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  1. Wat een schoonheid!! (What a beauty!!) Greetz, Peter
  2. Great work!!! Starts to look like a perfect Dutch F-16AM. One thing... the black textblock beneath the rescue arrow, I miss the red lining...
  3. If you are going to mount the ALQ-131 at the centerline pylon, it might probably not fit. The Dutch used the shallow version of the ECM pod. The one you have is the deep version....
  4. The Netherlands Air Force started the F-16 MLU update in 1995. If you do a "operation Deny Flight" F-16 (1995) it probably would have been a F-16A instead of a F-16AM. Quote of a former KLu F-16 pilot: "Above Bosnia 'Beyond Visual Range'-missiles (AAM-120) were not available. The Dutch F-16's were standard equiped with 4 AIM-9L Sidewinders". The first 3 months the Dutch flew above Bosnia it was 306 sqn. for recce. After that period the interceptors took over the task. (315 and 322 sqn.)
  5. Note: not all of the stiffener plates in the Crossdelta set are used by the Dutch. Check your ref's and photo's.... Greetz, Peter
  6. Interesting build!! I have this one in my stash too.. Well, who has not... Keep up the good work!!! Greetz, Peter
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