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  1. Very nice! Subtle weathering and realistic groundwork. I love the wooden box on rear deck! Ciao Filippo
  2. Outstanding job, Steve! Do you know the story behind the long exhaust pipes? Ciao Filippo
  3. Very nice. Great weathering and I love the accessories here and there. No diorama? Ciao Filippo
  4. Really spot on! The stencils on left armoured plate of the gun is a great touch! Bravo. What did you use to make snow on tracks? Thank you Ciao filippo
  5. Great, great idea, John I'm looking for wip! Which theatre? Normandy or (please tell me yes!) Italy? Ciao Filippo
  6. Hi John, I had the same idea but with regret I abandoned the project. Which model you'll use to made a Kangaroo? May this can help you https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/viewtopic.php?p=1622168#p1622168 Ciao F
  7. Thank you! I'll search Dragon ones! Ciao f
  8. Very nice, subtle but effective weathering! What do you think about MasterClub tracks? A really tedious job? Thanks filippo
  9. Hi All, i'm very interested to made a British/Canadian or Commonwealth Sherman used: - in Western Desert during El Alamein battles; - in Italian theatre (Operation Huskey, Ortona area, Cassino area). In your opinion which is the best 1/35 Sherman available on the market? Many thanks for your help Ciao Filippo
  10. Fantastic! I love the yellow wing tips over the camo. It remember me IDF Shahak/Nesher. Please make a Kfir! Ciao Filippo
  11. Well done! Tracks from the kit or aftermarket? ciao Filippo
  12. Believe me, guys! Stay away from Villers Bocage! Very nice, what did you use for water? Ciao Filippo
  13. Superlative. I have this model but with no interiors on my pipeline so your work is absolutely useful. Great pics, too! Ciao Filippo
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