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  1. Thank you, always preferred this scheme to the Battle of Britain scheme they also ran with that year Thanks, hopefully the first of many!
  2. Thank you for the advice, can really see your point comparing the two sets of images
  3. Interesting to see the different background and how it impacts on the view of the model- thank you for your input and look forward to trying these as more builds are finished
  4. Thank you for the feedback, I had another crack at getting some images today and have updated the thread
  5. Thank you for the feedback, have updated the thread with this advice in mind Thank you, hopefully the first of many on the site
  6. My first RFI on the site...RAF Typhoon in the 2015 Typhoon display scheme from 29(R)sqn. University moving online allowed me the time to crack on with this build and I’m reasonable happy with the final result. The base kit is the Revell 1/48 Typhoon, with the only major additions being those of the decal set and Eduard PE set for the cockpit. I’ve also included a pilot. Any and all comments most appreciated. Thanks for looking. Harry
  7. I’m so so late to this thread but Santa brought me this Phantom with some 1435 decals so I’m rather keen to get the Typhoon off my desk and finished. And this has just been the most entertaining and superbly fun read, all of which leads us to a superbly well finished F4. So I say thank you
  8. In need of advice...I have a spot of canopy fogging on my Revell 1/48 Typhoon. It’s not a huge area but certainly enough to be noticed. Any tips on how to go about saving it? Thank you in advance
  9. Thank you all for these suggestions, all are food for thought, so I shall resume my efforts with all these in mind
  10. I’m currently having my difficulty with the wing/fuselage joins as well as the airbake. I’m using squadron products white putty, with generous applications allowed to dry for 2+ hours
  11. Hi all, I’m sure for many this is a simple question, but I guess we’ve all gotta ask occasionally. Currently having issues with my Revell 1/48 Typhoon, in that when I’m sanding down the filler, all sorts of gaps/little craters are appearing, an issue which I’m increasingly confident is down to me as I’ve tried at least 3/4 times to achieve something I’m happy with by refilling/resanding . So essentially I’m after some fundamental filling/sanding tips to see if I’m doing something very wrong. Thank you
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