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  1. Oh man...ummm...I honestly forgot, it was years ago now... I think it was TMM enamel RAF Dark Green, and RAF Medium Sea Gray. I preshade with Mr. Surfacer Black 1500, and add the base colors on top, varying for effect. Then I weathered the stains with Tamiya weathering sets A,B,C,D after a coat of Dullcote. Then I add another coat of Dullcote to seal it.
  2. Love the napalm! Reminds me of FosChek. And it’s all dirty! Love it!
  3. Yup. The new leading edges are on the outboard panels of the wings. This was pretty evident I. The F.6 release, as the cutaway lines were already molded in.
  4. My come at about this kit are nondoffeeent from the F.6, really. Except for the leading edge. It does take some work. It’s not a drop in, but that does somewhat depend on the cut you make. Even a perfect cut out will still take a little work. But nothing most of can’t handle. I did have to add thin shims to it, and it turned out alright.
  5. Added some black to my dark green and post shaded.
  6. Having built both the Revell and GWH mudhens, I gotta day, they’re pretty matched. And the Revell is over 20 years old.
  7. How can one not remember that movie? It’s been the model for my life! That and Real Genius But yes, that movie is what started my love for the Viper.
  8. The red is Tamiya TS-36 fluorescent red over TS-98 pure orange, over TS-26 pure white. All sprayed right out of the cans.
  9. They look fine to me Just preference I guess. Thanks!
  10. Pics are on the fritz again.
  11. “..imagine that I'd free all my sons, I love 'em love 'em baby” Now you got that Lauryn Hill song stuck in my head! Absolutely love the tonal depth on the red! A triumph!
  12. This kit still holds up today. We’re spoiled for choice on Mustangs now. Nice work, I dig!
  13. I’ve been asked what paints I used. Ask and you shall receive: The blue is Testors MM enamel Cobalt Blue. Alclad II shades; fuselage-aluminum and duralumin. Rudder and elevators-white aluminum. Flaps and ailerons-airframe aluminum. Bottom wing plate- hi-shine plus aluminum. Wings-Tamiya lacquer LP-38 flat aluminum. All of it was primed with Mr. Surfacer Black 1500.
  14. The iconic Mustang. I’ve never built one, so this was a must. OOB.
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