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  1. those inverted + angled/slanted bars are common with new revell 1/48 mavericks f-18e .. hmmmm
  2. hi, it is possibly FS36473 "Counter Insurgency Gray" or "COIN gray"... regards
  3. nope… here is 69-7473 , an ISIK (ETM) upgraded ex german AC with LOROP pod
  4. RF-4ETM upgrade, have applied both versions, so you can build an Ex-german ( revell rf-4c kit is a great start) RF-4E as an ETM with non slatted wings and angled nose… actual AC at techmod decals which has shot downed by syrians is one of the two LOROP pod eqquiped RF-4ETMs converted from late model slatted winged one, bu the other one is ex-german and has exactly the same markings except tail number.
  5. hi, all Turkish F-4Es have slatted wings and slotted elevators, period… All RF-4E with slatted wings have rounded camera windows/nose, also nose, fuselage and tail strip lights and all ex-german RF-4Es have angled camera nose ,non-slatted wings , non- slotted elevators and nose and fuselage strip lights ...
  6. Nice job but I am not sure about the direction of rescue arrows...
  7. will be available at www.hobbytime.com.tr and some well known online shops at europe
  8. coming soon , will be available within few weeks here and here
  9. I did it few years a go, before Hasegawa kits released… here
  10. try here: https://stage.revell.de/en/service/service-form/model-building.html
  11. nope, pm kit is at 96th sale and only includes extra 1/72 decals
  12. https://www.hobbytime.com.tr/051-1144-F-4E-PHANTOM-II,PR-1487101.html academy plastic but includes nice decals and a base
  13. for ral 9006 mix aluminium with White and a few drops of black... it works perfect for me...
  14. but this one is repainted, after deleting the big black outlined white call numbers from intakes...
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