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  1. Well back to work this week some what quiter than usual but great for catching up rreally didnt like the working from home thing to many distractions..... bikes on the other hand have come on a fair bit the movistar i really though would be a bugg** to decal but turned out really great one or 2 minor issues but nothing mental, bit of a panic when i put the micro sol on it as the clear bubbled right up it settled down by morning, i would have clear coated but due to an issue with my air brush that will have to wait for a week or two and i managed to get hold of some polishing compound so wo
  2. Started body work while waiting for the chrome to strip off the forks, went together quite well bit of sanding afterwards but white paint and blue both when on well quite please with the results, the exhausts on the other hand were a bit of a pest and after 3 attempts settled for what you see not great but been awhile since i did any
  3. bikes looking great, love the engine build those air filter are neat and everything else is so crisp really great build will watch out for more progress simon
  4. Watched the tube great finish on the frame, will need to get some TS 83 and give it a blast thanks for the tip i have a few rc213 bikes might be my next build see how these go....
  5. I drilled out the fat centre piece so i could alter the lengths of posts used but it works quite well thank you
  6. The damper was a mixture of tamiya paints 1 part x32 Titanium silver & 3 parts x26 Clear orange. ak exteam will keep an eye open for it ,The allclad works really well once sprayed it misty but drys out to a bright shiny finish but i find it rubs of really easy..hence why i asked might just be me when i clear coat it it turns misy again
  7. Hello trust you are all fit and well? With all this spare time progress is good, both power plants identical and both went together quite well, the power plants and frame assembly also went together with no major issues "yip yip" pictures with the tyre decals are of the 2000 bike others .... well that would be the 1999 xr89 bike like most I normally strip the chrome plating and respray but so far I have failed to find anything that is a good replica, so I have used the coated parts and I think they look ok any ideas on what a good substitute would be for the chrome? simon
  8. Both suzuki bikes riden by Kenny Roberts jnr a few subtle differences between the 1999 bike still in factory colours the brain child of engineer Warren willing ended a 3year dryspell for the factory and they managed to finish the season Second in the championship,In 2000 in the new Telefonica MoviStar colours, with the frame on the 00 cut back to save weight. And other main componants moved to a central position to optimise ballance the V4 motor having been tuned for better handling went on and ended the season by winning the championship with 2 races in hand... So far a nice build part
  9. Funny no idea who he is, so looked him up There is a small resemblance but not intentional, simon
  10. Built this over the last few weeks, nice well made easy build good options and looks good too, only issue me!! helmet needed a strap but other than that quite simple painting face wa# the hard part so forgive the crudeness novice at this but will try more the resin figure on the other hand has been in the cabinet for years unloved unpainted so thought i would give her a make over too. both vehicle related so hope its the right place....
  11. Lockdowns working for me she still at work i”m just chilling loved the gpz too they were an icon, i alway wanted a 1100 katana but could never afford one.. now i”m just older and not any wiser wh9 knows migh5ntreat myself after the restictions end stay safe
  12. Thanks never owned one, but road pillion on a Z1 for awhile lovely bike, been looking at the new Z900 its stunning too. The standard dark green looks the part. I’v been a big single type of guy mainly Yam xt’s had a few 125, 500, 600 660 & refurbing a 250 (1980) would love another 500 but there are like rocking horse dropping. And over priced simon
  13. Ok final pictures of completed bikes follow link above for the complete build simon
  14. Bought these wee beauties a while back the performance one caught my eye but the standard zephyr is also quite a stunning bike, so I decided to build both at the start of March and progress has been okay, speeded up a bit last week as I am now working from home!!! first thing I noticed was the instructions for the performance bike turns out these are in Japanese so that really helped NOT!!! hence why I started both kits at the same time and progress each as I could, pictures attached of them as they went together still the final finish to complete. kits were a little taxing this cau
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