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  1. I really hope this trend continues. Well, two trends. a) I hope Tamiya makes more warbirds, and b)they retool their older warbirds like they did with the Spitfire. I think the Corsair and Thunderbolt are ripe for that.
  2. Full write up: Tamiya P-38F/G Lightning Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 9 Although Tamiya’s instruction sheets have been industry standard for decades, they’re due for an upgrade. More color, and 3D graphics have permeated many others by now. Having said that, the stalwart nature of the sheets make them easy to read and follow. So I might just contradict myself here. At any rate, the decals DO need an upgrade, and many would agree. Sprues: 10 Absolutely zero flash. Superbly molded, and parts gates are state of the art. However, the attachment points on a mating surface
  3. I told myself I wasn’t gonna do all gray, but I wanted to get it done before I left on a work trip. Sooooo....
  4. Mr. Color lacquer 337, FS35237 Grayish Blue. It’s more gray than blue with just the right hue. No mixing needed!
  5. I had no issues with the fit. Or with any of the build, really. No flash at all. I almost never have flash in an Airfix kit.
  6. They all had clear noses. It’s the fiberglass. Some didn’t have them painted over so as to not have the paint interfere with the radar. But underneath all the painted noses was the same material. Semi opaque fiberglass.
  7. This kit still holds up, after all these years. If nothing else, get them for the wonderful box art! Good work!
  8. The only issue I had with the tails were the angles. It doesn’t really lock into place. And I think I did shim it. I’d have to look again.
  9. I did not. The last time I built a fujimi kit, there was no internet. Shows how long it’s been
  10. Thanks, but not enough to not doff some Hase kits. They’re gone. I don’t care one iota about that windscreen. I already got another one of these Kinetic kits coming.
  11. Wow this just came up on my feed again. Well now that I’ve built the Eduard kit, I can fully confirm that they did in fact step up their gane, and the Eduard Mustang is a gem!
  12. Dirty! Well used. Man, I was gonna do an Italian one next, but you’ve taken the cake!
  13. No FO whatsoever. The LEDs shine through the holes in the parts just fine. No reflective paint or foil, just opaque plastic. I don’t know about he snap kit, but it’s roughly half the size of the 1/2700 Zvezda/Revell kit.
  14. Yup! For a short time they did. They went to B’s afterward. Btw, fleet squadrons (excluding test/eval) that flew the F-14D are: VF-2 VF-11 VF-31 VF-101 VF-124 VF-213
  15. Bandai’s exquisite new ISD. It goes together very fast. It’s also smaller than I thought, but was a blast to build. And the lighting set looks great!
  16. Yeah I was around a CF-104D many years ago. And I was curious, so I walked around checking it out. And I can say that yes, those leading edges are supremely sharp! Not Xacto blade sharp, but if you swiped your hand or arm quickly on them, You could injure yourself. So I had to be careful, and I was able to manually move the control surfaces. Not easily, but still.
  17. Ref pics show that they droop a little bit. Sometimes they don’t. But I know you can physically make the droop if you walk by one and pull it down. The flaps. Same thing. The flap hinges have the angle molded in, so I just left it be.
  18. Kinetic 1/48 F-104G Starfighter Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 7 This is the biggest letdown of the whole kit. But I’ll get to that. The decals are cartograph, so they are of perfect register, glossy, and colorful. There aren’t many, as the only options you have are for German Zippers. And all versions are attractive, with two three-tone camouflage and one Marine jet with the two-tone gray/silver scheme. The instruction sheet belies the excellence of the rest of the kit. Kinetic has been told directly, by myself and others, that their instruction sheets are subpar and in dire need of improve
  19. I’ll have a full writ up coming, but short answer, yes! Highly recommended.
  20. This new Kinetic Kit was a delight to build! Full write up soon.
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