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  1. On 8/24/2020 at 12:43 PM, John B said:

    That's an awesome step-by-step description of your workflow.  I need to "bookmark" these instructions for my next  gull gray/ white Tomcat.  I'm thinking the next one will be this F-14D -


     {US Navy Photo}

       Quick question #1 - What do you mean by "Tamiya weathering sets?"  Do you mean their powders?

       Quick question #2 - What are you "streaking" with for the wing sweep streaks?  The Tamiya weathering powders?


    Just hold the applicator on the wing and open it up. Presto! Instant radial streaking! 

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  2. Hi! Well, I’ve worked out a system with Tomcats. I preshade as usual,  it I add random, quick sprays of black all over the surfaces. The wings, fuselage, tails, everywhere. Then I basecoat, and then I postshade with a lighter shade of the basecoat. For this one, the color is FS36440 light gull gray. So I add a few drops of FS36495 light gray and I post shade along the panel lines where corrosion control would have sprayed. Then I decal, wash, and add the first Dullcote. I then weather with my Tamiya weathering sets. I pick panels to lighten, or darken. For the wings, I sweep them back, mask off where they touch the fuse, and then rub those areas. For the streaks it’s easy. Just put the swab next to the fuse joint, press down and open up the wings. Presto! Instant curves streaks. 
    then I sea it all with another Dullcote. 
    hope that helps!

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