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  1. Just found this thread. Nice looking Fishpot! Yes, this thing is a beast! Have the Trumpeter kit on the way from China. Really looking forward to building it.
  2. When you have as many Herk hours on your backside as I do, you notice this stuff...
  3. As Giorgio said, it depends entirely on the specific time period in question
  4. “Hardly noticeable” is in the eye of the beholder. To me it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  5. Haha... at the rate I build, you should live to be that old
  6. Jordi

    Mosquito markings

    That is an airplane that was in service 75 years ago. Do you really think there is someone out here who was there and saw it for themselves? If you don’t have a color photograph or an eyewitness who was there that proves what color it was, there is literally no way to know something in 2019 that happened in 1944. What you’re asking is completely unrealistic.
  7. Italeri completely missed the ‘chine’ that all C-130s have at the level of the cabin floor, making it a flattened circular shape in cross section. The sharp edge casts a hard shadow. Not easy to fix unfortunately. We certainly need a new family of C-130 kits to replace the nearly 40 year old Italeri ones!
  8. Jordi

    USAF P-38 Lightning

    I’ve never seen a photo of a P-38 in service with the USAAF or USAF later than 1945. I have a great book on the Lightning by Warren Bodie. I’ll check that. Warren was a good friend and was probably the world’s leading expert on the P-38. He is greatly missed.
  9. Ah! I can see it now. That's much clearer. I was thinking it made two 90 degree turns by going in through the last vertical support post and then into the back of the bomb bay. But what you say makes much more sense. I had pictured the cable as being much larger in diameter.
  10. I am very impressed with the Bobcat kit. It looks like (except for the Il-28R bulged nacelles) they really did their homework. Although I'm not interested in the Il-28T, the torpedoes look great. I'm wondering if they will do a version with the Chinese (Tu-16 style) tail turret at some point. They included the main pilot's canopy without the centerline frame, which is a Chinese modification, so it seems likely. Thanks again for all your kind assistance on the Finnish birds Antti! Great stuff!
  11. I'm sure there were specifications, but they may have changed between when an aircraft was painted at the Douglas factory and when it was painted at a USN depot.
  12. WOW!! That target kite is HUGE! I can see why they wouldn't like dragging it behind them. I bet that made some noise when dragging it down the runway with those tiny little wheels! Antti - do you know how the tow cable was routed from the forward end of that guide into the bomb bay? I'm not seeing it clearly in the photos. Thanks! Jordi
  13. I have done a lot of MiG-25 research. As far as I am able to discover, the only MiG-25RB(x) variants that were camouflaged was a very small number of aircraft based in East Germany and possibly the western military districts of the USSR proper. I'm sure they participated in the Afghan war, but I don't believe any of them were ever based in Afghanistan (too valuable to risk), and those that flew over Afghanistan from bases in the USSR were at such high altitudes that camouflage was irrelevant. The "Wild Weasel" MiG-25BM variant would have had no role in Afghanistan.
  14. They were used as threat simulators before the Navy took delivery of two NKC-135As for that purpose in the 1970s.
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