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  1. I emailed them about that, and they said they are most definitely going to reprint the decal (I wish I had known about them then!) only printed by Cartograf this time. Not sure if they plan on making any changes to it,but what is there sure looks nice.
  2. I hope someone will post photos of the Mach 2 kit. I certainly will not buy any more of their products without seeing photos in advance, as well as having someone intimately familiar with the real aircraft review and sign off. The Mach 2 kits I have purchased to date have left a very bad taste in my mouth. I hope their VC10 is an exception. I really like the airplane, and have personal experience of flying aboard an RAF aircraft on a mission out of Wright-Patterson AFB many years ago. But I will not live long enough to fix the kinds of problems the other Mach 2 kits in my collection have. My fingers and toes are all crossed!
  3. I hope no one is too badly bothered about what markings the Airfix kit will come with. There are dozens of aftermarket Vulcan decals out and about. You can do literally any Vulcan that ever saw service.
  4. Not really fair to compare a 1984 release with a 2007 release. I’ll admit the 1984 Vulcan could certainly have been better (concrete sewer pipe exhausts), but the state of the art has advanced a lot in the intervening years.
  5. Highly doubtful anyone does. Chop the oleo portions and extend them with some brass or aluminum tubing. Super easy.
  6. The Nimrod was a half-hearted effort at best. It took a wad of money's worth of resin to begin to fix it, and even then you still have major work to do.
  7. Jordi


    Disregard. This is the only site that does not allow new product announcements to go into the relevant modeling area. Very confusing. And when something is announced officially, it is not a "rumour" is it?
  8. The G-1 & G-2 had the same wheels/tires (tyres, sorry) as the F, with no bulges on the upper wings.
  9. Jordi

    MI8 HIP

    It does not. It is very much a bog standard (to use a Britishism) Mi-8TV/Mi-17.
  10. Jordi

    NACA Hellcat ?

    Given that the NACA did fly at least one F6F, I cannot see any reason to do a "what-if" model with just that small change in the paint. Let me do some digging on it. I have not seen a photo of it either, but that does not mean it didn't exist.
  11. Boy do those old girls look good in glossy ADC Grey with yellow bands!
  12. Jordi

    P-38 Turbochargers

    The H requires the larger supercharger intakes on the outboard sides of the booms.
  13. And bear in mind that a year is when a directive might have been issued, but in 99.999% of cases aircraft weren't repainted until their next depot level maintenance cycle. Not sure how the RAF did it, but in the USAF that could be several years.
  14. ALL P-38Hs had the larger supercharger intake. Every single one.
  15. I don't think the canopy was powered on Spitfires. Purely manual. And in any event, a Merlin would have provided way more power than a canopy needed
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