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  1. I knew it was news when Hobbico acquired Revell AG. They were doing fine before that. And by fine, I mean I know they had issues, and were looking for an answer. But Hobbico wasn’t it. They would’ve made it through.
  2. Welp, looks like this may soon be an extinct kit: http://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/hobbico-files-for-bankruptcy/909851835 Hobbico filing for bankruptcy is a huge deal for the hobby.
  3. Hornby is having its own issues. They won't be making capital investments for a while. At any rate, here's a follow up: http://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/hobbico-files-for-bankruptcy/909851835
  4. My renditions of Blue 3,9, and 12. Blue Squadron was a composite squadron, with both Y and U wings assigned during the Battle of Scarif. Blue 12 I surmised would still have its original yellow stripes along with some rudimentary blue markings, due to time constraints. OOB, with Cosmos Models decals.
  5. Aha! I see the top of a Futaba or Airtronics gimbal stick there. Nice touch. I think that's my favorite of all the work you did. All that stowage in the net. I'm not a big fan of TFA, but a fan of this work for sure!
  6. OOB with SSI decals. So, definitely not Tamiya quality, but it’s very nice and good value. The only shape issues I encountered were the main gear doors. They are flat, with no contour. You’d have a time getting them to fit for an inflight model. Fit was excellent all around. No major issues. The wings have no rivet detail, so it’s coreect for a newer bird with hadn’t had its coating worn and ablated yet. But also no rivet detail on the flaps whatsoever. Cockpit detail is good, but strangely NO effort was made to add a harness. No parts, no decals.
  7. Very sad! I enjoyed every minute of it. I was gonna build another SW kit right after, but everything seemed like a letdown.
  8. This kit is everything it’s touted to be. If I have one complaint, is a common one for Bandai kits, is the decals suck. But anyway, OOB. It was an absolute delight to build. No issues whatsoever with the build itself. Micron tight engineering!
  9. Too clean! And yes I know, these jets were a bit cleaner than usual. Still, good work, I'm diggin!
  10. Still such a nice kit. I wonder how the Airfix will stack up. But if it's anything like their recent string of releases, it'll also be a winner. Nice job!
  11. Diggin the old school Gunze paint bottle. I have one of those left, Smoke Blue. It's over 20 years old and is still brushable paint!
  12. It's not sometimes, the launch bar was never fitted to Spanish bugs. Dirty bird! Dig it!
  13. AFM did a great synopsis of the industry in this issue: http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Amazing-Figure-Modeler-49_p_1625.html If you can find it, it's a great read. But unfortunately, I doubt vinyl will ever come back. Not in this day of 3D printing.
  14. Just a whim build, I haven’t built a P-40 in a year, and I was disappointed with the Airfix kit last time. So this is a Hase, OOB with Eagle Strike decals. Ref pics show that this CBI bird was really beat to ish. Another dirty bird!
  15. Glad to hear from you guys with familiar ties to the subject. It's one of the major reasons I build!
  16. I really miss those old vinyl companies, especially Horizon! Such great subjects and a genre that's sorely missed. I've taken to collecting some of the kits now. They're getting more rare of course. Diggin this one, the presentation is tip top!
  17. Don’t you mean Recon -6’s? Since they’re F-6’s. Diggin though!
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