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  1. George built a little of everything. His latest builds were some Bandai Star Wars kits, and adding to his train layout. Then he worked on a military vehicle. One of his last posts was in his empty workbench with the caption “What’s next?” It gave me the idea of dedicating the next one to him. So my next one was this Messerschmitt.
  2. I normally would say it’s not dirty enough, but it being the prototype.. Love the gold!
  3. This is dedicated to my friend of 27 years, who we lost earlier this week. Clear skies and tailwinds, George Louis Creed...
  4. Well, there’s really only six squadrons that flew it, so it’s limited. But there’s still several version a of each. Thanks! It’s nanometer sharp! As good as Bandai’s.
  5. I had to rescue this one for the SoD, after finishing the GWH kit. Aires cockpit and exhausts, and Speed Hunter decals.
  6. It’s a UAV, not a drone. Drones fly a preprogrammed mission, with little to no input from the pilot or operator. Or an RPA, remotely piloted aircraft.
  7. Ok, after a long type up, I got this review done. It’s modeled in the forms of Doug Memuro’s Doug Score, if you’re familiar with it. Without Further ado: Great Wall Hobbies 1:48 F-15E Strike Eagle The D Score In The Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs:7 The box has attractive and colorful boxart, andportrays the aircraft in a dynamic setting. The box is a standard, top opening box of good construction. The instruction sheet is laid out in standard, isometric drawings and exploded views, which are mostly accurate, except for the few details I’ll explain later. However there is a
  8. I’ll have a detailed write up soon. I have to transfer it to my phone. Resin seats and TwoBobs decals. The GBU-38s are Brassin and the GBU-31, AIM-120, and AIM-9X are from the Tamiya Viper kit.
  9. I always check for adding noseweight. Even on builds that shouldn’t need it
  10. They’re delicate and the weight of the wings bent them. So I do have the pogos, they’re just not in the pics.
  11. Mostly painless. There’s still some work that AFVC still news to do on fit and fidelity...and that weird plastic. There were lots of gaps, mainly on the wings, and bottom of the fuse. In fact I did have to shim the seam by the lower periscope opening, and the Q bay side seams.
  12. I did! Like I said, there was some tweaking I had to do to the walkways, since it’s not specifically sized. Thanks! Uh, well the box info had the dimensions, so I’m not sure But I can say that it won’t fit inside the IKEA Detolf display cases I have. I had to set it atop the case.
  13. Not as much as you’d think, since they’re broken up and not continuous. That being said, I did have to cut it to fit this kit as it wasn’t designed for it initially.
  14. The howdah, yes it is. It’s a simple, but well detailed 5-part affair.
  15. Xtradecals and some antennas from Eduard.
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