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  1. Thanks Chris for link . very useful though there are no actual photos of the prints in 1/600 or smaller . I never managed to get hold of a good Mark 6 twin 4.5 inch turret scale plan. Unfortunately my modelling days are over due to ill health.
  2. Say its a 1/4 inch thick which I doubt thats 250 thou Divided by 48 thats 5 thou 10 thou would be 1/2 inçh thick
  3. I have followed your built too and it also a guided to the many flaws of the airfix model. You did a great research with the comparative profiles and your finished model is a result of great determination. Well done.
  4. Thanks Yes a very good article. Actually it triggered me on until I realised that the Glamorgan and most of the ships of this class are different. One has to appreciate the amount of work these guys go through to share such research for the benefit of fellow modellers. A recommended site. I found a good source of photos on county class destroyers site especially on hms Hampshire but then again different from the Devonshire I have yet to calculate the space between the front funnel and the radar mast. Thanks for the feedback and hope this article will be useful and inspirational to all davidgrech.blogspot.com
  5. Out of sheer nostalgic memories and the challenge of an old kit I took the plunge for an accurate small model of Hms Devonshire Sadly no plans for this particular ship although still not feasible paying for large scale plan Lot of photos of the class but they have to be of the actual ship The actual model is far too inaccurate main issues forward superstructure short and far too back main mast on wrong structure Aft deck too short
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