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  1. Hey. I will post some pictures when I come home after work. Have to look up where they are. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Nice work on the Merlin. Mine is still waiting for installment. I have lots of issues with the nose parts. On the shelf of doom for a long time already. Will follow your build, maybe it results in picking up and building the Spitfires again I have in my stash. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Thanks for the kind words, appreciated. Well Dennis, I really like Thailand, enjoy every minute of it for almost 6 years now. Hope to spend the rest of my life over here. My brother is also living here, for more than 20 years already. We are in Recycling Business and work just outside Bangkok, Pathum Thani province close to Ayutthaya. Until next time. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. Pictures of todays workbench experiences... I used Tamiya TS-78 as a base color for the Mitsubishi Interior 'Reflective Green". You can see the difference from the radio rack with rest of the cockpit. Very happy with it. If you look at the dash you see almost no difference with applied paint. Hand painted over the TS-78. Happy with the result. Already has a gloss coat from Mr. Hobby, ready for some greasy oily dirt. Thought I had the wing captured today, but no.. Until next time. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Hello Stew. Thanks for looking in. As I have mentioned before, this was on my ToDo list as being a modeler. And yes this quite an experience. I had some workbench with the kit today, with ups and downs, it isn't fun all the time because it is a very precise kit. I made some progress on the engine and cockpit, radio and wing. Wing did not make my day, it got airborne because one of the clamps launched it. No further damage, but.. stupid me! Thailand has become familiar with some Good Old Dutch Cursing. The afternoon went ok, painted was the ZEN for today. Pictures will follow soon. Robert Jan
  6. I have been thinking about the scheme and I knew this photo was still somewhere. I know Hasegawa has the "prisoner of war" kit with the same scheme. Anybody knows who makes decals for this in 1/32 scale. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  7. Will be on a hold for some time, but I made a start with the chassis of one of the trucks. Then I got trouble with the Resin Tires... Panzer Art can really ruin your day. Until next time. Robert Jan
  8. Hello all. This kit was a "Bucket List" I have to do a Zoukei-Mura kit. I started with the radial engine about 2 years ago, but it went back in to my cabinet of ongoing projects. This week I found out a Campaign is running with the subject Radial Engines. Still waiting for approval of a started kit for that campaign, I might as well do the build blog over here on Britmodeller.com. Should be fun. The Magnificent Mitsubishi Kasei Engine Type 23kou Zoukei-Mura let you build a plane just a little different from the others you build. They have a 'Concept' for that. Reading the manual before you start is more than needed with good information, some history, etc. The kit is not over engineered, but construction is like the real deal and it works only if you follow up instructions very precise. The Office... A Sunday morning build. Fit is unbelievable good. The details go under the floor and all will be connected. For this kit I have an Eduard PE set. Except for the IP, (my eye sight is too bad for painting that), I will not need the rest of the PE. Detail is just very good. would be a Big Sin to cut away the pretty levers and switches. Next will be the wing, landing gear and radio. So far so good. It was a nice Sunday, little bit of this and a little bit of that. All the best and until next time. Robert Jan
  9. Hello. This will be the first Plane I'm gonna build on Britmodeller.com Better do it right the first time, so I opened the Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf109-G6. A lot of AM was gathered already to add to the build. AM from Eduard is the Big Sin Set.I started building the engine and it's coming along very nice. I'm an engine freak, so all the hatches and things that show the engine will be opened. Cockpit will be a mix of the Eduard set and I leave from the Revell kit. From the AIMS set I have the opportunities to open what I like all over the fuselage, we will see. Picked out "Yellow 6", because it has a nice winter camo. Decals come from EagleCals and look very nice. All other stuff that comes to add the build will be called out later. A lot of the AM will not be used for this one, I'm sure...There will be another after this. Will post some photos when there is progress. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. Armor has come to a hold recently. 2020 really got of the floor with Revell's Messerschmitt Bf109-G6 in 1/32 build. All the aftermarket goodies are present. I started with the Magnificent Eduard Big Sin Set for this beautiful bird. For a Radial Engine Campaign another kit came back on the bench. SWS Noº 5 - Zoukei-Mura J2M3 Raiden 1/32 scale. Will open build logs for both on the other side of Modeling Heaven. It's a fever that comes and goes, those things with wings and engines..... Kind regards, Robert Jan
  11. 251/7 Ausführung C comes from AFV Club. The trailer is Bronco's Sd.Ah.52 Ammo Trailer for FLAK. Motorcycle comes from Vulcan. It's a mix of OOB & scratch build. Thanks for the kind words and looking in, appreciated. Robert Jan
  12. I'm in. My VW Kübelwagen with Radio set (Dragon) is flying somewhere, but it's coming soon. So very interested in what you are doing with the kit. I don't copy, this is some weird coincidence. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  13. Will be following this one Very nice! Robert Jan
  14. Top Job Steve! I'm already light years behind, but I will pop up soon, to show where I am with the Blitz Twins,(I hope).
  15. Hello Steve. You have to lower the triangle on the cab, unless the Blitz is towing a trailer. If not, it has to be lowered, forward. Kind regards, Robert Jan
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