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  1. At least you are an end-user with an ocean of knowledge and experience about the stuff he is using. BTW, I had a chat with Metallic details last week about the mesh grill set for the new Revell's SR-71. Alexander said he is going to prepare a mesh only PE (without the exhaust nozzle enhancements ) in a month cheers Ray
  2. Wow, you know this stuff bro. Thank you heaps for taking the time to write this clear and detailed answer. you are a gem in the modeling community Take care : ))))
  3. @Mike Hi Mike, I've never used a 3D-printed part. I see some nasty markings and layer patterns on those parts. Should we sand them off or just accept them? What is your experience like? I appreciate you if you could spare a few minutes to enlighten me. Cheers
  4. Hey mate, what a build! great. how was the nose fit? I've heard the nose diameter is larger than the tip of the fuselage. Did you use any resin nose? Cheers, Ray
  5. Hi, Barzin Thanks a lot for giving me the color code and mix details. Btw, did you mix acrylic and Lacquer paints ? (I assume codes starting with H or acrylic and does starting with C are lacquer based ) Also, I checked on your phantom, it is a marvelous job. good on you buddy. Cheers, Ray
  6. Hi Barzin, This build is fantastic, a feast for my eyes. waiting for your Tomcat to arrive. Take care mate
  7. Hi Barzin, Lovely Trio mate. you will need a phantom and a Tomcat to make your collection fancier. And again, can I know Gunze color codes you used for this project ? To me it seems but the instruction manual is suggesting is not accurate so I thought maybe can ask your opinion ? Have a good one Ray
  8. Hi Barzin, This is a fantastic build mate. It got me interested to make one in Iran Imperial schema too. Can you please let me know what paints you used ? Thanks Bro
  9. Fantastic build mate. May I Know what paints to used for those two shades of grey over the fuselage, please ?
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