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  1. Same for me about the Plastruct office...... It's a very dangerous place (for my wallet)!
  2. Great work, but somebody in the UK is making a killing selling Evergreen plastic! List price for that pack in the US (where it's made) is $3.79. Current pound/dollar conversion puts that at 2.77 quid. I know postage to the UK ain't cheap now, but it's not too bad in bulk, and UK shops are stuck in the "quaint" olde-worlde wholesale/retail ratio of 33.33% discount, but blimy, that don't look right.....
  3. Which was reviewed in class once. It's dead on. Very nice. All I can say is "Damn Yankees!"
  4. Ideo exemplar patientius (Four years of High-School Latin did many things to me)
  5. Oh, and to get back on topic, I know a lot of the old Entex molds did eventually wind up with Minicraft. However, Minicraft did update many, and even re-did some. I have no idea if the current kit is actually from the same tool as this old gem.
  6. Oh, that IS a good idea! However, seeing as it's a flying BOAT, and was built in SoCal, methinks the Surf Punks are a better fit. And now I'm humming "Too Big......." which seems appropriate for such a monster plane!
  7. Looking good! The hammer can always be used as a brace, and as a weight if things need to be held in a certain position. Even if just to put some fear into the kit to behave.
  8. What an outstanding build! Very nice scheme for the Gotha, wonderfully executed, and finished quickly (in only a few weeks of building time it seems). If only I could get a build like this going! ps., Oh, yea, what about those 3D files? Then I could justify to myself the exorbitant price that the kit is getting these days!
  9. I think we may be all overthinking this one. What Moa's looking for is hundreds of ribs worth of 3.5mm tape (like Tamiya's yellow kabuki tape). Why not cut them yourself? Tamiya 87063 is the 40mm wide roll. On a nice clean cutting mat, lay down some strips long enough to go around the wing, mark off 3.5mm widths, get a fresh blade and a steel straight edge and slice away. Each piece of tape will yield 11 ribs if all cut perfectly, so lets say 6 or so from the first few, hopefully getting up to 10 after a few attempts. A full roll of 87063 is 18 meters long, so I doubt more than 1 would be needed. A hundred ribs are then only 10 perfect slicing sessions. Sounds tedious I know, but I've done similar. It's not so bad, and you'll probably be able to knock out more than needed so you can get picky about which ones you use and which ones get sent to discount Harry's Aircraft Emporium...... My 2 cents.
  10. Oh, say it ain't so! I've been to a couple of them, and they're generally pretty good. Yes, Anaheim had some issues (why pay for admission when you can walk in for FREE! door policy was one of them), but you can't blame Orange County IPMS for wanting to hold the event in Orange County! You should have contracted with a local guide who could have steered you away from the parking stress (Brookhurst even ran a shuttle van), and guided you to the good restaurants. Someone who grew up in Garden Grove, and knows all the shortcuts thru Anaslime. Only thing I can suggest about the peeps is to close your eyes and silently hum Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes to yourself...... ps. For those who arn't familiar with SoCal, here's a tidbit. The Anaheim Police Department's unofficial motto is "Guarding The Rat". There's a Orwellian mind set that infects most of the staff of all hotels, motels, and convention facilities that "Everything here is just fine! Nothing bad is happening. Believe us, as we are telling you that it is the case. No one stole your parking space. You were not cut off in traffic, you were just too early to your intersection meeting. After all, this is the happiest........." you get the idea. It's not a thing that everyone picks up on, and yes, I still try to go to Disneyland at least once a year. They still have a choo-choo after all.
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