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  1. Hello, Have you been successful in building a P-51D 1/48 from Eduard, in flight (flaps up, gear up), as shown onthe box art ?? From experience, it is not always possible... What's your experience ? Thank you!
  2. Indeed. I initially to follow the rivet-counter path (the curved yellow tips) but yours is definitely good enough for this scale : straight lines ! And a clean straight line is always nicer than a clumsy curved one Thank you for revigorating me on this kit !
  3. Very nice build. Mine is currently stalled (Tyrolean / Autstrian Airlines). Do you have any tips for painting the propeller blades ?
  4. Don't use anything alcohol based with Vallejo paints, otherwise they will turn into a kind of goo. Use the brand thinner AND a couple of drop of flow improver. The flow improver is really a game changer as it delays the drying time and therefore the dry tip.
  5. I've started this kit few months ago. It is a very difficult one and I hope you will get more patience and dexterity than me, along with a decent stock of files, sanding sticks and putty. I always build my aircraft "in flight" so I saved some sanity not building the engine or the landing gear. The engine nacelles are not fit-friendly. Decals are very thin but very decent. By hiding 2 small but strong neodym magnets behind the firewall, between the landing gear strut, and using some kind of metal wires (from staples) it would be possible to magnetize one of them, s
  6. Got mine on ebay. But be forewarned : it is a terrible kit that doesn't worth its price. Good luck ! Maybe in years Tamiya will release one
  7. Here's the result, still WIP... Not perfect but good enough in regard with the quality of the kit. Sidenote : I am well aware of the innacurate red. It fits my taste. I don't replicate existing models.
  8. The sticker is pre-cut. The oval part is to stick on the canopy. It is in relief and mimic the opening. Like so :
  9. my company used to fly Dash 7 to Courchevel. Pretty steep runway and low approach speed.
  10. The kit are over-expensive for the quality. I bought the Q400 as it's the only model available on the market for sentimental reason. What a deception ! It is so roughly molded. I spent a lot of time on it and I will finish it but now, the pleasure will be in the destination, not the journey as I usually do in modelling. As already written in another discussion, I have now black-listed all ukrainian brands, having being burnt several times. Now, if you are patient, like to sand, fill the seams and build something from nothing, go for it, you will not be disappointed.
  11. I am currently building it. This is a terrible kit. Plastic and molding are soft. The details, when existent, are drowned into flash. Nothing fits and the kit is now made of 50% plastic, 30% putty and 20% CA glue. Praise to Flory and his sanding sticks ! I do not recommend it for beginner or for people used to Tamiya. Not sure about what's happening with all those ukrainian brands (sold at very high prices) but this is definitely the last I'm buying, after a similar experience with an Eastern Express Dash 8 Q400. Too bad for them as, at least, they are proposing models
  12. This is my second kit after a 30 years break. Coming from a Tamiya Spitfire Mk I 1/48, I find the quality of this kit... interesting, with a lot of flash and a very soft plastic. But... after clean up, the parts seem to pose no major problem so far. Anyway, I will take my time. Reading other posts on this brand keeps me motivated as people slowly getting their way through issues, one step at a time. I am afraid I will have to also build the engines, the openings in the cowls being quite large.
  13. The idea of using staples for magnetizing the canopy frame is absolutely brilliant. I use to build exclusively "in flight" models but was thinking about a convenient way to remove the canopy for cockpit inspection. Thank you !
  14. Good morning ! I've received my DH-88 1/48 from Mikromir and plan to build it, as all my models, in-flight. For those having done this kit, how would you address this question as the option is not included ? The cinematic of the gear looks intricate ; would removing the diagonal piece of the landing gear and gluing it horizontally suffice ? Thank you! Eric.
  15. Hello First time using this product... I airbrush undilluted Vallejo Polyurethan Satin varnish on top of Vallejo acrylic paint, as a protective layer. Then, after 20 hours drying time, I apply Flory wash. Following this, when gently rubbing the wash with a cloth as usual, the varnish starts to peel off, like the skin after a sunburn. I was able to remove entire wing portion It seems that the water based wash has rehydrated the varnish. Experimenting then with this drama, I wet the model, rub it lightly and reproduced the same effect on unwashed section.
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