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  1. Thanks for the replies both, much appreciated. I'll probably stick to a combination of masking tape doubled back on itself and airbrushing some parts on the fret itself. After 6 months of having zero time to get into this hobby I'm back making progress. I added in the ships deck and then followed it up with some wooden decking as well. It's starting to take shape now, I think my next step is to attach all of the PE parts I have to their respective modules and go from there. I had a quick go
  2. Can anyone tell me what this tape is in the photo below, I presume it's some type of double sided masking tape?? (not my photo) but I have a feeling i will need some of this when I want to air brush my PE parts??? Can anyone help? Thanks.
  3. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Ah ok so paint the propeller shafts red, I've looked at lots of people's past models of the KGV and they all seemed to use gold or silver for the shafts, but if Red is the proper colour, I shall go for that. thanks. Are the actually propeller blades themselves still the gold colour? Yes I should do the B20, good point. I need to have a look how far along the B20 went along the hull. Not sure I trust this instruction manual ha! @EwenM I bought a Switzer air compressor for about £84 from amazon, and the actual airbrushes they come w
  4. Right, time for the first update on my very first model. I have built most of the structures but there's no need for photos of those until I start putting them on the ship and painting them. I've certainly learnt a lot along the way including many mistakes ha! So here's how the hull has come along. This is my first time doing this so airbrushing is completely new to me too. Starting off with the Red layer. (apologies in advance for the poor photos, I hate my camera and should have waited for a nice bright day for the photos) Next I
  5. Thanks guys, I shall hold off on the PE stuff and can always revisit it at a later date. I'll look into decent abrasives. And yep I've got the Tamiya masking tape. I've also opted to use Vallejo paints, both Air and Model which I believe are very good. Yep, I wanted to use the colour scheme that she wore during May 1941. So they grey scheme. I need to see what photos are around as it's hard to know what colours to paint the KGV. Are there any good photos/references to the real colour scheme? I'll try and have a look. Many thanks. EDIT
  6. Hi, So I've literally only just started getting into modelling as a hobby this week, and the 1/350 KGV is my first build I am trying. Still got plenty of equipment to arrive but I have made a good start on the kit. My main newbie questions as I am a complete beginner in all this was about Photo Etching. What is the general view on PE, is it worth the extra expense and is it seen as a must have for everyone? I've already ordered a wooden deck and an airbrush to do this to a decent standard and I will at the very least need to get some railings for my ship, b
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