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  1. Maybe one or two coats of Matt Varnish fix this 'bright look'. I agree with you. It's too shiny! About the 'cleaning look'... I was trying to avoid an bad vice I have: to build 'never-washed-planes'. Look the Skyhawk I built some time ago: I will fix the bright matter and will put a thread in 'Ready For Inspection'. Cheers!
  2. Parabat, Thank you for your comment. Today I finished the model. What I liked: - I changed the position of the pilot figure. It wasn’t easy, but I always want to do something like this. - For an extremely cheap kit and hard-to-build, the final result was better than I expect. What I didn’t liked: - Liquid Mask for this kind of masking: I didn’t succeed. - The exhaust pipes. They don’t look even close to the originals and I my painting wasn’t good. They are “non-metallic”. - I need to change my “modeling way”, when a model it’s getting boring, I use to relax and I don’t try to do the t
  3. Houston, Thanks for your nice words. Camouflage masking with Maskol is a ‘tricky’ thing. I had to repaint the borders of the colours or will look (more) strange. The pictures below, I made with Flash and Macro, so you can check exactly where I did the repaint: I hope I can post news about this little one soon. Best! Paul.
  4. Hi all! Thanks for your words Bill! Tsukuda? I didn’t even know there is (was) a company named Tsukuda. I hear some people say that Airfix is one of the best kits on 1/72. Something about the shape of the nose, that’s very correct. I am not a Mig Expert, so I just listen and try to learn. Thanks Sernak! Once the under surfaces painting was done, I put the landing gears on their places. This way I can paint the upper surfaces without damage to the paint job already done. This time I tried Maskol as a mask for painting. I use to apply Tamiya tape, but I thought I can try something different
  5. Well... tails are in their places and, in this lazy afternoon, I painted the under surfaces in grey. I use to fill the landing gear bays with toilette paper to "mask" them. I know there are better ways to mask this kind of things, but this way it's a little bit faster. Next task is to finish the landing gears. Cheers!
  6. Hi! These are the last pictures of the MiG-29. Commander 'Little Ivan' is already in his place and the two halves of the fuselagem are cemented: Upside down: Wings "installed"... ... as the elevators: Next task is to cement the tails. The gaps between the wings and fuselage needed some Putty and sanding. I long for the painting work! Cheers! Paul.
  7. Thanks RMCS and Dazz for your words. I finished the painting of the pilot some minutes ago: To be honest, he is not looking so bad. The "Macro" effect use to kills figures on 1/72. The first picture is a little bit funny: it looks like he is protecting him eyes from the flash. I hope I can put him in the seat tomorrow. After that, I want to make some ejection seat pull strings (between his legs) and glue the stick in its place. Thanks for visiting! Paul.
  8. Hi! I started the work in the MiG. The instruments panel doesn’t fit so good. A little bit of Putty and some painting and the problem is solved. Two pictures. After/Before: It doesn’t make sense to detail the sides of the cockpit. Almost nothing will be visible after the canopy closed. I just did the basics: IMHO, when the cockpit is poor, the best thing to do is to put a Boss in the Office. This pilot came from the Revell’s NATO Pilots. I worked a little to change his pose: For now... that’s it. I wish a great week for all of us! Paul.
  9. Hi all! I am already with two models in my workbench, but both are resin made. So… I was felling strange… something was missing in my life… finally I noticed: it’s the smell of styrene! I decided to fill this missing part of my life with this Mig-29A Fulcrum on 1/72 from Revell. Some years ago, here in Brazil, there was a collection. In every fascicle, was supplied one sprue of the model. I can't tell if the collection can be considered as a success, but to addicted guys like me, is one more model to build! I am not sure, but I think this model was produced with the Matchbox Tools. Maybe y
  10. Hi! It's done. Finished. At 89' of Second Half, but it's finished. Here the final pictures: This t-shirt was sent to me from a friend in Czech Republic: Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments! Paul.
  11. Hi! I painted the upper surfaces with Model Master 1725 Neutral Gray FS36270 and the under surfaces with Aero Master KSA9056 Lt Gull Gray FS36440. Thanks for your words. I already did some more thing in the Gripen. If I have the time, I will take some photos after dinner. Best! Paul.
  12. Hi! As I told before, I forgot my Model Masters paints. Get them and through this last week I finish the basic painting of the model. This afternoon I started to apply the decals and this is the way it looks now: All the decals was applied to the up and down surfaces. Now it's time the the left and right side decals. Best! Paul. P.S.: I need to write more in english. I am forgetting the basic things... ¬¬
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