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  1. Talking to colleague he said that many years ago when on a ship during his navy service he noticed that a staircase appeared to be made upside down with the tread on the underside. I figured it might have something to do with in case the ship capsizes and it stirred a vague memory of reading something about something being fitted to vessels on the floor or the ceiling in case of capsizing. Can anyone shed any light on this as its kept me up for litterally hours trying to scour the internet for information relating to this.
  2. One more thing, what ratio of paint to thinner should I use?
  3. Bought myself some IPA. So now I feel relaxed again I'm going to buy some isopropyl alcohol and use that. Thanks for the help as usual folks.
  4. Begging your pardon. New to this site.
  5. I'll give it a try on some spare plastic and see what happens I think. Any other DIY shop thinners that could be used? Turps etc. Have lots of those knocking about.
  6. I'm brush painting with it. Could it be used straight from the pot?
  7. Can tamiya x22 be thinned with water like most acrylic paints or is a specialised acrylic thinner required?
  8. Thanks Graham. Much to consider and all advice is gratefully recieved. When I start on this build I'm sure it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.
  9. It can all get a bit overwhelming very quickly. For me I'm certain now that it has to be an intended cossack kit. Converting another ship although I could potentially have a great looking model, accurate to the best of my abilities, deep down I'll know the kit wasnt cossack. Might seem daft but it's quite personal so therefore has to feel right. I'm quite taken with the idea of getting the aeroplast version with the atlantic models PE set for extra detail. Im not an experienced modeller and haven't used PE so far. I'll be posting again when a decision is made and need to ask the forum about paints etc. (I.e. open a big can of worms!)
  10. I've come across tamiya XF17 on ebay. Would this be the right one? Also found someone in France selling humbrol 181 but the code number is FS15042.
  11. Could the atlantic models photo etch set for Hms cossack be used on the aeroplast kit?
  12. May have been when the ship was abandoned then. My history is a bit sketchy. The cossack association says he was picked up by HMS Legion and transferred to Victory via HMS Rodney. I also have the newspaper article. How does one insert a photo into these posts?
  13. A massive thank you to everyone for their input to this post. I now am astonished that more well known paint brands do not make this particular colour especially with the popularity of the aircraft that requires it. I now also know everything there is to know about GSB and ANA623. I will find the paint I need and in the type i prefer. I have a couple of model shops in my area so I will be asking them if they stock ANA623 or if they can order it in. Thanks again for everyone's help and the effort you have all taken to type your replies despite the fact the subject has been discussed on here before.
  14. I've seen glossy sea blue made by Vallejo, but says it its suited to airbrush. I'm a hairy stick user so would it ok to brush paint with?
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