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  1. Looking great! But dude, brush up on your control surface terminology man! It has leading edge flaps, not slats. It also has separate flaps, and ailerons on the trailing edge, no flaperons. Tailerons....eh, I'll give you a pass on that one, since they do help in roll authority. But otherwise, those are horizontal stabilizers, or just stabs
  2. Now this is something I've wanted to see for a while. How difficult or easy it would e to drop the flaps. Watching closely...
  3. Ah yes, the Golden Turdchicken JDAMs. I do believe they're just copies of the Hase JDAMs. Either way, they're still looking good!
  4. 16? Where'd you get them all? Hase veepuns set?
  5. That's...wel...I...you...fu.....and......gee....umm......ah buuuuuuh!
  6. haha! Really? Not really the same thing, you'd be surprised. But anyway, yeah man I'm on board here. And come and at least say hi to us over there at Z5!
  7. Ah, using an erasing shield as a scribing guide. I see what you did there! Done it myself many times.
  8. I wanna see what the green will look like.
  9. Actually doing the UAV thing! That's what that avatar means I'm hanging out with a bunch of old friends on a new site. And I had totally forgot I joined this site almost a year ago!
  10. Yeeesssss? Wassup Martin! Long time!
  11. Almost any gray! The radome is not painted, but covered in a neoprene-based coating that gathers grime, dirt, smoke, you name it. So it all depends on time, weather, and maintenance. Just follow your references and you'll be fine: For more info, check this sticky thread: Zone-Five HTH!
  12. Detail is awesome! Way to spruce up the kit, it sure needs it!
  13. Dude! Kick bottom! Neat little set there. Looks like it needs quite a bit of work, but I can tell the results will be worth it!
  14. Out-effing-standing! I have one of these kits in my stash, and this sure makes me want to build it!
  15. I can't fathom any more superlatives, so I'll just add nothing But this is truly inspiring me.
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