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  1. Be patient Vlamgat9 ... just a little , a month or so, stay tuned for more ...
  2. Thx, Well, my retail source... is myself. More in my profile. And experience, honestly, some parts could be done better, main UC legs, i replaced with copper wire , wing struts with 0,5mm plastic strips. Other parts, OOB. And its simple build, could be done in one weekend. Perfect for first resin kit build. RGDS Nenad
  3. Soko G-4 Super Galeb - Aeropoxy resin 1/72 , old YUMO plastic kit, repop in resin. SFR Yugoslavia 1980's Serbian AF 2000's
  4. And Romanian story, IAR 93 Vultur , Romanian AF 1990's AR 93 DC Vultur - Trainer , Romanian AF 1990's
  5. Bunch of Aeropoxy SOKO ORAO - IAR 93 Vulturs. Built for aviation museum collection. Soko J-22 ORAO , SFR Yugoslavia, 1980's SR Yugoslavia 1990's Soko NJ-22 ORAO - Trainer , Serbia AF , 2000's
  6. Piper PA 25 235 Pawnee C , glider tug plane - Aero Club Muhlheim an der Ruhr e.V. , Germany. AEROPOXY resin kit, 1/72. OOB , Mr Color gloss white, Revell Dayglo Orange.
  7. Thanx for the comments, and no, its not possible to made folded wing version from the box. RGDS
  8. Another Troika build, done in 5 days, with mixed military/civil markings, plane given by Yugoslav Air Force to Yugoslav Aero Club (Vazduhoplovni Savez Jugoslavije) , 1950s scheme. Parts cleaned and prepared for assembly, Surfacer 1000 sprayed over whole airframe and polished, Cockpit detailed, Canopy cleaned with alcohol and dipped in Humbrol Clear gloss varnish. Canopy glued with MR Color clear gloss lacquer. Sprayed, masked, sprayed, masked and again, to complete silver, red and Dark Blue metallic surfaces, Decals prepared to be applied, state flag and roundels , from the kit, printed by LiftHere, Yugoslav aeroclub inscription laser printed on decal film, small white serial numbers, from decal sheets leftovers. Troika , done, Ready for inspection, here: RGDS
  9. Troika build done in 5 days, work in progress, here: Thx for looking.
  10. Nice build so far, MOA. You certainly have pre 2010. release of Troika kit, which is cast from US Smooth-ON SmoothCast SC 310 resin , which is white and have tendency to produce CO2 while curing, which cause tinny bubbles under surface. We switched to SIKA Biresin in 2010 (tan coloured resin) and this problem with tinny bubbles is almost solved. Re Canopy frames, they are probably dried and unusable after 8-9 year at shelf. Just drop me your address via PM and i will airmail fresh set directly to you, FoC. Re @JOHN AERO comments, which are "pretty unpleasant" at any topic related to AEROPOXY products, over the Britmodeller that my kits are " just models with very bad manners " , maybee , but i'd rather stay polite in communication and not go that bad manner way like Mr. Adams. We started our resin kit production in 1993. Kits were made from epoxy resin, from German "Multiplex" RC modelling company, under MultiPoxy label. So, we chose AeroPoxy to be ours brand name , and after 25 years of small business running, we do not intend to change our name just due the some not like the "POXY" suffix and associates them with a completely different term. The bundle of products in the modeling world has the same term in its name, and it does not bother anyone except mr Adams. To conclude with an inspiring 1950's Youtube clip Happy Modelling,
  11. Zlin Z-37 Čmelak - KP 1/72 , quick build with some scratch build spraying devices, spraybars and microners/nozzles. 20 Čmelaks were imported in 1967-72 to Yugoslavia, 17 of them was bought for JAT- Yugoslav airlines cropdusting service use and three went to Skopje, now Northern Macedonia, Agrohemizacija service. Last flying Čmelaks are withdrawns from use in early 1980s , one was preserved inBelgrade aviation museum collection. KP kit, despite bad reputation, if treated as basic short run , with some tweeks here nad there , is buildable , and nice looking when finished. Decals printed by myself, Corel draw - laser printer and decal film. Thanx for looking
  12. Trumpeter IL-28 converted to fast mail plane IL-20 / IL-28P ( as "Почтовии"- Mail), used by Aeroflot and SSSR mail service 1954-1964 , from Moscov-Vnukovo , via Sverdlovsk to Novosibirsk, mainly for fast transfer of Daily newspaper press matrices , Pravda and Izvestiya , to print it in eastern part of SSSR without much delay. Complete armament instalation was removed. Crews were mainly AEROFLOT TU-104 pilots. Later same planes were used as meteorological and atmosphere probing platform. Whole fleet of some 20 IL-20s removed from use in mid 1960s and scrapped. Trumpeter kit, basic, with some shape issues, but usable, for such low expectations project. Clear canopy and nose cone parts are sanded and used as a master for vacuformed ones. Decals drawn in Corel, laser printed on clear decal paper, while large wing registrations are sprayed using airbrushing mask. Thanx for looking
  13. Out of box, old-school nostalgia style , with only few details painted , NPF (Natural Plastic Finish) , built in just four hours. WIP HERE;
  14. Scale model kit from PlastoZoic era , Antonov AN-2 COLT - VEB Plasticart , 1/75 scale , originally released in 1962 , build few VEB COLT's in early 1980s , This kit is dated to 1979. (by decals print release date) , bought second handed at Bratislava Plastic Winter model contest , last November, for just 6 EURo. Intended to be quick "Retro" build for fun , during New Year holidays as a first build in 2019. Out of box, old-school nostalgia style , with only few details painted , NPF (Natural Plastic Finish) , built in just four hours. Well spent and relaxing time , and lot of memories come to my mind, triggered by smell from No 001 tube of glue . Photos will tell the rest. Ready for inspection HERE;
  15. Another Aeropoxy G4 Super Galeb , built by Nikola a.k.a." MIHA" , from "Red Storm " resin , this time the one of prototypes, Revell white topsides, HU 230+bit of white, and Revell RED undersides ,23005 / 005 serials laser printed on clear decal paper, glossy finish.
  16. No problem at all, i'm also out of office, till 28.8. Have a nice holidays.
  17. Gnat was available for a while, just decals option was changed, no more Finnish versions, only RAF Gnat FMkI / India HAL AJEET and limited edition with Yugoslav AF samples. Regarding your comment about Super Galeb, mine was stalled too, ready for painting, but will wait for a month or so, to be finished. Happy modelling,
  18. That turned out beautiful, Cliff ! Well done!
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