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  1. What parts are missing ? I might be able to help.
  2. Was lucky to see her the other week at Invergordon.
  3. Hello everyone. I`m looking to model USAF and IAF F-16 in 1/144 and have had no luck in finding a decal sheet of USAF tail codes. The ones I am after in particular are WA and AZ. Does anyone know if there is a sheet of generic letters available that could be used. I have had a good look but am having no luck. I am also looking for a scorpion tail decal in 1/144. Does anyone know of a place where I might find it, I can find a sheet of other SQN`s but not this particular one. Many thanks. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/70666_1541230267.jpg
  4. Hello everyone, I am a returning Britmodeller from many moons ago. I am an ex-RAF Tornado technician living in Northern Scotland with an interest in 1:144 + 1:72 aircraft as well as 1:700 cold war/modern ships. Took time out from the hobby to pursue contract work on F-16`s with the Norwegians followed by a year in full time education retraining as a CAD draughtsman. Currently on my desk is a 1:144 Tomcat, F-16`s (need decals sourcing) and some Harriers. Perhaps not a good idea to ask what is on my slipway as I am sure I could re-create the whole Falklands Task For
  5. Very nice work. She is quite a nice looking ship when compared to other modern ships....not too top-heavy like the Type-45. Keep up the good work. John
  6. I like your canopy idea. What size drill bit did you use ? I am guessing at 0.5mm.
  7. A small bit of progress today. The basic structure for the hangar, a small bit of filler required but the dimensions match up nicely to the drawings. John Just an idea of scale against USS Intrepid.
  8. I have just been sanding them down, only 2 or 3 left to go. Got really cheesed of with sanding and have been doing some work on the basic structure of the hangar bay. I then go back to some more sanding while waiting for the glue to dry.
  9. Thanks for the offer Bookneck, I need to get some RADAR domes from Dave, so it would make sense to get the bits and bobs in one go. Thanks for the offer Dave, PM inbound !! Just sanding down the extra 1mm on the bulkheads. I must admit to scratching my head over why the bulkheads were sitting 1mm too high. It then dawned on me that the hull was sat on a baseplate of 1mm plasticard and that I had not taken this into account !! john
  10. Bit more work being done today, I will post pictures this evening. If anyone has any 1:350 generic parts leftover from Illustrious, Type 23, Type 45, I will gladly purchase these bits. Things I really need are: Pre-Mod 4.5inch Gun from the Trumpeter Type 23 kit ( Not the Kryten type) and Life raft cannisters. John
  11. Thanks Kev, I am very pleased so far but there is still a long way to go yet. It is not until you delve into the plans that you realise how many complex shapes there are. The ones that immediately jump out are the RADAR domes, the bow shape and the chimney, however, even items like the anchor or the breakwaters could easily take just as long. For me, the key to this build is trying to source parts that are already produced such as: bollards, liferaft cannisters and Lynx helicopter. There is no point in rebuilding something especially when my attempts would not be as good.
  12. Thanks Dave. I thought it would take me at least a week to get the hull shape right. I fully expected to be making replacement bulkheads to replace ones that did not look right, but thankfully I only needed to adjust one of them. The hull was the part I was most worried about. I was`nt quite sure if I would be up to the task !! Really looking forward to getting started on the superstructure. I wont fit a flightdeck until I have detailed the quarterdeck underneath. I think there are a few watertight doors here and will need to wait for the etched ones to arrive before going too far in this a
  13. The second side is now on. A bit of fetling is required, but in general I am very happy with the result. The anchor well is a bit annoying as there is a bulkhead sitting right behind it !!!!! Tomorrow I will fit the remaining side pieces and start work on the stern and the quarterdeck that sits below the flightdeck. John
  14. Thanks Seadog.......I just hope the other side matches !!
  15. A close-up of the bow showing the smooth shape......I am very pleased with the outcome. John
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