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  1. MiG is a very beautiful aircraft. Not sure if he was really very good in the sky. Build went pretty smoothly. Trump alternative - old ICM, reproduces the late type, a toy for very handy guys. What to do with a trump: grind down the walls of the cabin and release the tubular structure, make the support frame of the sight, change the shape of the exhaust fairings, remove the rivets from the rudders, fill the empty wheel wells
  2. Hi All, Trumpeter 1/48 kit Filled the wheel arches, installed lamellas at the lower radiator inlet, changed the exhaust pipe fairings, added details in the pilot's cabin Unfortunately, almost nothing is visible in my photos I tried to present the MiG as typical for the very beginning of the war, in the summer of 1941 Painted Gunze Enjoy watching!
  3. Yes, Kit decals Now I am doing two more such mustangs. I will order a decal. Why not hang dozens of colorful ones from the ceiling?
  4. Hi All! ICM 1/48 Weekend built Painted GUNZE It's difficult for me to take decent photos of an airplane in flight. Sorry Enjoy watching!
  5. I did not specifically study this topic. The range was not that great. They did not fly along the borders There were several cartographic aviation units. Each had its own part of the territory of the USSR A lot of these Bostons crashed. Fate and crew names are not always clear
  6. Roman, thank you! Red stars on top of the Lend-Lease planes were typical during the war (Spit, P-39), Americans painted stars on the wings both the right and left. After the war (1946), the VVS adopted a top-star design. And full of gray coloring. "А-36г" gloss blue-gray paint
  7. A lot of unclear Serial number unknown. The number was painted over on the tail Another riddle: Novosibirsk Cartografic Squadron A-20 Bostons 1946-1952 СССР- Ф-211 СССР- Ф-212 СССР- Ф-220 СССР-Ф-227 СССР-Ф-256 СССР-Ф-289 СССР-Ф-293 СССР-Ф-299 СССР-Ф-300 СССР-Ф-283 СССР-Ф-284 СССР-Ф-341 СССР-Ф-342 СССР-Ф-344 СССР-Ф-225 СССР-Ф-237 СССР-Ф-286 СССР-Ф-330 СССР-Ф-378 СССР-Ф-379 СССР-Ф-380 Where is CCCР -Ф- 24(X)? And also A-20 B / C? Only very brave guys could fly this in 1951. The plane is clearly front-line, it is 10 years old. And there are no spare parts
  8. I think it is A-20C. Rear turret visible. Glass noss A-20C was just suitable for aerial photography Although my grandfather spoke about the A-20G.....There were 20 different Bostons in this squad. Another would be to find the tail number of the USSR - Ф 24Х. Third number unknown Make sure to make the model
  9. Thank You Friend Imported aircraft at parades in the USSR were never shown. Spitfires were out of sight after the war. Some of them may have been repainted, others may have remained in British colors. Some solid secrets. Here's an example TASHKENT SUMMER 1951 DOUGLAS BOSTON A-20C(?), Сartographic Novosibirsk Squadron. But "СССР-Ф24Х", such a number, it seems, was not there according to the documents. And the planes were A-20G.....Сolor is not clear... Green? Russian 4БО? The photo is genuine. My grandfather is here (left)
  10. Thanks! MкV fought on the fronts since 1943, Mk IX more in the air defense of Moscow, Leningrad
  11. Hi All! My friend made a gift for me. Spitfire Mk. IX ICM 1/48 of the very first casts. But without decals I decided to create a soviet post-war Spitfire Native Russian decals nearby United Kingdom delivered to the USSR in 1944-45 about 1300 Spitfires- 9 (and 16) These aircraft were highly rated by the Russians, but were used minimally during the war These aircraft were apparently kept in case of a new war, at least until the Korean War and the MiG-15. I think so I chose a typical post-war Ла-11 and Як-9 paint job, completely gray I have no confirmation of such coloring. This is my guess. I think this is quite probable. In 1948-1950 We have little information about the post-war slave in the USSR of captured and Lend-Lease aircraft. Usually information is limited to individual photos I only added bumps from the wheels on the top of the wing Paint GUNZE Enjoy watching!
  12. Thank you Pete! Quite a simple method: an ordinary silver stationery marker along the lines and immediately erase with an eraser or cotton pad Or light gray paint, watercolor or oil. The result is about the same
  13. I agree. The glider is very easy to assemble. Then you can focus on the little things. The air intakes were molded by myself from epoxy plastic. Like all other improvements, I made from scrap materials, in the old fashioned way
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