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  1. Thank you Pete! Quite a simple method: an ordinary silver stationery marker along the lines and immediately erase with an eraser or cotton pad Or light gray paint, watercolor or oil. The result is about the same
  2. I agree. The glider is very easy to assemble. Then you can focus on the little things. The air intakes were molded by myself from epoxy plastic. Like all other improvements, I made from scrap materials, in the old fashioned way
  3. Thank you. I'm surprised myself that I missed this nuance
  4. Hi Friends! Simplified Lightning Kit I have added an extensive list of improvements Painted Gunze I wanted the best, it turned out as always Enjoy watching!
  5. Hi Friends! Good kit Specia Hobby I broke the front of the canopy, I had to do this part again Painted Gunze Enjoy watching!
  6. Hi Friends! This is not my newest building Construction time is dictated by the number of parts and dimensions of the aircraft The division of the engine nacelle panels is not correct everywhere Enjoy watching!
  7. Hi Friends! I built a helicopter for the first time I liked Sikorsky's orange helicopter very much There were no difficulties in work I mixed the color of the paint myself from three cans of different manufacturers Because I was too lazy to go and buy the desired color in the store Thanks for watching!
  8. I think You are right with rockets
  9. Hi All! 1/72 HobbyBoss easy kit Paid attention to this: the front leg should not be inserted that deep Otherwise, the nose will be lower than necessary Used paints Gunze Thanks for watching!
  10. Hello Friends! Showing kit ITALERI 1/72 French Corsair The thing is simple Added only the aerodynamic knife on the right wing and worked on small details Painted with paint BLUE FS 15044 MR HOBBY Didn't get dirty Thanks for watching
  11. Thank You! The idea was to make the plane in the factory paint even before the application of heraldry. I picked up the serial number from the decals, but the history of the 228774 aircraft is unknown to me. And kept the labeling authentic
  12. Hello Friends! Thunderbolt P-47D-28-RA I decided to do some improvements to the kit Worked with the engine and undercarriage bays Machine guns made from injection needles I selected the serial number according to the reference literature Enjoy watching! I wanted it as best, it turned out as always...
  13. Hi All! Another item from the madhouse Hobby-Boss 1/72 easy assembly kit Colours RLM 74/75/76 Paints Gunze Enjoy watching!
  14. Rui, Thanks! Resin set. There was a lack of fuselage volume from the left to the bottom, from the front chassis niche to the engine. Br!
  15. Hi All! ZVEZDA (ex-Dragon) MIG in 1/72 My psychiatrist took a drink and left me alone. So I was able to do what I want for a while. Here is the result. Painted Gunze. Enjoy watching!
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