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  1. Maybe one or two coats of Matt Varnish fix this 'bright look'. I agree with you. It's too shiny! About the 'cleaning look'... I was trying to avoid an bad vice I have: to build 'never-washed-planes'. Look the Skyhawk I built some time ago: I will fix the bright matter and will put a thread in 'Ready For Inspection'. Cheers!
  2. Parabat, Thank you for your comment. Today I finished the model. What I liked: - I changed the position of the pilot figure. It wasn’t easy, but I always want to do something like this. - For an extremely cheap kit and hard-to-build, the final result was better than I expect. What I didn’t liked: - Liquid Mask for this kind of masking: I didn’t succeed. - The exhaust pipes. They don’t look even close to the originals and I my painting wasn’t good. They are “non-metallic”. - I need to change my “modeling way”, when a model it’s getting boring, I use to relax and I don’t try to do the things the best I can. Below are the pictures. Best! Paul.
  3. Houston, Thanks for your nice words. Camouflage masking with Maskol is a ‘tricky’ thing. I had to repaint the borders of the colours or will look (more) strange. The pictures below, I made with Flash and Macro, so you can check exactly where I did the repaint: I hope I can post news about this little one soon. Best! Paul.
  4. Hi all! Thanks for your words Bill! Tsukuda? I didn’t even know there is (was) a company named Tsukuda. I hear some people say that Airfix is one of the best kits on 1/72. Something about the shape of the nose, that’s very correct. I am not a Mig Expert, so I just listen and try to learn. Thanks Sernak! Once the under surfaces painting was done, I put the landing gears on their places. This way I can paint the upper surfaces without damage to the paint job already done. This time I tried Maskol as a mask for painting. I use to apply Tamiya tape, but I thought I can try something different to see what I can get. Here is the sequence of pictures of the painting: Light Brown: Maskol: Light Green: Maskol: (Not so)Dark Green: Maskol: Brown: Next step is to take out the Maskol and check if some repainting is needed. Once this is done, I will paint the electronic panels with a medium/dark grey. That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting and feel free to post your thoughts. Best! Paul.
  5. Well... tails are in their places and, in this lazy afternoon, I painted the under surfaces in grey. I use to fill the landing gear bays with toilette paper to "mask" them. I know there are better ways to mask this kind of things, but this way it's a little bit faster. Next task is to finish the landing gears. Cheers!
  6. Hi! These are the last pictures of the MiG-29. Commander 'Little Ivan' is already in his place and the two halves of the fuselagem are cemented: Upside down: Wings "installed"... ... as the elevators: Next task is to cement the tails. The gaps between the wings and fuselage needed some Putty and sanding. I long for the painting work! Cheers! Paul.
  7. Thanks RMCS and Dazz for your words. I finished the painting of the pilot some minutes ago: To be honest, he is not looking so bad. The "Macro" effect use to kills figures on 1/72. The first picture is a little bit funny: it looks like he is protecting him eyes from the flash. I hope I can put him in the seat tomorrow. After that, I want to make some ejection seat pull strings (between his legs) and glue the stick in its place. Thanks for visiting! Paul.
  8. Hi! I started the work in the MiG. The instruments panel doesn’t fit so good. A little bit of Putty and some painting and the problem is solved. Two pictures. After/Before: It doesn’t make sense to detail the sides of the cockpit. Almost nothing will be visible after the canopy closed. I just did the basics: IMHO, when the cockpit is poor, the best thing to do is to put a Boss in the Office. This pilot came from the Revell’s NATO Pilots. I worked a little to change his pose: For now... that’s it. I wish a great week for all of us! Paul.
  9. Hi all! I am already with two models in my workbench, but both are resin made. So… I was felling strange… something was missing in my life… finally I noticed: it’s the smell of styrene! I decided to fill this missing part of my life with this Mig-29A Fulcrum on 1/72 from Revell. Some years ago, here in Brazil, there was a collection. In every fascicle, was supplied one sprue of the model. I can't tell if the collection can be considered as a success, but to addicted guys like me, is one more model to build! I am not sure, but I think this model was produced with the Matchbox Tools. Maybe you folks, from England, can tell me more about it. The model kit has five sprues. Four in gray plastic and one in acrylic: This is the decals that came with the kit: I will start the work without knowing what colour scheme he will "wear". There's a lot of options for colours when we talk about Mig-29. I have the decals above and some that I can adapt for East German. This russian version is nice and easy to paint: This czech version I think is cool! Is a "dark" camouflage scheme and is agressive/strong: It's possible to build a russian scheme very similar to the czech scheme: This version from East German is really nice too: When I start the work, I will post the pictures. As I always say (or write): - Sorry for my mistake english. - Feel free to post your comments. I am not the kind of guy that will feel offended with your words. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. Maybe I should blame Airfix... this model was resting very nicely in the stash, when I saw this month calendar from them: Thank you all for taking the time to visit this thread. All the best! Paul.
  10. Hi! It's done. Finished. At 89' of Second Half, but it's finished. Here the final pictures: This t-shirt was sent to me from a friend in Czech Republic: Thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments! Paul.
  11. Hi! I painted the upper surfaces with Model Master 1725 Neutral Gray FS36270 and the under surfaces with Aero Master KSA9056 Lt Gull Gray FS36440. Thanks for your words. I already did some more thing in the Gripen. If I have the time, I will take some photos after dinner. Best! Paul.
  12. Hi! As I told before, I forgot my Model Masters paints. Get them and through this last week I finish the basic painting of the model. This afternoon I started to apply the decals and this is the way it looks now: All the decals was applied to the up and down surfaces. Now it's time the the left and right side decals. Best! Paul. P.S.: I need to write more in english. I am forgetting the basic things... ¬¬
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