
  14. What’s everyone’s take on this? For the US to build and test a 6th generation fighter in a year is absolutely crazy. It’s speculation but I really think it’s going to be like a “super raptor” or something as it’s highly unlikely for a designer to be so sure an untested will fly without issues. Even with computer simulations it’s a long stretch to fly something in a year. source: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a36122339/air-force-secret-new-fighter-jet-concept-art/
  15. Looks like a really good kit, I don’t build 1/48 but this could change my mind.
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