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  1. OK, after some priming, sanding, filling, sanding, and priming with have progress. Primed in Ultimate black Then a base coat of (bear with me here) Vallejo Bright Brass That's drying, now, further updates to follow...
  2. Sign me up. This might finally be a GB for this beast I've been saving for over two years (I luuuurve building Gundam but want to do this one justice) Or this, which I intend to build how I'd love to modify one in real life if I had the money, so I got the PE detail kit, spoiler pack, and upgraded wheels with it Or one of these, all still not built yet As you can see my preferred modelling interests rarely fall into GB categories
  3. The body is prepped for its first primer layer to see if any tidying up is required. First the side scoops were installed Then I strengthened behind the front and real lights Then drilled them out, for the fronts I used a 5mm drill bit so they have a conical shape (but you can't tell on the pic) And the rears just a square hole, and I made slits in the light covers. I used a little pin vise, a lot of swearing, and not enough patience. So one of the covers is in for repair at the moment, hopefully I can save it. The body and hood have been washed, will try and get some primer on tomorrow.
  4. Ha, sorry, lazy photo cause I was done with it at the time. Thats just how they were blu-tack'd to the stick. The instructions do have them sloping rearward, but the only way to hold them in place before the lid goes on would be tacked in place with glue, but then you have to hope you have them lined up correctly for the lid. If you push the flush to the bodywork which you would think was correct, then the top it too upright for the lid to go on. Its really hard to describe. It would be nice to be able to push them through the holes from the back once the lid is on. So I was thinking about gently tacking some stiff-ish wire to the back of them that comes out through tail boom hole, glue the lid on, then try to manoeuvre them into place from the outside. I'll test that at some point, I do want to finish this.
  5. Apologies, I had to take a short break on this when I realised there was less than two weeks left on the Less Than a Tenner GB. But now I've managed to finish something for that one I could come back and finish the interior.
  6. Well I completed my Spitfire just in time, thanks for hosting a great GB @PlaStix. Question though, what happens to my stalled EC135 build thread? Do I start a new one in the Aircraft WiP room or can the existing thread be moved? I don't mind either way just don't want to start a duplicate thread if I don't need to. Thanks again, and well done all who joined in some great models in the gallery Paul
  7. Unfortunately my only entry to this GB, is both my first Spitfire build, and first camo paint job. Happy with it, but I snapped the antenna wire off during photos, so needs re-attaching this afternoon.
  8. Finished! Although I dropped it and knocked that radio antenna off while taking final photos but it will be re-attached this afternoon. It was damn fiddly to do once, so chill and repair it later
  9. Finally won one of these on Ebay, after being outbid on several at the beginning of the year. Kind of didn't mean to buy it as cash is tight this month, but it ended early on a Saturday morning when I was working from home. I checked and the price was still low, I fully expected to get out bid couldn't not bid at that price in case it didn't go any higher when it ended. So yeah I'm happy, but the decals will be a challenge on this...
  10. Underside decals are on, few more applications of Micro Sol required. All undercarriage part painted up ready to install. Fingers crossed this one will make it into the gallery.
  11. Sorry guys, I think I'm done with this one for the GB at least, I just don't have the mental capacity to keep battling it right now. The windscreen is going OK, but the exhausts have got me beat right now. Such poor design. I have to make them fit in this hole before the lid goes on, but the shape of them does not match the contours of the fuselage. As you can see I tried to make a bracket to hold one in place but it will not sit correctly when the lid is on, so I need an alternate plan
  12. Brown layer on first. Masked with Blu-Tac. Happy with that for my first camo job. All constructive criticism welcome though if there is anything I could do better.
  13. So after realising that there's just over a week left I thought I'd better pull my finger out with this. Got work replacing all the masking tape edging that had peeled up, carefully lining it up with the previous paint line etc. Then with my hands full tried to grab some tissue while thinning paint, knocked some sellotape off the top of my spray booth straight on to the Spit. Knocked the antenna off, and it is nowhere to be found, even after 30 mins searching and much strong language And to make matters worse, my phone would not focus on the damage and insisted on focussing on the lettering behind Still, its had its coat of dark earth-ish (Vallejo English Uniform 921, which according to some Googling is a very close match to the actual colour) and is drying before a second layer.
  14. You are quite correct @mustang1989 getting away is very important for the mind. And wait no more, here is a small update Seats are ready for top coating, I did the main bit anthracite grey, and then just lightened it a smidge for the centre ribbing (doesn't look that different in photos, but in real life it is subtle but noticeable). A bit of Molotow chrome for the brackets on the sides. Some detailing in the tub done. Not 100% happy with the chrome on the door panels, but it doesn't look that ganky to the naked eye and I'm struggling getting it neat with the angle of attack with the paint brush required. I could have done a neater job if the side panels were separate pieces. Pedals are quite tidy though, done in aluminium. And the shifter (is that the US term for gear stick?) is ready for a top coat to protect the paint from the decal setting solution. Steering wheel is ready for top coat then decal. Dials have had a coat of Molotow, ready for top coat and decals, and thanks to the heads up from @Spiny about the speedo decal being too small for the opening I'll need to paint the speedo dial black before applying that decal. Or if I'm feeling brave have a go at his wash method... Dash done anthracite with Molotow chrome for the detail, ready for top coat before decal. And finally my switch is in place, using UV curing resin
  15. My apologies peeps, all 3 of my current group builds got put on hold, I had a lot on in real life and didn't get much time for modelling. But I return from a family break in a lodge in the woods in North Wales all refreshed. Over the last couple of weeks though I have been acquiring various components for an upgrade I plan to add to this to hopefully make it stand out a little. I had also painted some detail to the door cards in Molotow chrome prior to going away, which need a bit of tidying up. Will get some pictures posted as soon as I can.
  16. My apologies peeps, all 3 of my current group builds got put on hold, I had a lot on in real life and didn't get much time for modelling. But I return from a family break in a lodge in the woods in North Wales all refreshed. I just need to replace some of the detail masking tape that has kinked and moved during the time it spent idle, then I can resume painting this. FYI, I can't justify buying numerous specific paint colours, especially when I'm unlikely to use them again, so I will be mixing up the closest approximate brown and green I can for the camo.
  17. My apologies @PlaStix all 3 of my current group builds got put on hold, I had a lot on in real life and didn't get much time for modelling. But I return from a family break in a lodge in the woods in North Wales all refreshed, so decided this would be best tackled first. I had already decided it would be best to mask the side windows before replacing the windscreen in case they came out again. Ready for windscreen refitting now, will fill the centres with liquid mask just before painting as it can be easy to scrape off accidentally...
  18. Finally got round to masking the bottom off, and the new canopy And black primer down
  19. I meant to add in the previous post that the replacement canopy arrived the day after I paid for it, and is being prepped. But thanks for the offer @2996 Victor most appreciated.
  20. Underside is ready for masking when the top coat has fully cured
  21. That seems like a really good plan actually. Unfortunately in my annoyance I already pulled the windscreen back out to do it. I fixed the broken side and strengthened the other side, and now I will mask them before re-fitting the windscreen. The only up side is I can clean up around the windscreen frame and try and get it seated a little better.
  22. I really wanted this kit so will look forward to it. And Tamiya are a joy to build, I've been fighting a lot of Revell kits recently.
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