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  1. Very very nice. I am very impressed with the muted contrast you have managed to achieve between the primary camouflage colours. To my eye, it looks very realistic. Well done.
  2. Well worth the effort, and the satisfaction of victory.
  3. Sam, I like what you've done here. The paintwork has turned out well and the weathering gives it a nice finish. Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the Tamiya Lacquers, I will have to give them a go at some stage.
  4. I can only echo the comments of others. This is an amazing piece of work. Well done.
  5. Jon, this is a truly outstanding build, well done. The publishers of Scale Aircraft Modelling (Sept 21) can thank you for posting some images of your build on Britmodeller.com because I purchased the digital version of the magazine to read your article. I found your article informative, I picked up a few tips for future builds. I'll definitely be referring back to your article and this post (for some visual inspiration) when I get around to building the Hasegawa F-2A I have in the stash. I am a big fan of the Japanese oceanic camouflage schemes and I purchased the Hasegawa kit and the DXM JASDF ACM 2013 decal set some years ago. I am looking forward to doing the 8th Squadron Black Panther version. Thank you for sharing your build with us.
  6. Congratulations on a truly outstanding build. Your photography is also excellent, providing the right amount of detail to compliment your commentary. Finally, thank you for outlining the various processes you used to get the finish you have achieved, that was very helpful.
  7. That looks much better with the exposed joints eliminated. Good work.
  8. Beautiful! That looks fabulous. There’s something unique about these photo-reconnaissance Spitfires. I really enjoyed looking at your model, thanks for sharing.
  9. Well I am very glad that made its way back to page 1, it would have been a shame to miss it. Very pleasing to see. Superb modeling.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to update your original post. It was very nice to see these again (without the ‘photobucket’ graffiti). So many excellent models, the Hustler is one of my faves.
  11. Very impressive painting and weathering. That was a real pleasure to see. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  12. Wow! Jon, the finish on your build is amazing. How did you get the paint to lie down so smoothly? And how did you do the exhaust stain? I’ll head on over to the build article to see whether you answered those questions over there. Amazing build, well done.
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