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  1. Ready for a clear coat of Klear befor weathering
  2. The bits fitted together and pre shaded Looks a mess at the moment, but all will be OK later on once the final coats are applied
  3. Here is the body finally painter and the decals applied And weapons installed
  4. As i said in a previous post, the included weaponry was a bit naff Here you can see the difference between the original and the Eduard Brassin Resin ones
  5. And on to the wings A bit further along and this was the final whhel bay after detailing and a bit of wethering
  6. Next the body Everything seems to be goinfg really well, no fit issues
  7. The Front wheel bay next As i discovered to ny cost, the wheel bay doors are part of this piece and a quite fragile and snap off quite easily
  8. So heres the cockpit Nothing special, straight out of the box
  9. Soon to appear here is my quick, week long build of this model It has been sat on the shelf for quite a while with so many other models Stay Tooned!!
  10. A coat of primer to show up any imperfections, and gaps etc, then ready for painting
  11. Painted and added some fine solder to create pipes on the under carriage
  12. Cant beleive its been such a long time since starting this model and my last post here Lockdown has given time to do some more work on this model. So here are the latest pics the tail has mow been fitted not too much filling and sanding to get it to look half decent A small amount of photoetched parts were supplied with the kit so have fitted them
  13. A couple of more updates The missicle crriages are built and installed Below you can see the fitting issues with the wings...both were as bad Built the Paweway bombs that came with the kit They really are pants, so bit the bullet and have invested in Eduard Brassins resin set. Just waiting for them to arrive along with the paint masks You can see below that the entire wing lengths needed filling. Not shown was that there were gaps in the leading edges of one of the wings that also needed some filling. (These are not th Eduard bombs) Off on my hollies for a week, so more when I get back
  14. A bit more progress, Front wheel well and bomb bay done today and after some weathering Bomb racks next, then on to the wings. Already see fit issues with them
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